Join a personal area network with Windows 8

Windows 8 is a fabulous operating system. It is one of revolutionary operating system from Microsoft. It is decreasing the start up time and booting. It starts in a zippy and the waiting time on it fewer and the sleep mode is nice and a good and for those who want to get into the act within a few seconds. In sleep mode, you stop the work as it is and when it awakes, you can work from the stage from where you have left. The networking option with this operating system is vast. You do not have to concentrate only on mobile vendor’s proprietor’s software.

Here, I am talking about Nokia suit or PC Suit and Samsung Kies. From Internet one can find numerous links where many personal computer users are feeling the grunt of compatibility issues with their respective personal computers. With this operating system one can connect a mobile device preferably for Internet connectivity by employing Bluetooth and Wi Fi by joining a personal area network or by using the device as an Internet access point. You can get there by reaching to settings then network and then mobile AP.

Then go to your smart phone, here I am talking about Android Smart phones, here unlock the phone and from ribbon bar go to settings and then turn Wi Fi and see the available networks and then choose the network preferably the one that is from your computer and then connect by giving the authentication code there. It should be SSID and security settings and security settings could be of WPA2 PSK or from some other security mechanisms. In this manner, one can share the Internet connection with computers.
How to share internet connection from mobile to computer:

In an android phone, preferably Jelly Bean one should go from wide ribbon menu to set. Click settings and then more settings. Then click tethering and portable hotspot.Here, you can share your device mobile data connection via USB, Wi Fi and Bluetooth.Then click on portable Wi Fi hotspots. It will say that hotspot AndroidAP is active.

How to connect from other device to portable Wi Fi hotspot:Turn on Wi Fi on the device (Computer)
2) From the computer goes to settings, networks and Wi Fi. Search for available networks. Prior to this to determine whether to turn on Wi Fi device and then search for available connections. Then selects a wireless AP.
3) Then connect Android AP by entering the password and the password should be there at your phone. Enjoy the Internet with a portable Wi Fi hotspot. After proper connection, your phone will show that one device is connected and enjoy proper web connectivity.

How to connect from other device to Bluetooth internet connection by joining personal area network:

1) Switch on the Bluetooth connection on a personal computer. Go to search charm from the right edge of the screen and search for blue tooth and then see the status of the blue tooth and pair the device with your smart phone.
2) from phone, go to set. Bluetooth and make your device visible, computer will give you a pass phrase and write that numbers on the mobile device to confirm Bluetooth pairing. Now go to Bluetooth at your computer and then reach a personal area network, then refresh that area and you will be surprised your phone will be visible there. Right click on it then goes to connect using an access point, now the dialogue box will say as Bluetooth connected.
3) Now, your phone is wireless connected to your personal computer and Internet connection from your phone to a desktop replacement is being done wireless.


With the advent of modern computing more and more sophisticated methods are one use; wireless Internet connectivity is one of them. In the previous article I have talked about how to wireless listen music from one smart phone to personal computer, in this edition I have tried my best to understand you about internet connectivity, though there are some preconditions attached with these like that of you should have a genuine Windows 8, and also it is preferable to have a smart phon. I prefer to buy the same brand of stylish phone and desktop replacements. Modern desktop replacement does have Bluetooth installed. One should purchase the device that has a portable Wi Fi hotspot modem with it so that you can create networking here.

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