At Chennaai T.Nagar

Puzzle Over

I was in a state of undisputed difficult situation when she said that she knew me, my family, my sibling and yet I am unable to grasp about her, how it can be and how this is happening is beyond my imagination but still I have to solve it all by myself as it is one such puzzle where the origin of it is still not known to me. The girl is new to the class yet she knows me well, and now she asked me about her and I should be saying her tomorrow, and after thinking about for two hours I decided not to waste my mind on these subject where it seems to me that there is no such root to which I can find the real answer to this imminent difficult puzzle.

I reached from school and after two hours decided to go to balcony to watch the horizon, which is very nice from this setting as in this locality where the climate touches beyond zeroes the locality is beautiful and the purple patch of sunset is nice and attractive. I regularly spent half an hour in this open atmosphere so that fresh look at the setting sun is a nice treat to enjoy there, as well as I can find the real path of salvation as from there the sun looks like a big orange and it has been fantastic to watch sun from the balcony.

In between stunning flocks of birds seemingly migratory ones are flying from the vicinity. They are so organized in their fly as it seems to me that something better rocket science they are following there. The movements of there is so organized as the front bird goes in the frontal posture and with due course of time the rest of birds fly in such position that they are constantly being flying with a deep sense of geometry while some agro dynamics in motions in and around them.

The most sizzling part is that all has been flying with a stipulated and are conceived pattern so much so that they never break the sequence of movement from there and has been going with a strong sense of motion and the exact trajectory of their flying is still intact and in control. In the mean time my philosophy as well as my rocket science thoughts broke there like a drop of rain on a person going without an umbrella. It seems predictable yet further it goes on to give the proper and mightiest thought of beginning of a perfect form of relationship with the sky.

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All these thoughts abrupt suddenly with a calling of someone from the vicinity, which surprises me, I thought it is one such calling might be ringing inside of my ear, but soon the second call is there and I looked at the right side, from there the new school girl is standing on balcony and waving hands, I am surprised at this, and unable to understand for few moments as I think I am thinking about the puzzle which involve her and that is why my thoughts are moving towards it, soon all these virtual thoughts minimized and cropping into the reality just like the situation where the politicians have to face just after elections and this is the same situation which I have been facing there.

I responds and waving a smile with hands in upside, she smiles back as always plenty of questions in her mind which she wants to get the answer, as she says to me are you dipping in thoughts of what I have been asking you at the school, do you get the answer to this. My answer seems to be no but I says you have given time to me still tomorrow, she smiles and says to me that she is going to reveal the mystery and she said to me that, she is going to reveal the secret now, though she says that no one wins as in friends we will win together, she tells her nick name and from there all my thoughts revolve around in a circle there.

I reach at the reality and from there I can find the real answer to all these, we are friends since child hood, she and me are studying in same school and my parents and her parents are friends and for two years my father was transferred to a different part of the state and now after two years her father transfer to the same locality and due to early age friendship, I tend to forget her face but I knew her by name and also within these two years there has been wholes some change among us and that makes recognition more difficult.

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I smiles back and I know both of ours parents also virtually decided earlier that when we both able to stand on our legs as well as attending the age of marriage, we will be marrying each other during that point of time and in order to make this sense happen they never felt to make this secret otherwise after growing up if we do not know about this then ours choices can change with due course of time and for this, even our transfer to this remote city my parents always tries to convey me that I will be marrying her appropriate time and during that time I was in class six and not we both are in class eight and beginning to think like a mature person and also try to know exact meaning of life.

She smiles to me and I smiles back as since child hood the bond between she and me is phenomenal as we know each other that we will be marrying each other at the appropriate time in future and this has been arrange marriage as both of ours parents are friends as my father is class mate and child hood friend of her father as well as my mother is child hood as well as entire academic friend of her mother and they have decided this since child hood and try to bring up both in the similar line so that in the future the bonds among us will be stronger.

I says sorry to her but I say I know yours nick name and always thinks about how you would be doing so and so but in these two to three years everything seems to be changing physically and that is the reason for this, she smiles and says to me she is reaching to my home with a nice recipe she is learning from her mother, as this is not going to distract my parents as they want we both live happily from now on. She says drops down to stairs slowly I smile back and then mom asks me where you are going;

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I say she is coming, mom smiles as she knew about this as this incident is told to her by her mother as both are very good friends and she goes into the kitchen and also says to me that give some chocolates to her which is sent by my maternal uncle from self and it is there at the self of dining room. Within few minutes she reaches home, and she smiles back and seat on the single sofa as I am seating on a double sofa just right to her, she gets up and then seat beside me as usual since child hood she always stays with me like friend forever and she always seats almost near to me as we are both acquainted with ourselves, she ask me to call my little sister, who is roaming around mom who is inside kitchen and then she herself goes there and calls her and greets mom and little sister happily comes and seat and then we both eat the curry she cooks for us and then I give her chocolates from self, my sister always feel at home and happy in seeing her.

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