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samsung galaxy grand duos efficient memory optimization

Samsung Galaxy grand Duos was released five to six years back. It has Android JellyBean operating system. During that time, Android Jelly bean is like the release of Windows XP. Its seamless user interface provides awesome management of customisation. The back side of this operating system is that it is resource hug and response time of opening up various ap takes some time.

All these informations are not cheat shit but it is the practical way to understand how to distribute resources of operating system throughout different fair parameters.

Samsung Galaxy Grad Duos:

Inside Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos it has Android Jelly bean, initially it is installed with android 4.1 and subsequently a big update makes it to android jelly bean and it has one GB of RAM. during that time a smart phone having one GB of RAM is a good smartphone. Sadly, android jelly bean with this amount of RAM not operating nicely.

Normally Android Jellybean operating system takes almost 196 MB of RAM and this means that the rest 804 MB of RAM is for rest of working environment. It has inbuilt harddrive storage of 8 GB and out of it Android Jellybean operating system takes3.94 GB and the rest space is for applications, images and other multimedia contents.

In its latest updates, it allows users to install app on SD card and this makes management of application in relation to its space management good and nice. Follow is the screen shot of how inbuilt storage distribution.

So the concern about lesser storage place is not there. One can install apps on SD card and then download offline contents into it and for this most part of these applications management makes the most of storage place outside scope of inbuilt card.

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During that time Samsung Galaxy grand Duos offers the large amount of storage place for Drop Box and that adds additional storage options. First try to uninstall or disable apps which are unnecessary. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos comes up with large number of unwanted apps and you can disable it to make it more space and more RAM as well.

It also speeds up the phone as the lesser number of background processes runs with it. You can disable large number of apps such as Facebook, Flipboard, Samsung Link and so on. It not only saves vital space but speeds up your phone. Use automatic screen brightness and disable hardware specific apps such as Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi unless as and when you require enabling it and then disable it.

Enable power saving mode and it has two sub components such as CPU power saving and scree power saving and use both to perform your phone in cool manner. With CPU power saving mode phone does not run in its highest speed thus save CPU for vital work purposes.

With screen power saving mode it uses lesser screen composition as most of battery goes on from phone due to screen functions. Then makes screen time out in the setting of display to se to 15 seconds so that whenever the phone is not in use it automatically stops screen and save s battery to work efficiently.


While all of these are good but I am big supporter of running the phone in its full capacity. This means running the phone with maximum central processing unit. This phone has two CPUs which means dual core and this means all of these works can be done in twice speed and it is important to uninstall or disable apps that are not in use and this make more room for RAM function and thus speeds up loading and running of phone in full capapcity.

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I think battery saver option is good when you are on tour and wants to preserve phone battery but in normal circumstances it is better to stop battery saver as well as the screen birghtness as and when screen brightness is set to its maximum it provides awesome amount of display with larger and clear functions. In the end of this discussion it is the decision of users and it should varry from person to person.

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