Thinking about the love of him

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It was dark night. There was shivering lightning passing through the top of mountains, slightly howling the deep dense forests that were embedded within stiff mountains. Suddenly, beautiful mountain seems like a long stretch of mountain range. The gorgeous looking mountain was fast becoming a ferocious devil to her and the sheer imagination of it screenshots creating the fear within her.

She woke up suddenly. It was half past one; tears were rolling out from her soft eyes. It was the tears of pain. Her past incidents reaching out to her like background memories. She wanted to dig deep into it and search for the shining past and try to convert it into present a sheer understatement. The memories are reeling out amidst thunderstorms, seasons gone there after but he still not reaching to her. She had not forgotten her.

She used to remember her many times and the historical happenings running into her in cyclic manners. She was calling to her life and advocated her not to do the side sticking and for this the reunion happenings need to be done in a perfect manner. It seemed that her life was in his hands and she was searching for this desperately. She was remembering her countless times, never forgot her. She wanted to say that she was in love and for her each moment had been dipped into his feelings and sometimes she forgot the time.

She wanted him to feel for her. There had been sundry sweet dreams in the past and for this, there were numerous unparalleled feelings which cannot be understood and expressed. The feeling of him nearing to her had been immense and she closed her eyes and after few moments she opened it and only to realize that she was alone as earlier as all these had been the part of memories that had been thinking about the love of him.

She could not express how she was leaving without her and how she could say about it and how to find the response to it. With memories of him, she completed the nights and whole nights had been going virtually to talk with him and it seemed that the man was talking with her and how to live without him and how could she tell him the time difficulty is.

It seemed to her ears that the unrecognized sounds of her were revolving all around it and her eyes had been spreading to the roads and waiting for her and her eyes had been filled with water and her respiratory system had been going hay wire and she could not describe how difficult the leaving for her in these difficult time and without him the life it seemed as if a stones of mountains clouded above her.

She was asking the dreams to stop for some time to listen to her and did not give to her the unwanted punishment in the mean time and she was calling to him and he should be with him and should not give him unwanted stress that were completely unwanted. It seemed that all these had not been there and she was recalling him but still this time there were no signs of revival of her love but she was completely dipped into her and that was the saddest part of her.

She thought of him and wanted him with her as the season and her mind as in the midst of dreams and she wanted to keep each and every moment to keep within her love and for this she was desperately searching for him. It was like the dream towards her memories. How she should say about him, still not knowing the impression as if there would not be any such unison all among them. Dreams were there under the hood of him, who would say to him as he could not say to him.

Still it was all dark clouds all over around there. In the eye lids of her, the image of him was there all over, which tells all the life about him, the nearer he was there was the unity among themselves as there were distances in terms of miles but still there were hopes for him. In the dreams, there were scores of thoughts that had been resolving around her wishes. There had been the depression as well as the heart was crying with the creation of dreams though there were distances among it, as the road to strangeness was there still alive in her mind.

How she would say about him and how she could find him still there was mysteries. The night sky was darker owing to the advent of thunderstorms so as the winds that were blowing at a fast speed. The night was wet with a fine climate and in the mean time the magnificent moon dropping itself from the black clouds and that makes the environment clumsy as this gave her the memories of the past that could not be changed at all.

The winds were like the gems inside the sea and with it the heart of her felt for him and she could understand the nature of climate and so as the possibilities of its immense anticipation. She was searching for him and for hope and aspiration she perceived in her glance towards the moon to get the most anticipated expression. Suddenly she felt that there had been no one there, to remember her and she was searching for the subtle smile that can give her immense satisfaction towards living a better life.

She was looking for the sun and trying to find out the real happiness as within this time she could ever find and know how the entire night had been gone over. In the mean time, the entire night had been gone over and the sky seemed to be dancing with fun and this could be the positive symbol, when he would be reaching here and taking him into the stars, a plenty of spaces where they both could reach there and emulate themselves. Their heart thinks of themselves and perceives to be flying like clouds and try to bring the sky which seems like the night in the sky n this could be the fantastic life for them.

It seemed to them that they did not want to stay here for more time as this situation gives them plenty of waiting times for them and for this they have decided that they should be stay united forever. They felt that they had been getting into of many hopes and aspirations and in the mean time falling into dense, it seems that there love was the most passionate one that can ever think of and for this the real workaround in getting to meet all the expectations and anticipations.

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