Space thoughts

The bigger place like the earth does seem to be more towards the realm of reality checks where one can find the basis of ultimate dynamics in which the simple yet powerful minds come to the realm of possibility to think beyond all sorts of imaginary anticipations in which the whole sphere of life and related antagonisms attitudes towards the simple yet a complex world seems to be more the just the beginning of senses where the whole world seems to be lacking the basis of a complementary vast universe in it ultimate possessions. Some times when we see the sky from the ground many more thinking about the vase universe which is going to be the most prized attention as it consists of real world where there are many mysteries as well as many similarities lying everywhere to get back into the real actions which can be attended with equal ease and passion.

The stars which are gazing at the moon and the solid planet that has been there all the time, making the most of amazing moments of all possible actions and similar reactions to many poetic minds and it related thoughts are always enchanting to see and make a way for a complete voyage throughout the world to find out the real meaning of life and to know about the exact neighbors which has been there for always, with each equal anticipation making the head way towards the possible grand acquire of accumulation of all these thoughts which can have better meaning in terms of understanding the behaviors of the world as well as all celestial bodies. It is such an equal proportion that somewhere in the history one person tries to calculate the distance through one small stick from the earth and with this he is able to calculate the exact distance that is available there as well as the permanent revolves of the stellar bodies all around.

We tend to forget that the distance need to be covered in order to reach to the entire universe is simply a permanent path which is beyond the life expectancy of humans as it will take million of years to cover but the remaining life within person’s mind is only for a short span that even it will not cross our own solar sphere. Somewhere, I have read about there is planning to send a space voyage to sun, it is good idea, but we should not be too much excited about all these as these are only empty voyages as the whole of the journey to be covered by machines and man would be at the base stations, controlling the mission and this is not a good sign as we should be boastful when such mission that needs to be manned mission. There are many obstructions and in my earlier series of article I have written extensively about how a person can live for many years by employing sleep mode techniques in full mode as all these has some extensive coverage as well as wonderful attainment to stay alive in sleep mode and then come to fully powered vision. There are scope for some new forms of experiment in these spheres such as making a complete virtual man just like a man which can talk and walk and see the entire universe in the same eye as a normal man as they can stay for longer duration and this is indeed a recipe for success for a complete space voyage.

All these are possibilities and with it more and more comfortable attention to reaching a real life can be drawn from all sets of ideas and making of all these can have more and more possible construction of ideas when there is the virtual man constructed on the basis of similarity of man but with many artificial entities that has been involved with immaculate stitching of ideas. Some one can say that a virtual man is not a new concept but in reality it is as it is to create a man from artificial cells just like human born from natural cells and then making it a perfect construction in order to create one of the brilliant design which can never ever be attained. It is to create exact replica of cells though it cannot be done practically, so it should be done in artificial manner and also the entire configuration of brain needs to be analyzed in detail so that the process of understanding the basic behavior and the entire architecture of brain needs to be attained in order to maintain the perfect posture of life that can have the similar characteristics which can have similar attributes like that of identical characteristics like practical characteristics of a real person, in which the artificial entity will be there in order to find the perfect replica of a permanent attainment of thoughts. It is a concept nothing to be laughed at but the real meaning of life and the basic in which it has been constructed needs to be understood in prep planned order in order to find the real meaning of a life, and in what so ever manner the real life can be attributed to a similar yet other class of artificial life which will stay forever in order to find, a perfect sense of similar replica and making the entire and similar structure of a virtual man which will go long way in order to find the real possibility of a life that has most similar yet underrated possibility of life created within it.

The virtual man which will run as per the specifications of a common man will be constructed within the common specifications which will be creating the manner in which the common practice of creating the humans need to be undertaken with the creating of spectacular achievements with multiple functioning of various organs that can have most possibility, of making the most of practical aspects of life where the most faces of living a life has been there for all the practical aspects to live in with. The walking of the virtual man and its brain should be such that the virtual brain will work accordingly in a manner in which it should function in accordance with the way it will replace the entire aspects of life and its performance should be such that the manner and the way it will function should be given proper importance to attend and function under the performance of a united thinking which will be giving proper impetus to a complete life.

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