These will be the years you look back fondly

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Never before this has happened, a new student enters into class, she walked calmly and seated on her seat, which is nearer to the entrance of the gate and from here the longest distance ever had. Everyone is talking about here we are at that time in standard eight, and we are eager to know about her then. She calmly sat there, and the class teacher entered into class as always with a smiling look and plenty of books in her hand.

Before commencement of geometry subject, she was about to make an announcement and requested a pin drop silent all over inside of class. She said about the new entrant, who reached from other steel city, as her father transferred here and she is good student and brilliant orator and five years back she was in this class and then her father was transferred to sub -dega and now he comes here at Tensa and reading at Ispat High School.

She asked all of us to help her and do not treat her as a modern student as soon she gets the impression of feeling at home it is better for her as she could concentrate immensely with her academic brilliance as well as her oratory skills. Then class started and after that three more periods and then the interval time of half an hour, in this time, I usually, do not go out of class room and prefer to stay within the class to have lunch box which mummy always cooked delicious food and I was literally waiting for it to have it and today it is time and I prefer to ear first and then to have look at books which the classes have there after it. I was alone in the class and was seating at my bench which is at the front row and nearer to windows, as it is entirely opposite to the door side and cross ventilation is available and Tensa is being a coolest area of my state and for this there is no need to have proper air flowing inside of it.

I was eating and enjoying the food and then suddenly someone called by my name, and I raised my head and saw, the new student, the girl who is seating completely opposite to me was standing there and she showed a mild smile to me and I was bit amused as was not a boy who can mix with strangers in ease, so feeling little discomfort at wit her, she could read my face and my thinking, was not sure might be thinking in that manner and said to me, could she seat near to me, I smiled back and said of course, and then she told her name and asked me had you recognized me? It is a difficult question with two simultaneous implications as this showed that she knew me as she knew my name might be asked some body, and if so then why she wanted to know my name this seems a bit confusing and on the second thought, why she came near to me, and she again glanced towards me at one concentration and it seemed she was expert in face reading and she told me, okay guest who could she was, after pausing a few seconds she said to me that one indication was that I knew her and we both knew each other. It was a bit surprising for me, plus a kind of intriguing situation that had been developed here, she was saying she knew me well and also she was saying that knew her, but from the wildest of imagination I could not recall who she was.

I requested her that I could not recall and was also saying in a sorry tone as I was mistakenly in one such difficult situation that I could not manage it altogether but I had to and requested her but she then came closer to me not so much but near to me and hold one of my hand and that gave me one such more difficult situation as it seemed we are both well known otherwise how could she knew me so much as she was not considering me as stranger there. She smiled back and then put one hand on my shoulder which surprised me altogether and told me she would not be telling this today, as she had given me one more day time to think about it and tomorrow, she would be asking this question again and also she requested not to ask my parents about it as they would be knowing her and this created more tension for me, from all these interactions it is clear that we both knew each other and to the extent of family, and but I could not recall her and also from her face I tried to recall from the past but still nothing seemed to be reaching towards any such answer. All these interactions have been specifically a bizarre set of circumstances that had been crippling into my mind and with it, the most efficient and ongoing interactions of all are making the entire situation more and more critical and subject to analytical vulnerability.

All these lunch time headaches was seeming to be getting into me and in this way all these seemed to be the most suspense thriller that has been there and the task was to recognize it and to know her and clear all the doubts was seemed to be the most difficult task for me but I was determined to clear this and the only way was to go into the memory lane of small past incidents that had been there. She was looking at my eyes like she was very close to me, but I could not recall her, how shame, and how difficult situation I had been there, she then asked me how was mind young sibling, and this made the perfect statement and from this it was clear that, she knew me as well as my family in every detail and how could I not recalling her name.

Then, she told me do not stress yours mind for the whole night, just think about it otherwise she would be saying it tomorrow at the class, it was strange but a string of relationship was already in the making and this created an exchange of smile and then she put her hand on my shoulder to get up from the bench as she would be going to her bench as the interval time would end soon.

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