Let’s not forget that the little emotions

How greed takes over the real emotions and how all had been thinking a lot about many ideas and possibilities and still not finding solutions is the actual dream that is going and fluttering into shatters. For the sake of money, all the relationships is going into tatters and breaking into small pieces and how the real money is breaking all the moments and how it is going to impact long term implication are the real possibilities that is going to be attached here. The emotional breaks down is going to impact vast implications within all possibilities, and how a sister is taking away the rights of all the others and how things are going into a mess after the introduction of paternal properties distribution and how many families of Punjab and Haryana has been breaking due to the new law that has been introduced I which married daughter have the right to paternal properties and how all these are making all the situation worse than ever, with each brother and sister is fighting for ancestral properties and basic relationships has gone begging. How the succeeding generations are fighting for the properties and how they are making situations worse than ever is a thought beyond point to understand and think beyond.

Sister demanding money from ancestral property is extremely accurate in doing so but according to society and its norms and conditions of sisters generally do not make any such demands, it is beyond tradition and the feeling to think of it. Demanding property from a small home and then trying hard to remove one brother’s demand from home is completely unjustified. How a brother living in the ancestral home and would not allow the other brother to construct the home is a thought beyond imagination. How can if one brother has the separate home as he is self-sufficient and could not get into the ancestral home at all is a condition taken by both the other brother and sisters. It is a shame that they are trying to make a separate law, all by themselves by rewriting the law book after saying that, only their brothers can stay there and no one should stay there and their son and daughter cannot stay there a ultimate situation where it seems that the illiterate are rewriting the law books and it is getting the situation to a worse environment.

The brother who had been outside for long is seeing the situation with moist eyes and also not able to say anything beyond it. This makes the entire situation more difficult to think and breathe. How the brother who had been always outside and had been thinking about their brothers and sisters for long had been facing such the worse situation and behaviors from his own brother and sister has been an emotional breakdown for them. It is a worse situation where the passionate brother had to face all the furies of his brother and sister and he cannot speak a single word of them. They are bad mouthing about him and he remains calm and listens to the entire situation. Constantly, they are making rounds of animated discussions and try to be united against his brother, who is simply demanding the portion of money, of his father and his ancestral properties but his other brother and sister is simply making some not so imaginable situations where they are making the situation difficult for them. In the era where even brothers have not agreed not to give the inch of land to each other, still there are every possibilities but when the other brother and sister is simply not flown with his emotions it is now time to take action and not to be friendly with each other. They are trying to make the situations, complicated but the way the situations have been unfolding has been of tremendous impact with each other and that is making him more determined to think beyond and take the most arduous decision of getting into the case situation.

Now the case can go to lower court and there one can find the situation trickiest one, and it will go for ages where there will be more and more running into the courts and that will make the situation extremely difficult for them.

The virtuous brother now decided that he would not go for any such reconciliation. Now the matter should go to court of justice. Now the process of discussion and running into judicial system of justice will begin to flow and that will make the situation more fluid but they have to, and that is the trickiest situation, no one can ever rely upon and this is the most difficult situation that is getting the worse of it. Still there is no silver lining at the sky, the good brother thinks that he had left all the ancestral properties for the entire life and now it is left to court of justice to understand the situation and now in which manner he thinks that natural justice will be there for him in the times to come. The court is the real justice system where it is for sure that everyone will get the real justice from all and for this everyone is satisfied and the other brother and sister knows very well that, they are wasting their time and whole of their puzzle and tricks has been gone missing here due to some smart work by honest brother and for this he is now very much serious about his workings. He has seen the real face of it, he has known the damn authentic ideas of his brother and sister and he is for sure going to amass all the possibilities and will not face any such injustice from his brother and sister from now on. He has enough belief in the judicial system of his country and he was sure that he will get the permanent solution to this ancestral property dispute. The good fellow is now feeling distressed and worse with the behavior of his brother and sister and for this his emotional feelings has got the sudden halt and he is slowly turning onto his own and signing his beautiful favorite songs with some murmuring sounds and that is making the whole ideas of unity gone begging. He is now relieved and he has known the truth and from now on no one will make him emotionally charged and he has taken the decision to rest all the aspects of ancestral property disputes to the honorable court of justice. Relationships have been broken by them and now it is time to go for a stronger sense of separation as relationships with stars from both sides as it is not a sole discretion of him to continue.

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