Every day together is a joyous ride

Till the I remember you, in the umpteenth time when the showers of hair is raining with joy after see me we both enjoy the every moments that can go forever, we like each other just like time line in face book, the joys of uploading moments at one point of time, or at the home of emotions which can run away with unique streams of you and me. She smiles, it is the first meeting, we never know each other, joined by virtue and standing in front of each other by default.

Something special in her whom has been unique in understanding both of us thought for a few seconds we never able to look at each other. In between joined to perform the company’s work never know each other or able to comprehend each other to its full manner, though sometimes I want to look at her but for not so permanent reason and never able to find the real reason behind this why the sheer of passion to look her and beyond is still continuing at its peak without a slightest path of seemingly knowing the exact emotions that has been catered into, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

This is true, she is beautiful and she is calm, on that evening at four pm when boss called both of us into his chamber and after reaching separately there I found there are four others are there who are known to me and from among them two are my friends from childhood. We all smiles and greet each other, then boss told us on the site work me and she will be joining and then after 15 days all six persons will be working synchronously in order to find the real result among the observations there.

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Then, all the relevant work documents have been given to me and to her, then we reach to dispatch section from where we receive relevant documents, as we are fresher to this multinational company it is evident that we have to work on a project of evaluating the relevance of new site of our company at the place where we have been assigned to perform the task. I stared at her never knowing why I am wishing to see her time and again, might be I am slowly finding my right partner of life, I do not know what was her thinking about I am yet to analyze and comprehend all those sorts in order to get the real meaning of life here.

She smiles at me and told me we can work at her chamber or mine chamber, I said in which chamber she would be comfortable I am also very much with ease there, she smiles and then she said we could share for ten days in hers and ten days in mine, I smilingly agreeing with her. It was a tremendous moment for me as each seconds I have been with her seemingly telling me that I want to be there for more time, why this is happening to me of no reason,

I could not comprehend all this but still I try to stay there in mind with equal ease and satisfaction. We went to her chamber, I sat on the front seat and she sat on her official assigned chair and we began discussion on the project and in the mean time she tried hard to convey her view point, and in a manner she told it was bejeweled for me as most of the time, I watched her instead of listening to her ideas, which has been detrimental to the project, and after delivering for more than ten minutes she asked me about what is correct or what is not correct.

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I am spell bound and could not say anything as in fact during these ten minutes I hardly hear anything except looking at her face and dreaming about a life, and sweet home. Girls have sixth senses and perhaps she knew what the problem is and then she smiles it for about five minutes and I know the reasons and for this I tend to feel the same here. She paused for some moments and then told me that she had no intention to this or offending me, she is simply smiling over this situation.

She told her name and said that she knew me well as we both have been in the same class when we start the education and that time we both were very young and for this, I forget about it, and she said that she is now comfortable with me and she is feeling secure while working with me, this gives me the requisite proud while taking with her and this gives the feeling of a perfect life partner in the making. In the mean times she started again and this time she told me and in between asking me whether I am in my way or in the present situation and in this manner all these wonderful discussions now come to a halt when it was already seven and she said she should be going home.

She shook hands with me and then come near to me and said to me have nice day and then we both walked down to the lift room, where the lift is there but the lift service is not there as it is off after six in the evening. I told her we should be going towards the steps as the lift service is no longer available, and only you can go with it, so it can be dangerous when you are in trouble inside it and no one will be there, she said it would be nice to go down from fifth floor to the ground floor.

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While walking down the steps she holds my hand with her hand as she was wearing heel shoes and that can have an imbalance effect and could result in falling from the steps. Within very short time it seems a perfect and pure bond of relationships is beginning to rise, though it is just like morning sun but still there are hopes and aspirations while we both walked silently holding hands in gentle manner to reach down to the ground floor. It was a journey of my life which I cannot forget till this date.

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