Bite of many Snakes

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Life is like leaves, as it can fly with stiff winds and also goes well with slow moving winds that have no meaning of life sometimes it can go a long way to achieve the inevitable and in this process life becomes easier to attend and sustain the probability of happenings that has been there as always. It is like a long road where you have to be alone in the path, one cannot know for whom you are singing and sometimes someone listens and many a times many never understood what it is as there is no address of substance and even when asked to me I cannot give the exact detail of the address given to me and for this sometimes the winning is nearer than it is anticipated with.

I do not know about my song and cannot know whom the persons going to forget me and sometimes some songs remembered for long and that song becomes newer to me whenever it becomes old as it becomes the most evergreen song that you really had and sometimes the songs are going to be remembered for long so that the ultimate achievement and understandings always go unwanted and underachieved. I know on the half way to the road you have left me and there is no time there and also I do not have any such time machine and I cannot cross to the other coast of the river and the time river is making the soul searching entirely difficult for me to search anything substance of my life that needs to stay afloat there.

Please my life does not put pressure on me as I cannot control my emotions and other forms of sustenance of life to survive for long. What eye see mind is not believing and what mind perceives that becomes the dream and thus making the entire phase of life what it seems to be that it cannot be constructed at such instant and it cannot be created and realized as it all seems to me that my entire thought process has become more and more stagnant and in order to make it a voyage the life of time needs to undergone a straight change of thought that one can ever imagined of. In the mean time, my mind comes nearer to the realm of the Almighty as it seems that it goes near to make the entire dream and its related structural ideas to undergo the successive form of anticipation of entirely new ideas and concept making.

The story of the pain of separation.

The dream continues where some talks has been there with me and also with you as I know you are at the far away land where I cannot reach at the moment and it goes on with each facets of life that has been there for me always but now becomes the foggy sort of ideas that has been making the entire thought process the stream of series of ideas that has been formed to make it more and more outstanding form of achievement. The form of invisible attachment has been there and it also calls to measure the own road in its own sense, and while calculating each and every aspect of road one can find the real meaning of life and in this manner the entire thought process and its cognitive ideas that has been there is always for me when I think of those past happenings.

Some part of thoughts and ideas comes to my mind and some of thoughts as in my senses and all these have been in the eyes of all and when we should be talking about other facts that have been left between us and how to find all these talks is of very serious importance that has been attached with. When I saw all these environment that has been adhered with plenty of clouds which is making the atmosphere beautiful and passive, here when the beautiful bird is flying down on the sky, it seemed to me that I had been the cloud in which you are flying as a bird and for this the beautiful sky is becoming more and more beautiful with full attachment of extreme wonderful visible. The sky that has never been in singing mode due to its vast size and within it I want to be lost in the sky so that my entire song would be inside of your beautiful flying sound. When there is rain and the sweet sound of soil and that makes the entire atmosphere entirely green and you have dipped it some time and for long time I searched for you and for this I want to stay with you forever so that no trace of sadness is there.

The beautiful rain bow has taken the colors from you and has becomes so beautiful and yours hairs has been fallen on the soil and has been disappeared from there, and the wet soil is still thinking about you and is asking the self why I love you forever as the moon of the sky has becomes so beautiful and wonderful the flashback of life and its related surrounding is still hunting me forever. Oh my love, I am waiting for you, oh my friend for life, I am waiting for you and the climate is chanting the words in its forever chants it is for life and the goal is in the united vision and it is not for end but for one way road for us, it is now time for separation, but it is still for sometimes as it is going to stay for some time, as it is like the moving storm and how the time will go beyond it is the matter of complete ignorance. When there is the foot of love, there is the road and also there is the home with doors and windows. We do not have to search anything for it as all those essential amenities are there, as there is no one can stop it and no one can stop the forever love to stop from there and there is the love for the aim of life, oh my friend forever listen to the beautiful music where one can find the real tune of love with complete synchronization to the tune of excellent understanding of life where everything will be there and noting to be worried.

The separation is like the bite of many snakes and it is like a cup of one hemlock where one cannot die or live into it, it is like staying on the other side of paradise where every possible difficulty are there for you and for this life has becomes so difficult that one cannot understand at any point of actions. Every day his thought comes to mind and still waiting for my love and still the time he had not reached here and still waiting for her so that life will become so sweet that at any point of time one cannot imagine being true to the sense of life and heart. Those who are into the love know how much sadness is there in the road and everyone knows how difficult is the life into it when someone tries to find the real truth about it, there are many dreams are there and all have been constituted with it and still waiting for her in umpteenth time.

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