Past Happenings

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The sun sinks in. The purple colored sky hurts her eyes. She looked at some other place. It is an aquarium. She reached her home late from office. In the meantime, she was sitting in the living room, there on the lounge thinking about her past school days. Still to date, she was searching for her love. The picturesque school time running like the time line of hers and it was a smooth sailing and then after his father transferred from that place and then there was no contract for seven years now.

On thinking about those days, her eyes become wider and string of smiles running across her lips. She looked behind at the time to reach her past. It gives her the joy. She is still waiting for him. She does not have any idea whether he was still in love with her or he had crossed this to some other place. She does not want to understand this, she wants to stay with her past and try to minimize the pain of the present to a considerable extent so that, she would not have any such distracting elements with it.

She learnt the art of reckoning beyond herself to get the immortalized attentive inquisitiveness for her. She watched television but never ever the daily soap operas; it hurts her beyond considerable limit. She glanced towards her past to remember one such incident to lucid to the present and tried hard to live with it.

Life is not full of miracles:

it is the understatement most of the times. The possibility of its relation with its simple action and reaction parameters never came into limelight again. Accelerated thoughts suddenly break with some hurdles in the middle of a stiff anti irreversible despondent. Slowly her thoughts come into the light where she is in the standard eight and six months have passed into this session.

It was winter time at the hill city. The starting of the week, Monday, she was feeling a little bit of laid back due to weekend’s holidays. On the Sunday, she and her family were at the club for light festival and they had to stay behind there till midnight. This shows that she had a little bit of less sleep and that gave the feeling of drowsiness to her. Nevertheless, half yearly examination was on the way, she had to study hard and also according to school laws she had to study with her group mate.

Ittech was her group mate, as in the earlier post, I had described about their recognition towards each other in the past. Their parents knew each other, and they started their studies from kindergarten in the same school. In the meantime, their project of studying the life styles of the trial had not yet been completed and for this she was in a state of little bit of tense. Both were staying as neighbors, as their parents were officers in this hill town and for this they had quarters at the “A zone”. In the meantime one hour left for the school.

She ran from her house to form it tech house and in lounge. Uncle was sitting and reading the morning newspaper. After seeing her expression he realized that some studying pending are there. Both of their parents knew that, both attach and elee were bright students and they only talk about education and nothing more and this, they were very happy. Elle reached and she was in the state of a hurry as she had to finish plenty of works before reaching to school. The feeling of worry attached with hurries and this she greeted uncle and asked for permission to enter into the house.

Uncle smilingly told her that; ittech was in the first floor and in his room, preparing for the school. In the midst of dining room, aunty was preparing lunch and she smiled at her and said to her that ittech was the first floor; she thanked aunty with a smile and then kept running into the steps. From the middle of the steps, she glanced that, the door of ittech room is in the state of ajar and then she slowed down her speed of climbing into steps, as now she was feeling the sense of tiredness within her.

She looked herself, till now she was worried about their project, now she looked herself to know that she was wearing the long skirt and the blouse and saffron, generally she felt ashamed at these dresses in front of ittech. Though they were class students and also group mates, she was so involved within her thoughts that she scarcely looked herself. She slowly walked down the rest of stairs and it took the same time to reach as it is equal to reach from her home to the middle of steps.

She walks slowly and entered into ittech room, which is few walks away from staircases. She looked around and no where she could not see him, and then she looked at the right hand corner of the room and there, he was assembling books for his school and he was diligent in doing that, unaware of the advent of her. He was wearing shorts and nothing else on the top. Elsie stood there quietly and was waiting for him to move there and saw her. Few seconds elapsed, ittech moved there and then surprised at seeing her at the school time. Then, within quick time he wore a jersey and asked her to sit in the chair.

What was the matter elee; ittech asked politely. Else told her about how their project was yet to be completed. Ittech told her that in these weekends, their respective parents have arranged some meetings with some tribe who is lenders from their financial institution so that we could have the ingredients of report ready within four days after that. Elee was happy now and she said to him that, her father had not told her about this, she said that it was just decided on that night at the clubs and definitely he would be telling you today.

Elle was happy and with the string of motions she advanced and cuddled him. It was a spontaneous reaction and Elee could not even realize what she was doing at that juncture. It was a surprise for Ittech and he could not think beyond her and he supports her and for the first time the feeling of togetherness reached beyond them. Suddenly, Elee came to reality. She was totally ashamed of what she had done. She was pleading guilty in front of Ittech. Ittech reached near to her and said to her do not feel guilt with it.

This is our affections, the bond of love. She was rejoicing with this moment and for the first time for a few seconds she felt as if in the lost for just paradise. She was feeling that she was flying with him and no one cares about anything and the paradise beholding them like never before in its harmonious entity. The time passes. The earth stops revolving and it seems that they have been grounded to the reality in excuse of the dream and the cuddle of safeness basically making her feel the most liberty feeling girl of the earth.

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