Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman. She is an American Hollywood actress. She is a famous Hollywood actress. She has dual citizenship. She is a citizen of America and Israel. Her debut is his Hollywood movie in 1994. The name of the movie was “Leon the professional”. She was destitute in the movie. The struggle of the character in the movie produces considerable stress in the lives of her. She tasted grand success in the movie series of “Star Wars” series. It is a set of three excellent movie works related to “Star Wars”. All three “Star Wars” trilogy movies were released in 1999, 2002 and 2005. She was Princess Amedella in these Series. She continued her education while acting on Movies. She joined Harvard University to study psychology 1999. She graduated successfully from there in 2003.


She started a public theatre production organization at New York in 2001. She was nominated for prestigious academy awards for the first time in 2005. She won a golden globe award in that year. Later on in the movie “Ghoyas Ghost” in 2006 and “the other bollen girl” in 2008 she had the example her strongest acting talent. She attended the Cannes Film Festival jury in 2008. She created the record of youngest jury member of Canes Film Festival.


Primary Life:


She was born on Ninth June 1981. Her birth place was Jerusalem of Israel. Shelly was the name of her mother. Avenor Horselag was the name of his father. Her mother was from America and her father was from Israel. Natalie Portman is from the family of Jews. Her parents changed their native places to different countries due to compulsions. They stayed Israel, Poland, and Romania before returning to America for a safe stay. Her parents first met each other at Ohio, in a Jews related religious conglomeration. That was meant for Jews religious students. Her parents attended that meeting there. They began dating each other. After religious conglomeration ended, her father returned to Israel. Her parents continued to be in touch with each other.


After a few years of continuous and loyal dating, her parents tied the knots. They returned to America, in 1984, when Natalie Portman was three years old. Her father received a medical degree there, and accepts citizenship of America to stay there forever. So, Portman completes her education in America.




She started her education in America. Her first school was “Charles E Smith Jews Day”. Her mother tongue was Hebrew. Afterwards, she admitted into Jews elementary school namely “Solomon Day School”. She completed her education at Soset High School. The hidden talent of acting was imminent since her child-hood. She had been in close contact with various theatres and drama institutions throughout her school. She was a born actor. She could perform mature performance with ease during her teen days. She had few movies released in 1999. She acted as the first heroine in Star War Trilogy. This brought reputation to her. The phantom menace was the first of the Star War trilogy. During 1999 to 2003, she was at Harvard University, pursuing higher educationon. In these years she was confused between education and film-career. She knew, acting was her first weakenss.


During this time, in an interview with the New York Post, she staunchly advocated that she would like to stop to school if she had to choose one between it and movies. She was excellent at schooling. As a student she published two research papers. Those studies were published in some reputed science monthly of America. People appreciated her research work done in Harvard University, in the stream of psychology.


Personal Life:

She had her childhood, education and career in America. She had great liking towards Israel since childhood. Always she expressed in the public about her hidden desire of staying in Israel. Her heart is blended for Israel. Israel citizenship was her indistinguishable identity. She wanted to continue with it. She wanted to complete her rest of life at Jerusalem.  She wanted her better-half should respect her religion. Her first love began while shooting “carmensita” song set. She started dating Devendra Born Heart. He was famous folk singer of America. After a few days, they both had separation. In 2009, while shooting at the set of “Black Swan” she fell in love with Ballet Dancer Benjamin. They met each other on the set of this fiLm. Benjamin was choreographer. In 2009, Natalia Portman announced her pregnancy. In 2011, she gave birth to a son of Benjamin, namely Aleph Portman Milefide. She was silent about her relationship with Benjamin Milefide. For the first time, during academy awards 2012 dress rehearsals, she wore an engagement ring and reaches there with Benjamin Milefide. This was her first public statement about the relationship with Benjamin Milefide. At that time she was silent about their marriage dates. They tied knots according to rituals of Jews in that year. They performed these rituals at California.

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