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Android is one of the best mobile operating system in the current cut throat mobile and smart phone categories, were in the passing of each and every day. Many more recent inventions and admissions into mobile wireless operating system have been configured and made. Android from Google has been exemplary in mitigating most of obstructions inside small wireless handset which is always with you at every time and for this, the use of handset is immensely popular and it is the sole discretions that giants in technology like Microsoft and Apple has to re draw their ideas and other facets of technology inventions so that they can compete with ever increasing innovations in Android spheres.

With it, comes with sophisticated hardware and with the introduction of GPUs inside portable handset and with due course of time the size of the screen is on the higher side and this makes the game play nice and wonderful. In an earlier article I have wrote in detail about Temple Run2 one of the most amazing running game in which the protagonist has to cross all the bars in order to have a seamless and smooth running to reach for endless run and through which by collecting gems, you can buy more power-ups in exchange of gems and also more and more opportunity to get your strength increased with time.

It is a super powerful game and it is recommended to make a data connection switched on while playing this awesome-game. While you cross label to label, ultimately with the advent of labels you will find the speed of runner is on higher side and for this you have to impose and smart enough to make it run for more in terms of speed and accuracies in order to jump from all the obstacles that comes in your way.

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It is always advisable to play this game on high end mobile devices as with it the speed and accuracy of the surroundings while on the run would be clear and lucid and for this in every bit of run one can find the morale of astounding graphics with beautiful back ground sound and if you happens to just come across some red hurdle in front of road then be careful of not making accident with two hurdles otherwise if so then the game will stop there.

The sound track is excellent and these can be well controlled through settings menu and also the color of graphics which can be controlled through settings menu is of three types and if you have not so intensive smart phone in terms of its hardware, then it is always preferable to reduce it to bare minimum size or medium size. Frankly, I have never played the first version of this game, so far I cannot comment on it, on the other hand I would definitely like to buy Temple Run Oz soon to experience a great environment at Disney has partnered with it. It is always advisable not to utilize the save feature as it can reduce the gem collected there and for this it is always advisable as when you opt for save options for a second life, yours gems are utilized in order to activate it so it is always a nice idea to play with one-life. One of my favorite Android games is Fruit Ninza.

It is a great game, though its sounds is not so good as cutting of fruit sounds seems to be more than the beating of worked drums and for this it is always have a nice idea to minimize the sound in order to protect yourself from upbeat sound pollution. The arcade mode of this game is a brighter one and here one can find more and more points with plenty of other options to increase your points the number of fruits you have sliced. In this mode you will face negatives so be careful while performing non-stop fruit slices. In the meantime, there will be different colored bananas and if you cut it, then the speed of fruit will slow down and also at some other time, the number of fruits will increase and give you ample opportunity to garner and collecting point.

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After collecting more and more points, you will have the opportunity to buy elite background and elite knives which will make your life easier while slicing fruits all along the screen with your finger. In the meantime while slicing the fruits it is always a nice idea to keep watch on star fruit, and by slicing it you will get bumper points which will add to your total points and help it to get more and more quickly and then this will encompass you to buy elite blades which are near to 10,000 points and also elite background for a more and more clear and lucid display of objects, and those are cost nearly 5,000 points.

It is an never ending saga and it is best to play when you feel tensed and let over by your colleagues, then play it and you will find a whole new set of clearing of all the tensions and slicing fruits all across it in order to have a completely free and wonderful gaming experience on the go. These two games are completely separate from each other as the first one is meant for a running and action game where you will have to have in attentions for most of the time, on the other hand in the second game you will have to watch for stopper and at the same time sliced fruits and also sliced the star fruit for bonus as well as colored bananas for getting more and more points in different ways.

Games are mind relaxer and for this one has to choose game with plenty of care and attentions and this leads to a completely perfect understanding of yours own senses so that in order to receive relaxation and other forms of coolness the choice of game holds significant proportions. Temple Run2 is constantly moving game and while on an endless run one has to find the real path and also see the obstacles that has been embedded into it so that while running all these routes one should be extremely cautious of all the dungeons, road blocks and fire.

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Sometimes one has to run in very dense roads coupled with obstacles and for this it is always advisable to watch up front so that you will not be hitting the obstacles. In fruit, ninja one has to be extremely cautious of all the stoppers and also when one gets banana bonanza and at the same time one should not hit the stopper in order to stop all these from progressing. It is one of the rapid games where you have to be 360 degrees alert everywhere in order to find trace the stopper, bananas, star fruits and also rapidly falling fruits from all sides along everywhere.

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