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communications are the most positive aspect that is the future of the world. Now with the advent of desktop replacements, there are many possibilities for the future for a complete mechanism. With the advancement of and similar technologies communication is getting bigger day by day. Without clutter of wires one can fix the mobility of any device thus, it creates the greater possibility for a strong case of systematic office room operations. In the earlier days when, there is a predominant development of desktop computers one has to still think of how to search for a particular place of a room so that one can easily find the suitable position for wire clutter. There are innumerable wires that need to be configured well enough so that there would not be any short circuit or other managed while working with desktop. The other bad aspect of desktop computer is that it is not and one has to stay at one place for long time to work and sometimes at many homes there are particular place for computer room and for this one space from entire home is to be reserved for desktop activities. Whether one likes it or not but it still one has to be compelled to make a cubicle for computer. This is what worries some but for most people computer is the necessity and for this they preferred to do this.

Now, we are in the era of computer age where the dominance of desktop computer is challenged stiffly and for this desktop replacement are now in the market, which has more hard disc memory and also more and more and more RAM for faster computing and with the advent of super fetch that has been there with Windows 8, with speedy processor such as Radeon dual graphics or so many from other manufacturers, it gives ample opportunity for users to experience  the real time computing at its best. With the advent of and Bluetooth wireless technologies, now the with smart phones has been tremendous. Now, if you have Galaxy Grand Duos phablet, the phone and tablet on one go, then you can make a portable wireless hot spot, it is easy and then you can connect Wi Fi hot spot with computer to have seamless wireless connectivity. All these has been possible due to advent of improved wireless technologies and the smarter part is that day by day all these technologies are constantly updated to add more and more features and with this the total portability and wireless computing in social life has becomes a real possibility.

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Now, in such a situation we have decided to connect Samsung desktop replacement to Internet from Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos without wire. One prominent aspect of Samsung phones is the  USB connectivity with Samsung computer and if one search internet with this, we do get some links for Samsung USB drivers but all are not so satisfactory links and that is the real worry that we are not sure whether the concerned links are free from viruses or not. There are solutions to these impending problems and it can be easily solved by opting for wireless mechanisms. In older personal computers, there are no blue tooth or Wi Fi so modern Samsung phones are not so compatible with older desktop personal computers. Now, we can talk about desktop replacement like Samsung laptop. Modern Samsung desktop replacement, has all the fascinations of wireless connectivity. With the advent of next generation, Bluetooth 4 there is much more advance features like that of one can connect audio wireless and can hear songs from the phone wireless. Though the media player involved is ordinary but the prominent part is that it uses smart phone’s wireless connectivity and thus it employs the excellent sound that is indeed conspicuous for a reliable wireless connectivity. First and foremost, one has to install Bluetooth installation on yours Windows 8 systems.

For this one has to switched on Bluetooth on both smart phones as well as on computer and with phone it is better to share connection though proper precaution needs to be taken here as one should pair own devices otherwise it can be dangerous for your data and in order to protect your data one should always use own devices while transferring through Blue tooth. In blue tooth configuration window, one can find audio services where one can hear phone’s music on personal computer. Sometimes there are some limitations in phones. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos receiving audio from a personal computer is not possible, but the other way is possible like that of listening to music from phone to computer is easily possible. It is a revolutionary change and it is available in Windows 7 and Windows 8 only. With this there is the complete turn of events in each sphere of life and wireless connectivity and mobility is at its best in all events.

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In case of phones, the phone I have been using is C-6 phone is that it can be used easily wireless, though Wi Fi options are not accessible here. Still one can use Bluetooth connectivity for Internet connectivity otherwise one can utilize USB connectivity to connect with a personal computer wireless. Download PC suit, instead of suite and then install it. Then it will ask for the phone configuration and it is better to go for Bluetooth option as with this the connectivity of the Internet is fast and also there is probably less loss of bandwidth there. I have manually tested that by connecting Internet through USB cable to a personal computer and then with blue tooth internet connection and the variability of speed am felt at the first instance there. So, why this is happening here and why such speed variation? Here, the solution to it as we  can seen that there is plenty of electricity loss as it is coming and reaching to us through wires and for this in summer time the loss is huge and gigantic on the other hand when we reach winter the loss of electricity is lesser and all these are happening due to the fact that all has been connected manually and wireless. That is why there has been greater stress on mobile electricity communication. Proper and extensive research is currently going on at a high level and plenty of resources have been utilized in order to find the real answer for this solution.  Here, with PC Suit phones are now connected with a personal computer through blue tooth and now you can connect internet through connection option from blue tooth easily. From manual Bluetooth configuration, one cannot connect internet from C-6 but with the help of PC suit one can find the proper way to connect personal computer that has blue tooth to connect with related Bluetooth phones. I would wish should develop PC suit further instead of Suit, which is heavy on resources.

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