What could that mean?

It is early morning. The sun is yet to appear from dark sky, it is purple in the midst of sky, seemingly suggests that, within few minutes, the sun will appear, it gives the feeling of a small child, when he is trying to advance to a room to his parents, the probability of him reaching towards their parents are more that it is expected and for this she is now happier to glance the sky and make some proper admiration of it. She glances at the purple patch, her eyes sparked with the brightest color and the vividness that is emancipating from there and she tries to match herself from there, she looks there for sometime and then realizes that, there are some dark spots within the beautiful purple. She realized that there are some hovering clouds that have been staying just like a hair position of a man to the purple patch inside the clouds.  In the meantime , she is waking up from her bed and then after few moments , she looks at the sky , the sun is still not at the vicinity , and the hovering clouds seems to be at stationary place , then , the concentration of clouds at the top of purple patch , and she is now sad as she realizes that sun is not going to rise to day , and this is going to be one cooler day and for this she has to finish her work at the speediest time possible so that , she can be ready for other essential home work that she is going to perform for it. One other aspect she stands there is that, at the left side of horizon the purple is slowly turning into red, on other hand at the right side of horizon the purple is managed to be lighter and it is slowly turning into yellowish. A beautiful color match and she wants to take the screen shot but sadly her beautiful

camera has been inside the self and on order to open it , and farther to the left of horizon , she could think that clouds is overcrowding the purple patch and making it sort of anonymity. 

What could that mean?

In the mean time , she looks beyond and glance down to see the range of mountains that has been running from right to left , due to heavy cloud and heavy climate , most of the mountain view is erasing from scenery. The temporary wooden road that has been there from across the mountains from her side towards the horizon, and the road is made of woods and such woods which will not face any damage due to rain or wood worms. The steps inside these woods has been a nice way to climb the mountain and also there has been two supports on both sides of it that is making the entire road and the path more enjoyable that one can ever be think of. In among these steps there are beautiful mid sized plants, which have been growing for sometime and from between them some plants are green and some are red in color. She thinks what can be the reasons for this? Most of the times in  year , sun is absent , only the part of ray has been there and also perhaps some plants have the characteristics to be seen in such way and for this could be the reason. In the mean time the sky and the horizon seem to be brighter as it is evident that, one of the left mountains is now 80 percentages visible there. It seems from there, that on the top of it there are many trees at one point of time, now surprisingly the top of this mountain has no trees into it. 

It is a shame, the people are cutting trees, only for their livelihood and in this manner, they are removing part of plants from there and thus damaging the environment, by cutting trees and she feels hurt at it and her feels as if someone is cutting her limb. She is now depressed at this state of affair. She is now watching that mountain from a close range and realize that most of the trees at the top part cut and how are it happened within a shortest possible of time? She has been watching these mountains for a long time and she realizes that, it is there yesterday, From a distance she cannot clearly realize what is the reason behind this, but, definitely something is being built there, it is like that of a light house, a white structure, that is stand tall and is being built, as it is half built sol to calculate what is this, is a strange matter but, she seems to be making idea from there. The mountain she is looking at and the point of concentration is the smallest in height, in fact it is half of the size of height from other mountains and they’re something nurturing there, and may be that of either light house or wind mill.  Then, she thinks, if it is a wind mill then the power that shall be connect with it will have to be a longer wires as the township is not there and for this is not at all beneficial, and as at the opposite side of mountain there is sea the vast one, so the viability of wind mill will not be there, so it is now clearer that, there is no wind mill on the top of that smallest mountain. The other option for her now is to think about light house.

There is the sea at the other side of mountain, in fact, the ocean as she thinks first as a sea, at one point of time, when her father tells her that, it is the ocean, so vast and many times bigger than the sea. So, it will be a light house , a perfect for boats and there are news that , somewhere in this election year , one port , which is the demand for residents of that area , needs to be there and for this , the light house is a must and that is why , it is there and in the process. What is really giving pain to her is that, the light house can be there, with a cement structure, somewhere in among that place, without cutting innocent plants out there and for this, it is essential to understand the nature and makes the glory of it and worship it so that you will not ever cut any innocent trees, remember trees have the life and if someone hurt them and cut them they do feel pain, though they cannot speak and shout. As the most cleverest animal of earth , human will have to preserve nature and glorify it to the tune of highest acceptance and respect  so that no one will ever cut across any trees in future for what so ever any necessity.

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