She is Dreaming in Reality

She woke up feeling something invisible in her bedroom. It seems that some annoying part of invisible hunting is going on there. She brought her mobile, which is at the bedside benches and from there she knew that it was half past midnight. Why she woke up suddenly with these pulsating intuitions? Was there something annoyances going on there? It seemed to her that something had walked on the blankets, she woke up suddenly and then switched on the light to realize what has been there but surprisingly nothing was there. She was one hundred percentages of sure that something had happened, was it a haunted hotel. She is a top notch corporate executive and had to travel a lot and had been staying at seven star hotels and had a healthy life style. She is rich and young and has a very good job and suddenly she woke up from there.

She is wearing long skirt and a loose jersey with loose inners as it is a golden rule to wear lose inners when sleeping, she sat there and tried to switched on the television and wanted to see some channels before started to sleep again as on the next day there was plenty of time till 11 in the morning she had to meet some clients there so she could be rest assured to have a proper resting place before she could woke up and began to work again. She is beginning to think what could have happened that to break her sleep in the midst. In the mean time, the door of the bathroom is kept ajar which is a shocking thing for her as in the night she deliberately closed the door of the feeling of fear as she was alone there. It gave her fear as how come that door reopens from there, and now she woke up from the bed and went to bath room and from there she went into for doing some chores in the night and at that time, she realized which is most surprising part of her and she became conscious that the matter is beginning to be very serious as what she had at first think of it.

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With awe and fear she kept running from bath room and closed the door and then inspected that the door clip is alright, and then how come it automatically opened in the night, as she remembered that she has not gone there since she slept at nine pm in the night. It is surprisingly, then she flocked her skirt in her hand and then keep running towards her bed and then remove the blanket completely from there and seemingly search for something there and she searched for almost 15 minutes but it seemed that it is vain and she had become surprised as well as feeling a sense of shame in the mean time, she has become almost in tears. She slowly walks back into her bed and then tried hard to sleep there so that she could become fresh and attend all the earlier scheduled procedures the next day. She is surprised at the state of things as while she was at sleep. Her upper inner, as well as her lower inward is not there with her body. Both are vanished, so someone have entered into her suit in this hotel and tried to rob both of her inners from her, she is at deep sleep and could not understand what had happened at that time, but she realized that she was wearing only her dresses, that is the loose jersey as well as the long skirt while sleeping.

She tried to find anything scar is there inside but noting is there, so this means that someone have entered into this suit , it might be from this hotel or might be invisible ghost and that must be a man otherwise why it is so interested in her private garments. She is in the state of awe as it is believed that it is not a good idea as some other persons stealing private garments as it can be bad for her health. Nevertheless, the primary point now is to sleep and also stay alert at the same time so that nothing bad will happen.

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This time, from her suitcase she brought two pairs of exclusive garments and wears there, and then wears dresses and then closes the suit and tries hard to sleep. Within 30 minutes, she is in the deep sleep as due to heavy work she has always been fond of a nice sleep so that her mind will be as vigorous and as sober throughout the whole day long. After two hours, she feels someone is walking inside the suit, thought the entire arena is dark, but some zero powered lights are on at the roof top and the slowly visible luminous, has been making the entire somewhat soother, she woke up, probably it was already three am in the morning, she feels that someone is walking inside the suit, but when she glanced it no one is there, perhaps some sort of mirages are coming into her mind and for this she is thinking as such. It cannot be a recitative phenomena time and again, as in this night this is the third experience for her and the most volatile of it is the disappearances of her concealed garments, though nothing seemingly intrusions to her privacy. It is a tricky situation for her and how to attend and manage this she could not find the real solution to this.

She has been touring alone for last one year and she had not faced any such difficulties owing to her professional post, as she is at such a height of professional nothing seem to be difficult for her. How can she fight with these ghostly entities, she could not find the proper solution of it and trying to locate and search for the answer why that entity is attracted towards her? She sat while placing her back at the side of a wall and trying to find out and search for that invisible persona; in the mean times the light inside the suit roofs just gone out but surprisingly the air-condition is working but the light is not there. She is now feeling the real terror inside of her mind, her heart is beating at high speed perhaps the symbol that brain gets that generally, the invisible entities are coming at you when there is the darkness or on the other hand when there is light they will try with all of their might to switch off those and then they can loiter there. She is in the state of fear and she is closing her eyes at the sight of denial that she has not seen anything as such though the reality is something else. Her heart is beating like anything and that is making the fear in multiple dimensions.

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Suddenly, she feels ice like coolness all of her body, and she heard that ghosts are coolness and this means the ghost is nearer to her, and she begins to cry, and she feels that the water from her eyes dripping as a result of crying is suddenly turning into cold and theses fridges near the mouth of her and suddenly she is realizing her entire body is freezing, whether it is a state from stockiness or from some other reasons she could not comprehend to the least of her imagination. She feels the coolness in her mouth and suddenly darkness crippling in front of her as that coolness stay for more than 30 minutes, though within these times, she never felt short of breath, but she is slowly enjoying her moment there. She closes her eyes and she tries to visualize as if it is a dream and she is slowly feeling better and the fears seem to be vanishing. In the mean time she feels more coolness entering from both side of shoulders towards her apparels and she closes her eyes in disdain and wants not to think of any positivity as she has to suffer and bear this, so she decided to enjoy the spurt of the moments while entering into her dreams she begins to stay there devoid of reality.

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