Life is the demonstration of the sequence of events, going one after another, without knowing the flow of events, there is no such person who can whole heatedly speaks about the true future happenings of life. If future is a well known entity then there could have been many difficulty solved easily and no one needs to be worry of future , but it is not that so , life is a time line and the sequence of events has already been registered here and one has to pass each platform of events in one’s life .There are many undefined entries, which can never ever be captured but it stays within the mindset and goes well with the mind to be recovered through the present happenings, which are meaningful and going towards the most valuable way. In the mean time it is already seven pm and it is time prepare dinner , as no one is in the house as they have gone for weekends holiday , but Elie not , as she choose to stay at home to prepare the education  as she is already in the class eight and in the night she will be accompanied by him , his group mate and neighbor and also their relationship tacitly approved by their families.

Both of their parents has been class mates , and they have decided that when their age of marriage arrives , both will be tied into the knots , but they are still very young and for this , this message  has not been sent to them , but from this young age their parents have encouraged them to be together most of the times and also it is not due to their insistence but Elie and Jack have made of their mind that they both are good friends and most of the times, they stay together , they read together and they have a special bonding. So, when both of their parents decides that , on vacation , on this weekend , but due to commencement of examination on this Monday, they have to stay at home, Their parents tells them that , they will be staying at Elie’s home and also the other home should be locked and guard will be there.

Their parents have no hesitation to leave them alone in the home. They are teenager and young ones, as they have decided about their future and for this they want to leave them some responsibility so that in future this will give a definite posture to their relationships. In the mean time, earlier in the day, both of their parents and siblings have left the city to reach the hill station to have three days of stay there. Before leaving they have advised them how to lock the rooms and gates so that they can be very much safe out there. In the modern times, due to the advent of cell phones and land lines, everyone is always connected and for this there is no danger as one can inquire about others location and from there he can report to near and dear ones. Now with the addition of maps in mobile phones, and most of the companies are offering free download and with this one can use it without connecting internet. You can use it offline for your convenience. Now , Elie and Jack are alone in the house and Jack tells her that let us first close the balcony gate , they go with the steps and from there, they close the iron gate and lock it and then the wooden gate and then lock it and then , both while holding each others hand slowly goes downwards with steps.

While holding hands of Jack , she is singing the songs , she is very happy as she feels the most comfortable with Jack apart from her family and she has many dreams constitutes for him and most of dreams has been the new ones , some times , she feels shame while thinking about his activities and most of the time , Jack try to protect her and she feel nice while seating with him. Then, they enter into the dining room, packaged foods have been kept for them for three days, so, it is only to be added to the water into her and few minutes of heat and the food is ready. Parents of Jack have told them that, while cooking he will be nearer to Elie and will be looking after her. They both sat on the sofa set and smile at each other. Ellie is wearing a skirt and blouse, and she sits on the sofa, she is looking gorgeous and Jack always fascinates by her beauty and looks at her attentively for a few seconds. In the mean time, Elie observes that Jack is looking at her with concentration and this gives Elie the joy and this she stays silent for sometime and let him enjoy her beauty as that gives the immense pleasure within for her. Few minutes passes away and there is complete silence between them as Jack is looking at Elie with a definite concentration and after a few minutes Jack reaches for the present tense and was feeling shame that she is looking at her like this. After that some sense of guiltiness cropping into his mind. Ellie realizes that, and asks him what is the matter Jack? After few minutes of pause, he says that, sorry Elie, I am looking you such way, she smiles, with sorry, it gives me a special privilege, I am indebted to your look dear. We are more than friends, I am for you, it is your right to me, Jack becomes normal and smiles at her.

Ellie smiles at the amusement of Jack. She asks what you looking at me. Jack says that it is something that he cannot describe as there is no word to describe this, as this gives the perfect feeling of joy while I am with you. It gives the sense of life when we are together. It is a perfect time and it seems that time stops and wind pause, sounds becomes mute and it seems that he and she are there only in the earth. Ellie smiles at this and in this manner she falls part on Jack and he holds her and manages her otherwise , she can have a fall from sofa and for few seconds, Jack holding the hands of Ellie , they meet their eyes together and looking towards each other without blinking as if there is something new to them. Then, they both sat on the sofa, and without saying a word they look at each other. Both smile and they have a distinct feeling that is unique and cannot be described in detail. Ellie smiles at him and ask him , what now , Jack says , first we will eat and then study and finish the entire subject once on Saturday and then on Sunday and Ellie as usual always agrees with him and then Ellie gets up from sofa and reaches near the fridge to bring out the cooked food , the only think they have to do is to pour water and half boil it and then pour the cooked food and stay there for five minutes of boiling.She opens the fridge and cannot find the packaged cooked food and then, turning to wards Jack she asks her whether he knows that, where is the cooked food, otherwise, she will be contacting her mother through the phone to know this. IN hearing this jack, tells her that, he knows, it is on the upper shelves of the kitchen. She says thanks to him and then brought the big table , which is in good height and then she tries to climb into it , but does not get the require success and then she goes into different parts of room and try to find the small table so that with the help of it she can climb over it , but cannot find that , mostly it is at the garage ,they have locked the room and for this , the only thing here is to climb on to the great height table. She comes into the kitchen and then she tries to ride on it, but somewhat difficult for her and she is not a girl to ask for help, she wants to do it all alone. In the mean time, Jack observes the difficulty of her and calls from a central room that, he is reaching there to help her.

In the mean time, he reaches in the kitchen and asks Ellie that. He can bring from that shelf, but she knows that he had some injuries in the leg while playing in the school soccer game. She says hold on, she will be riding on the stool and he will give support to him for this. She climbs on to the table and from the dark side he holds her and she slowly rides it and sometimes she loses the balance and inclines, and at that time he holds her with strength so that there will not be any fall from the table. She rises to the table with the support of him and then bring the cooked food from there and then seat it on the table and give one by one to him so that , for the last three days there will not be need to ride on this table to bring back packaged cooked foods from there. After few minutes all these works finish, and now is the time to unite from the table. Ellie says to her that. Take rest as his leg is slightly injured and she can go down from this elevated table.

Jack knows that, it can be very awkward for her to ride down from the table and this, he says that, if she falls from there, besides it can be injurious to them. He stands on the ground and with both of his hands, towards her, he asks her to a leisurely ride down from the bench. Ellie feels resistance , but she listens to Jack and has full confidence in him , and then she give her both hands to him and he slowly puts down her from bench , while doing this , at one point of time both of their body comes into contact , this is for the first time they are close , Ellie is feeling awkward with this, to come so close to him , but she has to hold him tight otherwise , she can have the fall from a height , and there is every possibility of serious injury. In the mean time, her leg leaves the top of the table and now she is in the air, and in the control of Jack and then he slowly with care put her in the ground without any such injuries. While she is in the air , her entire body touches him and while slowly driving her to down , she has friction with his body and it is for the first time they have been so close for some other reason , in the mean time she tries to look his eyes to see whether , he is doing it deliberately , but she feels that , he is genuine and there is no intention of it as he wants to keep her safe while climbing down from high table. All goes well , and in the mean time Ellie tries to go there and  but been stop by something , unable to know she looks at him and find that , her necklace is attach with his shirt and  Jack says that wait a minute and then he unlock it and smile exchanges together and then , they both go to the kitchen.

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