Shades of tears

Night has just been in the midst of anguish, where the historical happenings coming to her mind like the sequence of events and with it she cannot distinguish between the real and the myth.Shades of tears rolling from her big eyes, though she is sleeping, it is the biggest night, as she cannot think beyond it and it is not finishing, she is waiting for dawn. The bond with him and the spots of friendships is still immersed in her mind and that revives from time to time, and lets her understand the perfect path of life that cannot be embedded within like the source of HTML. The folder of her thoughts has never gone beyond the perfect opening and she is still searching for it, and is absolutely clear about it that one day she will be finished and the memory of him will go with him altogether. Hey thought account is nevertheless needing authentication from him, but the authentication part is not in good shape as it is still continuing to be authenticated a long drawn separation from him.

It is very difficult for a girl to bear the pain of separation , it is beyond her imagination as she thinks the relationship as a strong and solid attachment and she goes with it and invest her most precious possession and when that relationships hangs and about to be break , there is no task manager to see the services as well as the process part. Life is not running on a central processing unit so that you can distribute it in various ways. It is the sole possession of an eternal entity that needs to be managed and augmented with full strength. Life is not just about browsing the files and folders , it is more than that, it is all about emotions not to the extension of artificial emotion as it can go with much improved life and through it the real possessive actions and its related reactions can he much better proposition.

Life is not all about blue screen of death, it is a complete myth of the anxiety and the slow RAM combination which can detach you and want you, sometimes forever to browse your past happenings so as to say the different archive folders. Countless folders can be misleading and confusing to the last and with it the flow of life always becomes critical beyond imagination. The memories of social interaction have many multimedia thoughts and countless short messaging and with it the flow if ideas and the life seem to be limited to a resistive touch screen where the response time is less. The moments that has been there with him , the interactions all has been there inside of her mind giving the ideas of plenty to her to make it the more and more possessive even after he deserted her , she knows that she had to stay with life , but still to date , her life has gone beyond and it is she which still pursuing it.She looks at the sun ,while seating at her bed , and try to compare it with him , she finds that there are large similarity between he and the Sun. Sun gives the much required resolution to life , the much required contrast to life to make it more vivid and color full. The life is full of melody and full of shine because of him and for this the capacitance part is always appreciable.

The momentary shift can never be attributed to situations like that of an earth quake as slowly it is moving to the deepest part of time and with it the more relevant part is already missing as she is now alone in this long drawn world where she has to live her life in total.What makes the most intriguing part her heart is always sinking with his thoughts , and still finding the sad scars all around it and crying over it , suddenly  she thinks that she could have been the computer, where everything is fine and there is no heart it , so she cannot be sad and there is not going to be feeling of it. Momentary speed due to stop at other thought processes, thinking about him is fast becoming a speedier and faster phenomena.Sometimes, it does feel that, she is at the jungle, where the program files of her thoughts have been deleted or shifted to some other drives of her brain, she had to stop exploring her programme files other wise. It is like copying the same thought folder to a location and at the same time deleting the same folder to recycle bin of thoughts in order to have a greater space for ideas and innovation.

She stands up from bed , and goes to mirror to glance her , she is astonished to see herself there with a pale look at a beautiful face , there are plenty of dark circle around eyes , justifying the meaning of stress and the due process of agony she has been in these torrid and tremulous times. Then, she looks beyond to see how weak she is now and she again thinks of herself that, why she is going after a mirage and why she is standing there and looking at it. Stressful sheer disbelief on the account of it and with it the most agonist ideas that are paling towards it is moving beyond recognition. She feels she is at a dial up connection condition, a slower and pale part of her life, as she had to make it wireless broad band and for this she has to live the life again, which no body ever can able to achieve it.She has to talk about her life and make it faster, she knows that tweaking is not good for anything but it can give her the faster approach and with it basic morality of life will survive. She is regaining her power after proper thought pigmentation and thus there is a feeling within her that she is going to pass this difficult situation with hands up.

Life is not a piece of guest account, where there are all limitations and in order to survive you have to log in with your administrative account. Life is full of happiness and proper respect to all.Life is beyond all expectations, it goes on with proper sentiments and if any of sentiments goes unwell from its posture. Sometimes the most difficult part of life can be solved through Yahoo answers , but still there are part of life which will not able to give the proper action , it will not solve your problem , instead it will make it more loud and with it more and more difficulty can be looming large on you, You have to control all yours emotions from here , with due course of time the difficulty part will soon reside and delete from life forever. She has to stay stubborn and pursue her successful career like Windows XP there for all these years. She is going to stay upright and stand with thorough confidence to cross these cyclones.

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