Battery worries inside Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

I have written my prior experience with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, in which I wrote articles based on my complete experience and it is not sure that all of my experiences will be shared for all the users. It might be unique for me in some cases and for this I request all users to test it on their device before making or implementing some of my recommendations. I have seen the reports at various online sites of major worries about how the smart phones are not shrewd enough to preserve and conserve batteries for a longer time. It is the major source of worry for most of middle segment level smart phones, as it is evident that in smart phones, the mid segment which is between 15,000 to 25,000 bucks has becomes significant in the eyes of the user, and for this it is for sure that it is a major point of marketing strategy where companies should build and innovate new and improved battery technologies so that battery life would be longer and in which the user will be more than satisfied with the use and he or she should not shift to other, mobile companies.

Of late in internet I have seen advertisements of a company in which it is saying about a true smart phone in which you can effortlessly work, browse internet or watch movies and other aspects of multimedia component for hours without worrying a little bit about battery drain. In this phone there is a dual core CPU and it works when you switched off the power saving option and after that phone will work with a wonderful speed but you will also realize the speed in which the battery is draining out of it. In other words, it is of useless when you will be using the device for a shorter period and if you are on journey then you can enjoy but if you are off for sightseeing then you will be extra cautions while watching movies on the journey as the main focus of yours entire journey is to take the screen shots or video shots of nice picturesque and attached sceneries. For this, the user always wants to have a decent battery life so that he can enjoy all the features of the smart phone.

I have seen the Nokia black and white mobile in the early years where it is heavier and it cannot break even if throw at the stone, its skins is so smooth that it will hold into your hand and still searching for similar phone, where there is excellent battery life and you do not have to worry about battery percentages which is constantly dipping at the top right corner of indicator of your smart phone. So, the simple fundamental in getting a perfect smart phone is to create one such innovation where the battery would run for hours, and for this a proper research is the necessity as well as GPUs and other utilities that are running inside the phone should be such as energy efficient and for this proper utilization of these should be done in such manner so that it is going to be the most efficient product.

So, it is now crystal clear that in this segment there is one opening and the company which comes fast with a proper solutions would be the gainer and it can topple the market leader as most of the user are worried about the speed in which batteries run out of power and this issue needs to be addressed at the earliest otherwise the market leaders can reach backwards and it can lose significant market revenues. It is such a nick in the market segment that it is almost impossible for any other manufacturer be it market leader or close second, it is a golden chance for additional manufacturer to come back into the lime light. This has started as we have seen Lenovo is advertised on the aspect and the principal point of a true smart phone where it is advertising on smarter batteries where the batteries will stay alive for a longer time. It is a fantastic time and seemingly untold stories of which can be if it is true and correct to the satisfaction of users then it can be number one in no time. In the past, Bajaj scooter came from number one to the list due to its faulty product distribution. In the 80s, people have to wait for over one year to get their scooter and then slowly other manufacturer reaches into market and give scooter on payment and with due course of time, other companies smartly entered into this segment and then with the introduction of motor bikes slightly lower than Enfield capacity which has been costlier as well as lean and weak persons cannot control the vehicle in well and good manner.

Similar story of Royal Enfield which cannot expand beyond super horse bike and the Rajdoot which seems to be low on proper maintains and in this manner other companies like that of Honda enters into motor bike market and take charge the host of ideas and also control segment of bike to its properly coordinated manner. It is all about cut throat competition and for this it is essential for Samsung companies to look beyond as it seems that they are market leaders and for this they should go for a complete over all in their strategies in order to find some real stuffs in their research and analysis wing in order to find the real value which can be presented to customers as they always think of it as some values and the companies which give high values will be the ultimate winner and for this it is always essential to see what is mood of the customers and in which manner they are looking the world around it in order to find the real meaning of life.

There is also some positive example from the experience of Maruti which surprisingly is not proficient in building up diesel run cars. In some point of time, the price difference between petrol and diesel is high so people like to have diesel runs cars and this is a whole set of surprising part as Tata created diesel cars and people began to buy that car and then the profits of Maruti dips but it continue to make its own research and analysis wing to innovate and create diesel cars, and within a year it win back its lost customers and back to the market with a bang without any such difficulties. Why maruti has done this it is only due to its intrinsic great inner research and development wing and for this it is always advisable to build your own trust and win the situation whatever be the difficulty in achieving it.

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