Sleep Mode in Human life

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It is an open sky. I come across the balcony to reach there. It is an absorbing sight to enjoy and visualize all the glittering eye catching stars from the earth. It gives the feeling I am observing the earth from the ground but in reality it is not so. It is a comparable visual interpretation of mine actually, as the earth itself hanging at one side of the universe but we at Earth seem to understand that it is the ground and we are seeing the stars from there. The innumerable starts at the light years away from us can only be visible because of mighty shine of glittering lights and the power they have and though what a pity is, earth is several times smaller than them but still they seem to be several times smaller than earth.

The comparative analogy which brings us to mind that always someone has to be sober in mind and heart to survive all these negative aspects of life which can generate from time to time with no chance of public visuals. There are many meanings to the designs of these stars and in full moon one can see bright moon the sub-planet of us which is glittering from among there with a lovely sign of illumines and thus gives the sense of feeling we are not alone in this already without a sound of long and brilliant universe. I obliged to the grandness of this universe and always dreamt of reaching there as if in the dream and with some specialized vehicle which can go straight and can cross the light years within seconds so I can in my lifetime revolve around entire universe within a 24 hours, can you believe it and also can you sense this part of life where the simple meaning of understanding of various aspects of life is fast becoming a sense of joy and anticipation.

Space journey preparation

In the meantime the idle mind can have many ideas and for this there are side of dreams and vehicle of imagination which goes on for a smoother time and brings into most of the permanent confidence into my mind and for this I am thinking about as the traveler in space and the most worrying aspect of it is that so far no vehicle has been made which can go at such a speed into the space to see the entire universe, can you believe it as we have to travel to see all the glittering stars yet we cannot watch them one by one as most of them are light years away from us and it is always an impossibility to cross the light year distance on the single life? If one star is at such a distance and it is almost impossible to cross the star at a single life and then how can such a journey possible, the only answer is that to develop one such technique where one can find the life to be paused the while at the journey and the person needs to be staying at the paused life so that the rest of time in which he has to live life will be there intact with no hesitation and with no such alternatives and difficulties.

This means scientists have to devise a new strategy in which the life stream of a person would be stagnant for some time while the journey will be there and then when the space shuttle reaches at the respective stars the astronaut would be revived from there and after the short stay he would be to that stage again so that his life would be preserved still he reaches at the other star which is many light years away from the previous star. So, the astronaut will live for temporarily during his stay at various stars and in the meantime in journey something would pass his life for the journey time so that the life would preserve for that specific duration. In journey the astronaut will be in the state of more than sub consciousness in which he would be in the state of half alive or half dead and his respiratory system will come to a slower position just like the Windows 8 sleep function from there he can wake up with ease and with the same functions he has been life before. They will be in the state similar to the dead but they will not be dead and they can wake up instantly after the space journey pauses at some destination of stars as they will have to experiment and understand the nature of stars and the basic information needs to be send to earth to the scientists who were already there at the ground level waiting for any kind of reporting from them.

This is a possibility and the scientists are seriously considering this aspect of human life as it is impossible to cross a star with a normal human life with many light years away. Some stars are 1000 light years away and how can one take such the journey to live at such a lifetime and for this it is always better to have to the go for this class of technique where a person can live for such a longer life in his entire span of living by preserving the time and pausing the time and awaking him from time to time. As in our olden time, there has been examples of countless sages who have been living for more than thousands of years, and how can they live such long lives? They used to do ‘tapasya’ the meditation for long years and it is believed that they used to pause in their life for many centuries and even there would be trees all around them during those time because of their long concentration of staying at one place, this is one form of pausing their life to touch and reach towards the attainment of Lord and for this they have been doing this relentlessly with no pause and attention, this proves they have mastered the art of pausing the life for long years even hundreds and thousands of years to reach nearness to the Lord and for this there is the flash back in the lifetime of ours and for this all these can have achievements and other forms of attainment to create and experiment on such lives.

All these aspects of life must inspire from the brilliant mind of the scientist to create a pause posture of lives otherwise it is almost impossible to live and then the report from different stars while at the space journey so it is always have the better idea to think of creating such lives so that one person can travel all across the universe with ease of mind and heart, there are other forms of lives which the scientists are considering about still all these are primitive part of thinking and it needs to be developed and matured to a perfect setting as it can give the perfect sense of achieving something not in near future but may be after 30 to 40 years.

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