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Mohan Manohar August 30, 2013
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It was a tough case to think beyond out of the box as the simulation of ideas is simply making the frank manner slip from the strongest possible actions, as we know the old adage that every action has equal and opposite reactions. The moment occurs and this is the weekend’s time and it is the time for a proper get together of all the friend especially three of all who has been since the birth has been friends for all the time and for this, we have detected a time when we three girls will be get together at my home this time, and we tend to meet each other in each weekends for a lovely get together. Examination time is over and the result will be out within two months as it is the most critical examination and it is conducted all over the state and after that there will be rankings and other divisions and that will dictate further career advances.

In the mean time both of my friends reaches at the doorstep, my parents are out for a marriage ceremony of a relative and for this I am alone in the home and they will be reaching here day after tomorrow, and for this we have decided to have a get together all amongst us as we have taken the permission from my parents in earlier time to conduct all girls get-together here. All have reached at the evening and both of them have come with some foods which they have prepared for me, I also prepared one of the most delicious dishes for them and also eager to give them and taste them, about the dish I have seen it on television in one infotainment channels and from there I have learnt the art of cooking and it is one of my favorite site. From there, I have seen one of vegetarian dishes which I have liked so much and for this I want to make it for my friends and then after much practice and perfection I shall be given to my parents and sibling.

In the mean time, I have prepared that dish, which is like this. First I have taken some dried rice, and that has been thinned in the mill. It is scarce rice, with which you do not have to cook it and then remove the extract from it and then boil it and eat with fresh vegetables. The milled thin rice can be eaten just by washing with water, it is one of the simplest dishes that you can ever imagine of and for this I have made some turn around with dish and first wash the milled thin rice with plenty of water and then extract those waters from there. This process needs to be done time and again for four times and then put the washed mill thinned rice into one small bored utensil so that all the water will be extracted from there. Then bring some onions and sliced them in small sizes and in tall sizes so that the diameters of sliced onions should not be more than half centimeter. Then bring some carrots and then bring the chopped machine and hold the carrot with one hand and friction it on the machine for some time to get beautiful chopped carrots, then bring bit and do similar thing on it and then keep all these in a separate palate.

Switched on the induction cook top and then put induction cook top managed utensil on it and switched on the chimney and then make the temperature of induction cook top to near to 1000, and then wait for some seconds and then put two table spoon of olive oil on it. Wait till it becomes hot and then put salt to taste and add some pepper powder to make it piquant. Then add the already washed milled thin rice soaked with water, remember to know that every part of water should be removed from this and then add it into the utensil. Fry it for some time, and be careful so that it will not be too dried to taste and then add some mascara and fry it for some time and stop the induction cook top and wait till the cooked food becomes less excitable. Then, add onion minces and carrot and it minces to it and mixes and stir it well, and then serve it on flat plates coupled with spicy juices and some salads. So, I have prepared one of the most delicious and tasty food and now it is ready to serve to my friends and is sure they would be reaching out to me with some of the most delicacies and am also waiting for them to taste their cooking.

In the mean time, my mobile rings and it is from them and they are almost nearer and asking me to open the gate so that their vehicle could reach inside. As in my home, the main gate is one hundred metres from home and for this there is one switch inside of home and in pressing it will open and then after the vehicle entry finished, it will automatically, close down, and there are cameras attached at the gate from home I can see what is happening there, it is one of the most versatile surveillance system that ever had and for this the way it has been managed and utilized is of utmost and wonderful importance, in the mean time they have reached nearer to main gate, and I have seen this from the LCD and then open it with the help of switch and slowly the gate remains open there. My friend have entered into my home, and now the gate is automatically closed down as there is the strong sensor attached at the gate and then they have parked the car and then I opened the gate inside of home and they entered into it with a smile and also as from my anticipation they have come with some foods which they have prepared at home with due care and similar is the case of me when I have prepared one of the most unique dish at home and waiting for them to taste it and rate it.

It is a practice for all of us to have the get together at one of the three girl’s home and prepare food all by themselves in order to give the friend the taste of ours cooking excellent and in this manner we have developed the art of cooking practice. It is right practice make perfect.

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