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For approaching afternoon, she finishes her work, two days of holidays and follows Saturday and Sunday, in total a compilations of four days of leave, make her to decide to reach to her parents, living 500 kilometers from the capital city. Linguistics and phonetics is a nice subject and it is being study by her and for this she had to join this reputed university, a far away from her native home , but the passion to educate herself and also due to some rare faculty who has been teaching there. Be whatever the height of an institution is, but the primary factor is the quality of education and how the faculty strength is and so on. Before apply for this university, from internet she educates herself thoroughly at this institution, then apply it and entered into the entrance examination and then succeeded with flying color. Among laws of students she secured rank two and this is really the most deserving part of it. Now, inside the class room the messenger reaches and educates them with the holidays and for this she decided to leave for home, as the entire journey time is more than eight hours and for this she can stay for mote the three days nearer to her parents.After almost three months, she will be reaching there. Excitement goes into her veins and refreshing feeling gives her a complete joy ride. Beautiful cool climate waiting for her there, as the hot weather inside capital is not normal for her, as from hill towns she dwells in and for this living inside cosmopolitan culture obstructing her natural tendencies. Car driving for more than eight hours is not an easy task for her, but safe feeling is the primary motive behind this. For this she took heavy meals and two suitcases, bought some nice items for her parents and being the only child of theirs , realizing the isolation they could have in these midst time , when for education purposes she had to leave  her native place to reach at capital. As a solo traveler, before venturing into driving for long drive, she searched the Internet and researched about this subject in full, and for this better preparation also was done to attain and reduce maximum negatives from this journey. She wore her

favorite long skirt and jersey and light but so that while driving, the possibility of hurting herself never arises out of any site. She wears the watch and the hostel superintendent she got the appropriate permission letters and handed down the room key manager and afterward brought out her car out in the open. The mystical mountain still shrouding in mysterious clouds as it seemed that after a few stormy days, the weather is back to its best and that is a nice time, but sad that even during nice climate she would not be here for sure. Through out the night, she recharged her new smart phone C6 and plus one mini smart phone, Nokia Asha 305 and now sure that. Journey time she would be connected with her parents.

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Everything is ready and she is currently into the car, she has through knowledge of car mechanisms, so if at all and out of order situation, she can completely as solo makes it perfect in a clear cut manner. She sat and drive the car and slowly turns the steering and waves her hand to hostel mates , who are not leaving from there in these holidays , she saw their  sad faces and also they are tired , probably will be taking rest within short period of time. Due to end of examination, and throughout these times, they had been studying the day in and out and this, the rest is less and now they can take a rest. However, as for her, she will be reaching to her parents, that will be the golden moments for her. After staying with them for a few days she will be feeling nice and wonderful and that is the most deserved gift she could have. In the mean time , she slowly travelling through university and it has been a great scenery of this as she is enjoying this from inside of car and the slow movement of building around her eyes , making a sense of astronomical sense as if the earth is circling round it. The sheer movements of buildings give her joy as all these have been circling around her and whenever she looks towards any building that is being connected with her. All these seem to be the in making and most of the times, it is happening with life, with due course of time, the probability of actions and its related customized reactions cannot be measure all throughout. In the mean time , her phone rang, she stopped the vehicle at the side , as she is still inside university and received the call , it is from her father and she conveyed him that she has started the journey and then , her parents gives her best of wishes and they said that they are waiting for her , and she should reach there with care and be safe and secure. She is happier and then sang some of her favorite songs and in the man time she glances down to realize that her skirt in some sort of up position , so with one of her hand she resize it , due to winds blowing from across windows that may have lifted , as she was not conscious of it. The second part is that there are plenty of dusts around the corner and for this , it should not be on the skins as due to modernization and industrialization , many industries are starting out to send unwanted gases to the sky and this is not good for yours health and for also green house gas effect and if those dusts touches the skins ,then it can be harmful and can possibly bring out many reactions and in order to stay healthy and nice she stays conscious and concern.

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She is now almost at the entrance of her university , when she stops the car , after hearing a familiar voice , and then  , her class fellow reaches and ask her where she is going , she tells him that , she is going to her home and then he gave her a best of wishes talk and then she drove the car out of university. One aspect of that fellow , who in first month at university tries hard to get his love for her , but she did not allow him as her own motive and ambition is that , to get succeed in this rare study category , and for this there is no time for love and also she does not want to embarrass her parents ,as being the only child of theirs , she does not want to be at shame , and she thinks that there are many responsibility of her to make them laugh and live a happy life with her and since then  she had been doing this day in and out. In the mean time she come out from university and in front of this is the national highway , she had to cross it , and for this she watched  both sides of it and slowly reached to the six lane national highway by driving slowly with indicator on , and crosses when the automated electrical signal gives the go ahead. Now after some kilometers she can drive easily with a comfortable speed , as for the time being she in inside of national highway  that is running inside of capital city and for this it is essential to look at both sides of cross roads while driving through it . In the mean time from opposite lane one of her friend, waves her hand from one car and she waves it in response and then she went ahead with her driving. Due to capital city, after certain points there has been stop and go approach and for this it has been taking some time to cross the roads, but she is in no hurry for this. After crossing almost four squares and similar stoppages all throughout, finally she reaches the downtown, and from now on there is no bar on normal speed and stoppages of vehicles, and for this she is now more than happy. In the mean time one humps at the road is there , but she can not watch it , though vehicle speed is not much first , and for this , still she jumps from her seat for some height and that is a reminded to drive carefully and for this she is now more careful .

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During this sudden jump from her seat , as the result of humps , her jersey feels not so comfortable and it does seems to her that , everything is just been not in perfect order and from back side it is apparent that , her strips has been loosening and thus giving her the more burden to her shoulder and for this she had to be careful while driving. The jump also makes her not comfortable as her back collides with the side seat and thus making her liner separates but still she can adjust to it and now she is in more concentration with driving and for this she decide to listen to her favorite songs so that her mind should be staying cool and perfect for this. Being a girl, she had definite limitations in her apparels and in order to solidly hold the steering she had to be properly in tight with her shoulder and also as good control of her body and mind. Now after some moments, she saw that , there is no vehicle , and traffic is lesser than normal , she then stops the car and close the windows , and then  make comfort of her with proper arrangement of dresses and also she bring out one towel from her brief case and kept it over her knees so that her skirt remains in good shape, then she started the car and began the journey.  With songs in the vicinity , she drove through the cities after cities to reach her native city after eight hours and then drove through her home town and pretty excited about seeing this , as after so many days she is returning here and feeling that every town is looking small and all persons are smiling at her a brilliant place that is called as native one.

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