Night that is filled with dream

It seems to be a night that is filled with dreams yet plenty remains to be unfinished till to date. She wants to know the real source of her happiness, but when she woke up from the bed only to find out that nothing is there and the whole part of dreams and its related happenings remains to be unresolved. 

A complete confusion and chaos stage which she cannot think it beyond and there is no possibility of matching thoughts are there only the linkages from the past to present through the circumstances of dreamy nights is resolving there forever. The entire night syndrome seemed so real that she feels that it has happened in its absolute reality but when she woke up from bed realizing that nothing had happened. How could such things going over and over with due course of time as each day the dreams seem to be truthful and touching yet she could not find any possibility to remove it from her distant memory. It seems that the melodious moments inside the mind are still undergoing into the dance mood of series of dreams that has been there for her throughout the night and it does seem to be going on there into her body and mind. 

She is thoughtful and still in confusion how come all the actual life situation is still not clear as she feels in her heart and has been going on for several days but still plenty of possibilities are there for all to see and manage. It is a case of unknown identity and she knows that inside of dreams the reality touches her and still after touching the reality she could not find any trace of what happened inside last night. A state of unknown uncertainty as she cannot tale anybody what is happening to her each night as there is no trace of what is happening in the next morning but she knew that her prestige is time and again eroded through dreams and it is reality but how can she understand others that the dreams that has been making the feeling of reality is not such nearer to what is happening to her in the long run.

She is in the state of complete chaos and for sure that there is something missing in these scheme of things which needs to be understood and this mystery is so in dipper is that she has to understand and manager all by herself as no one is going to understand this virtual enforcement to her dreams which can be confusing at times. She woke up from the bed and then finished her chores as to day is Sunday there is no school and for this she can take rest after finishing all of her works and tasks. She took her breakfast of brown bed. Butter and slices of cheese and it are her most favored delicacies. All these are more prone to specific anticipations that is building all the imaginations and time and again thinking about past nights when the floods of dreams keep reaching out on to her and in this manner she is getting herself towards the most favored and anticipated emotions. 

At noon she reached her room after finishing all of her school tasks and prior to that she had finished her food and she is very happy with it and the food is very nice and she ate plenty of foods and also during cooking she had decided that she would be sleeping in the noon and when school times in the evening so that she could sleep less time during night and for this the duration of dreams would be lesser and the sufferings she had been while at dreams will be of very fewer times.This is the only solution she thought should be appropriate and for right gesture and for this she wanted to implement this as this is the noon time and she has planned to sleep during these times and would be stay awake during the times of night and so as avoid all the possibilities of disturbing dreams reaching to her and in this manner she would be very well safe from all the bad dreams that has been there all the times during successive nights.

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