Mysterious happening with some invisible hand

It seems that clouds are hovering all around the sky and in the sky they are travelling with an unbelievable speed as the vehicle moves around the posh area or such as vehicles moving out of the stadium after a match. The black clouds sends her message that she would be staying at home, as he class mate’s birthday party was there, but she is not going there as she knows after heavy pouring of rain water, the area in and around her locality will be covered with drain water and it is a flood like situation and even driving car inside those water is a hilly task. The water would be piercing into the car engines and that will make it most difficult task to perform if at any given point of time the car stops in between the water logging and she had to stay inside as it will be almost difficult to come out from there and if rain continues like that then there would be every possibility of the car floating away from there.

She imagined what could happen if she ventures out in the open in this heavy rain times, so she telephoned her friend and say that she could not reach at the birthday function and she would remain at home due to incoming of heavy rains in that vicinity. In the mean time, rains with lightning and thunder shower started and the entire area is filling up with rain torrid sound from everywhere. She has now decided to change her clothes as it is a vague to wait for a completely stoppages of rain and then wait for the entire area to be evacuated from water flooding and then she can reach her friend’s party. Her friend’s home is almost five kilometers.

One other aspect also stopping her going to the party as her friend’s home is nearer to downtown where there are many small homes and bad people mostly criminals and petty ones are residing there, in that locality they have a big bungalow and perhaps they got it at cheaper prices so they have built in a royal manner. For this she does not want to reach there in the night for this reason, only she conveyed her that she should make this party happen in the noon on a holiday, when there will be no school time for them? She has finally decided not to go there and for this she had to change clothes and wear the home clothes. She carefully keeps the gift meant for her friend in the wardrobe so that on the coming weekends she would be reaching to her house in the noon and will be presenting the gift there. She keeps the presentation in the proper place. It is a nice set of costly inners for her friend and she had collected it from the online shop and it reached at home within ten days.

She reached her bedroom and there by closing the door she undressed and then folded all the dress materials one by one and kept it inside the proper location so that the next time she would be finding all of these at the correct manner. Then she chose cotton inners and two pieces to wear for the night. She is home alone and already foods are there inside fridge, the only thing she has to do is to heat the food and then eat at home and she planned to see two movies and then sleep as it is the onset of weekends and for this wonderful part of life will always be there at each point of times as it is the coming of weekends times. She tool food and reach towards her bed room and keep it there and then she reached at the ground floor to watch everything is locked or not and after that she check it for double time and then switch off the lights and only one light at the central hall of ground floor keeps on during the night time predominantly for the reason of fear as she is home alone otherwise when other members of the house stays the light are being put off there.

She reached her bedroom and finished her eating and then goes to attach bathroom and from the larger basins wash her hands and then she finished her chores and then washed her legs and reach to her room by closing the bathroom thoroughly there. She switched on the air condition of the room, though the climate is cool and there were nice breezes all around but still she wants it as it gives the room a sense of cleanliness so that with due course of time she would not have the feeling of home alone syndrome there. She wore her dresses and sat back on the bed and switched on the computer as well as satellite television channels to have the glimpse of any new exciting programs in the offering. She brought forward the blankets and other forms of bed sheets so that after sometime when the room will be filled with coolness she can use it then. She started eating foods, as all these goods are her favorite and her mother has specially cooked all these foods for her. She was watching television at the same time, as while eating she did not like to have a laptop switched on as it can be hazardous if some food particles or left over falls on it and in the process damaging the set up. She is extremely careful of her belongings and other forms of personal technology gadgets.

After eating all the foods, she slowly gets up from the bed and keeps utensils at the side dustbin and then went into the bathroom to have a proper wash of hands there. She slowly goes there as time and again his father reminded her that in the bathroom one should go slowly as there can be a slip up there and for this she walked slowly and carefully into it. She washed the hands from the tap and at the same time she felt some is there on the back, may be an illusion or some sort of similar idea and for this when she straight up and see the back side of her through front mirror for her utter surprise no one is there but there is the feeling of someone there. She relieved that these are all the imageries that are cropping into her mind, then she realized that it must be tiredness that has been cropping into her inside of her brain and for this many more such illusions would be reaching to her from time to time so it is better for her to be careful and magnanimous in going to bed immediately and then watch television and then surf websites before going to sleep.

She reached her bed, in the mean time she closed the door of bath room and then reach to bed and feeling sleepy there so decided that it is not the right time to do home work with laptop, it is better to go for sleep while watching television. In the mean time from the side of her bed, she switched to the harsh light and only the light sensor light of LCD televisions is falling there. Her bed is slightly varied from the distance of television viewing. After 15 minutes she is almost asleep and in the mean time she felt something near her shoulder, and suddenly she opened her eyes but nothing is there but surprisingly the television is switched of and the entire room is dark except from the indicator of window air conditioned lights that has been spread there. She is surprised as it seems to her that she had not switched of the television but then realized that it might have been her palm that has been pressed the turn off switch of television and for this she has become confident that the television has been inadvertently switched off while she was sleeping by her hand.

In the mean time she looked herself and realized that her dress has been misplaced and it has been shirked from her shoulder in an unusual way to her utter surprise, she is now 16, and has been always has the good sense of carrying her dress while sleeping also. She realized her should is bare and the dress and the inner are dropping to her hand this gives her surprise and she sensed some is there may be some invisible entity as from the bath room to switching of lights and then to her dropping of dress some mysterious happenings are going on continuously.

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