Pride and Prejudice:3

After taking light food, detective ittech is back again to investigate the most difficult case of his life, he is determined to solve this and for this, his mind is running in many directions with each way giving some vital clues, but the problem here is there are almost more that 50 persons in this mansion, including owner’s family and attendants. The first is to talk with each person and find it out who can be bracketed in suspension category.

Many a times , in a blind case , the real clue and indication towards solving the case lies with you , so it is high time to analyze all the trends in equal manner and then try to find out who is the real culprit is. On the next morning detective ittech calls all the members inside the large hall, which is very big with plenty of decorative pieces on the wall, making it more beautiful than ever before.

These are some of the rarest pieces of artifices and all these tells the story about the pride and the prejudices attached with it and signifies the boast of the situation which can be the most prolific understatement of the art, least to say, but at times some of the paintings have been painted with such an ultimate artistic beauty that can never ever be touched or manipulated. The color combinations and other fantasies that one art mostly derived of is to the great extent the more passionate form of expression that once can at any point of time thinks to the least of it.

The way the wind and the sun are expressed in that portrait has been one many facet of emotions with each of its way can never ever be separated with. In the mean time, most of the persons reach at the central hall and the officer also reached and smiles at ittech and then officer asks all the persons to seat in the chairs, it has been seen that, 20 persons seat in the chair and other stand and this signifies that the other persons are attendants and house workers and then, the entire proceedings are being video recording by ittech and he is doing some of the most prolific and wonderful work, there.

The head of the family is about 85 years old and he is strong and he himself recognizes me to all the persons standing there and then there are plenty of conversations and other methods in which, ittech try his best to unreels the hidden behavior of the persons. In the mean time he comes to know parents of the girl, who died recently, and till to the time it is not established that, whether it is a murder or homicide. Ittech calls the parents of besieged girl to a separate corner and tell officer to give the entire person the questionnaire which ittech has prepared a total of ten questions to all of them and get the answer from them within ten minutes.

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Then , parents of dead girl and ittech go into a separate room and also tell the officer not to let any one enter the room without ittech permission and then , he asks them to seat in the front chair , but they stand there but ittech requested them to seat on the chair . Then, he asks them to tell more about their dead girl, her habits and her significant features in her life, and requests them to tell them the truth; otherwise, the truth can be generated, from some other sources and for this, it is better to tell the truth and also all the most important event in her life so that, there should not be any second thought on this.

Ittech gives them glasses of water and then after a pause the male parent starts to tell that her daughter is a brilliant student , but due to onset of poverty she cannot complete her studies and in the meantime they get the most decent job at this mansion and the only problem is that , it is far from the city and in a very isolated place and for this , he has to reach here with his family , which composes of he and his spouse and only daughter , they have no other children. For this , and the owner is a nice person , he gives them the nice quarter and also ob to all , as he is a gardener and his wife clean the utensils of the kitchen and his daughter are the tutor of grand daughter of owner and also the most prominent part is that the owner of the mansion also arranged for a nice offline study for her and also after completing her much deserved graduation , she has appeared for government job and there , she receives the intimation letter and she is about to join the training within two weeks ,when this incident occurs to her.

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This is the most prominent lead that ,the ittech ever has , as he is searching for the most reasonable cause of this incident that ever happened here and for this , now , he is to find the real cause , who is going to affect with , after the dead girl joins the training period , it is to be analyzed properly. The small eyes of ittech is now blinking, as it is getting the real hope from here, but then it is a matter to suspect each person, be it parents and for this ittech is asking them to show the intimation letter to join the government job of their daughter, and then , with permission the male parent goes to his room , and in the meantime , ittech stands up there and go into one corner of the room and there , he telephone to officer to send one righter with male parent of dead girl to watch him closely and in such manner that the male parent cannot know that he is being watched and tracked and this order executed and then , ittech returns to his seat and in front of him , the female parent of dead girl is sitting there.

Then ittech asks her that how is her girl, the female parent of that girl is crying since the day the incident occurs and it seems that she is almost blinds herself with continual crying at that stage, she says, that her girl is a diamond, she is brilliant with education and also she is very somber and she has no boy friend, she is with brilliant character and equally she is caring of her both the parents. She is the wall of theirs and they are pretty sure, she is not going to kill herself as she likes her parents madly and for this she is pretty sure that she has not done suicide, it is the murder for sure and for this, it is better to look this case.

Ittech then asks her, is she suspecting any persons, after a prolonged pause, she says that, two attendants try for some time to offer their marriage proposals to her, but she out rightly negates them as her only motive is to get a good job and then improve ours life and also she wants to serve, her parents and she wants to marry such persons as her parents bring to her, she is in favor of arranged marriage, and for this she is suspecting maybe it can be result of one sided love , or whatever can be , she is also reiterated that she is no absolutely te sure of this , this incident is analyzed by both husband and wife and they after seeing me , in the earlier situation , decide to say it to me.

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I am surprise to know that even illiterate persons know about me , she expect my expression and tell me that , her sister tells them about us and also she has fear of her life but after so many questions , she has not revealed the real reason behind her apprehensions of life as she time and again says that , we shall call , detective ittech and then she is going to share with me something secret , to me , but in the meantime , on that morning we decide to reach to the city by taking leave and then in the dreaded night this incident happens , as due to her education , in seeing this the owner of mansion gives the adjacent room to her , and she has use this in proper study.

This shows that in this huge mansion, there are some prides and plenty of prejudices attach to the entire system and it is high time to reveal the mystery by searching for the right nod.

The case is becoming a mysterious one with each passing phase , there are numerous leads but no solutions and in meantime meantime the male parent reaches to the spot and then , he shows with a deep hurt expression the intimation letter of her daughter’s job letter and this is the most defying and hurting situations for him , it is like digging the deep wounds , but I have to do , though it feels me immensely while seeing the expression of a hurt father and then ittech check the veracity of that letter , by telephoning and then sending the scan copy of that letter and then , after few minute it is confirm that the letter is true and this gives the sense the truth speaking of parents of dead girl. Ittech says to them thanks and also gives them assurances that soon, the killers of their beloved daughter will be inside bars and to be trying under court of law.

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