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I am installing WeChat on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos from Google Play. Installation is fast and breezy. It is free to download. It is available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows phone, Blackberry and web version. It is a new way to connect with friends. It is the easiest way to connect with friends. WeChat is a mobile app that lets you connect with friends and family across platforms. WeChat is for free text, voice and group messages.


 • Create live sessions and chat with friends.

• Group chat with QR code authentication.

• Seven days chatting history back up

• Face to face video call

• Share your photo with “moments” with privacy controls

• Record sound and create a voice chat

• Install web version of “WeChat” and start the converseon.

• Send smiley emoticons

• Hold a group chat

• Shake your phones to find people shaking in their phones

• Find people in your location to have chat initiated

• Send your voice or text message and wait for people who can respond to. It is similar to the old Yahoo Messenger

• Connect with your Facebook account to see your friend at “WeChat”

WeChat is a mobile communication tool. It supports video, text and audio messages. Works on iOS, Android, Windows phone, Symbian and BlackBerry devices. It is free to download. It requires an active Internet connection. Two approach registrations, one is with your phone number and the second one is with yours Facebook account. Neither there are no limitations of regions with WeChat, chat from anywhere to any locations. WeChat is very much concerned about your privacy online. Your phone number will not be shown to others.

Arthur Doyle:

The first person I will be connecting to be with creator of Sherlock Holmes. The fictional detective character is designed by Arthur and in solving the case immediately. I would definitely ask him to create another detective or revive Sherlock Holmes again so that I can read fascinating novels. His manner of writing and solving cases is wonderful and a genius mind he had been writing those novels. It is charming for him to write in the present scenario and in which manner he describes the difficult situations of contemporary times. Of present day detective fictions, most of them are boring and borrowed. I would like to see, how he can employ modern day detective inventions corroborated into his fictions. How can his Sherlock Holmes find the real culprit by reviewing the environments? How can he find the symbol from sands and how can he find the real culprits who are serial killers.

How can he recognise the motives of wicked persons who are indulging in crime against women?

How can he find them and then go to the root cause of these problems and also accuse to abolish these actions all together. I would like to have a long chat with him so that, I can know from him and his ideas, so that people will like to inspired from it and implement these rules so that crime against women would abolished altogether. I would definitely ask him, how to recognize the motives of people who are planning to attack in the shameless manner to women. How to recognize those laws enforcing authorities who are not doing their duties in a correct manner and other related individuals laughing at these matters shamelessly?

Narendra Modi:

I shall like to know from him, what are his goals, if he becomes head of the state? What should be the outward affairs policies? What should be the domestic security policies? What should be the attitude of China, if it is repeatedly encroaches our land? What should be policies towards Pakistan, friendly, neutral or ignorance? How can he enhance reputations of India among its immediate neighbors? How to abolish poverties within two years? How can income for people from and above the age of 35? How to remove red tapes and other obstructionism in decision making?

How to make India a safer place devoid of secular and pseudo secular politics? How to be stronger in defense sector? How can a poor state like Odisha become rich within a few years, especially within two years? How to make Puri a safer place for tourists? How to preserve water by stopping real estate activities at marine drive roads of Puri? How to stop reservation and what is the specific year when all class of societies has equal rights to appear for examination? How to make government clean of corruption? How to abolish partiality in electronic Medias? How to boycott journalists who relates to certain political parties? How to remove sources from news feeding? How to break and stop breaking the news to stop yellow journalism? How to make CBI released from government and make them complete autonomy? How to curb price rise?

Rahul Gandhi:

Is there any way a young person like yourself comes into the highest power in India, then you can add some new ideas for development? Like yours father, who has shown his innovative style of administration in introducing packaging foods, computers and other reforms ahead of time, you yourself is support of this class of reforms or not? Are you indulged in minority politics or media is portraying you in this? What is your vision of progress? Why not food for all Indians? Should corruption be an issue at the centre in Parliament election? What should be your idea of dealing with aggressive China?

Why unrealities of friendship with Pakistan, even though history suggests that it strikes back after each friendship gestures? Can not we ignore them? How CBI will act freely on its own without government interferences? Why so much continues to increase of rail fare hike in the last nine to ten months? Should food security for more than half percentages of Indians will be a vote catcher for your party? What is your ambitions if you are at the helm of affairs? What should be reforms within your party? How to curb corruption? What about Lokpal Bill passing in parliament? If you are pitted against Modi in parliamentary election what should be your strategy? Yours general secretary Digvijay Singh comments on electronic Medias are sanctioned by you or himself talking to them? How to curb price rise? How to make progress index towards upward mode?

To my late grandfather:

Where have you been? I am searching for you please respond. Here, part of ancestral land captured by someone and he is not leaving from there. When I talk with him, he is showing me threat signs and also threatening me that if I go to the courts afterward, there will be dire circumstances for me. I am afraid. Someone need your help and where are you please come here to help me. He is saying that you have given him the land but in actually there are no traces of this and he is lying but in the manner he is saying tries to show that it is true and I am saying the false. He was your servant and after you he tries to capture the land in full motion but in vain, I shall not be letting him to get this land for him. Definitely, I shall try to persuade at the first instance otherwise something will take due judicial procedure into consideration. I am sure. I will talk with your friends in lawyer section and they will helping me in solving this case. How can a stranger occupy the patriarchal property and I know if you were here, it have removed him from that place within minutes.

That person is rebuking me in the streets, when he happens to see him at any place, but due to your culture I am keeping quiet at it and I do not say a single word from them either. I am patient as you always tell me about this and for this I am constantly thinking about you and talking with you. It is like travelling in the sky of paradise with you. I am sure you will have a great time at Paradise and there you must not be forgetting me at all. I would like to show you new WeChat, the free application on my android Galaxy Grand Duos and also like to show you

Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee:

Why are you silent since 2004? Would you like to be prime minister of India given a chance to you? Would you like to finish your unfinished task which ends abruptly after losing the election in 2004? What about your grand plan of joining all the rivers into one? This will generate inward shipping route inside India and likewise encourage the alternative navigation route. Just like US where all the big rivers conjoined to make the internal shipping route and that gains the people next to those areas in terms of agriculture and other dividends. Do you feel alone now? What is your opinion on the price rise and other forms of corruption prevailing in and around India? What should be the state of your party? Who should lead your party in the upcoming elections? Who should be the leader of your party? What do you think about Modi?

Are you absolutely can he succeed in national electoral stages? What do you think about the working of Rahul Gandhi? What do you think about the future of Rahul Gandhi as a leader? What is your recipe to decrease the menace of price rise? What should be the immediate steps you would have to take if you are at the helm of affairs? Are you pulling any ideas of returning to active politics? How is your health?

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