The cyclone is slowly perished from the scene, leaving some devastating effects all around. With strong winds blowing away from the western side of aid, I have expected the probability of creating an imminent trap line from the scene. The more and more intolerable force of wind is moving from left to right, which shows the strong and forceful wind that is going towards the northern hemisphere. She looks at the sky, which is full of clouds and the sky is moving towards the horizontal side and the force of winds is slowly moving them from left to right, which seems to be following the herds of leaderships towards some achieved administration. In the meantime, the entire atmosphere is filling with the sense of grip and understatement, which is slowly moving towards the form of grip and over anticipation.
He has not been here for some time, as per his absence he is continuing to think about him and the more and more thoughts coming towards her mind with a clipping of animated GIF coming towards her mind and going away but still all has been there inside of her mind and she is trying hard to rectify all those habituated animation. Why cannot be all these glories and memories are fading and why short absence of him is making life difficult for him cannot understand and comprehend in the wildest sense of imagination. She is desperately searching for some consolidation imaginative scene which will show the face of his still it is remaining unattended.

A sound comes from her smart phone, which shows status update from him through Chat On Samsung Galaxy phone, after listening this it seems it gives a sense of revive for her and the smile cutting across her face is indicative she has been waiting for anything and the status update shows the picture where he is going towards the farmhouse and from there he had sent one beautiful image from there. He is smiling on the phone and also left a message that there is a lot of connectivity and it is almost down there and thus unable to send the status updates from there. Her smiling and blushing with happiness after seeing the images of him and they have songs which have been emanating from her own self, though she is not aware of this at all.
The thought of his give her the theatrical view of her own memoirs as she has not been feeling left alone without her ever in the life, she and he both are reading in standard eight and has been always there dreaming and also both are reading at the same class and has been studying at the same time and trying to collaborate with each other in full swing. During this vacation, there seems to be a vacuum among themselves. She looks at the sky. It is now clear and the waving wings have not been there as surprised as she thinks her mood is swinging just like the clouds which are hovering here and there with the rich bloom of happiness’s.

The entire world is moving towards the sense of animation and she is seating at the drawing room with a sad look and her parents reach to her and they will be going outside and said that he is reaching and both would stay together and there is no need to worry. She listens this with a clamp look as if it is unbelievable to the core of her heart. In fact, both of her parents and his parents have been friends since their childhood. Both parents have already decided that both would marry when they become adults and for this they want both children to be friends and for this there is nothing wordiness by parents.

In the meantime, his parents and he reached, and he straightly comes to her and the smile to her, she is about to cry as she is missing her during these times and after seeing him; she has seen him after a long haul, which is not true though. One cannot compare and create the passage and compartmentalized a thorough set of emotions to a certain distinct space. He comes near to her and says;The Internet is not working there at the farmland and there has been plenty of power shortages there, and for this he cannot contact her for some time.
Small tears are rolling out from here and while looking at her she is smiling through tears are rolling out from her eyes at the same time. He holds her hand both come to the living room, where both of their parents are standing there and they both smile with each other after seeing both of them standing there. His mother looks at her and realizes that she is crying and she understands the real reason behind this and for this the most innermost affections she has given her with no further such actions. Then, parents told them that they would be going out for three to four days and because of examination both of them will be staying there and they should not worry about foods at all at all has been there inside the fridge.

The entire area is well secured and for the sense of security there is not at all a sense of fear at any point of time and for this all will be well guarded and due to advent of examination we have to stay here as the project submission will be there. All are happy and there is a scheduled dinner for all families would be there within an hour. Something excites all after four days it is a huge get together and we all are glad at the moments and the wonder of climate and the when she looks at she is being converted to a wonderful way to look beyond. She is looking at the sky and smiling is back within her and now the night and the time spent during those times seem to be returning to her with no such the question.

In the meantime, at the onset of dawn both of their parents left for farm yards which is 25 kilometers from there and from there they would be watching the activities over there as it is their preferred activities for once in a month and they prefer to go at the same time so that they would be safe out there. In the meantime, both he and she is sitting at the drawing room and it is almost nine in the morning and there are no worries for food to cook and they will read within some time and for this they are busy in collecting books there. In the meantime, she told him, are you think about me, after this question he said of course always and it is a boring time as for the long time he had not enough to talk with her and this seems to be boring and to send the screen shot he has to try hard for more than an hour to upload image and it took almost half an hour for him to send the text message to her.

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