Pride and Prejudice-4

It is a nice evening, after a hectic schedule, it is time to take some rest. For ittech work is Lord of the Universe and for this , he takes only ten minutes of rest and then within those specified time , he shaves, and then finishes his chores and then within five minutes he takes breakfast and then brings the note , that is being prepared by him to make the complete list and then he is back to business and then reached at the central hall and says to all the inmates of mansion to take the break and eat food and then finish the chores and then , he calls the father of besieged girl to come alone in a separate room.

The saddened father reaches at the room and there, from earlier officer is there and then, ittech the multi talented detective reached at the spot and then, the father shows her daughter’s service joining letter, and the authentication checked by ittech through various means and it took almost 30 minutes to do so. After checking the authentication of this letter, it is confirmed that, it is a nice government job with a nice salary and why the hell the girl is going to do the suicide, as her ambition is to take care of her parents in a nice manner and with this nice salary, their ambition is going to be fulfilled within specified period so why a sudden halt to this? With each solutions , here there are many untold stories are intact to this and with each solutions there are plenty of unanswered questions and slowly this case is fast becoming a brilliant case of unsolved puzzle , where no way out is still not seem.

Then, ittech asks the father to, leave the room and advise him to take rest and stay as sound and healthy at that stage. Ittech mind is revolving around many facets and suddenly, one thing strikes to him, if that girl leave the mansion, so as with him his parents, so there are three people will not be there at the mansion so, is there it is going to be some sort of disturbances in house work of mansion as if this can strike to the owner’s ambition as the girl is like the personal maid to owner’s girl and also her parents are doing some really important jobs inside mansion, so is there any case of doubts inside , that owner is not happy with this.

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The another point is that, owner himself allowed the daughter of those parents to have a good look at education, then why he is going to hurt and kill that girl, on the other side at one side of devil’s advocate, there is every chance of it is that, it can be such that, the owner allows education to that besieged girl only because, the patents have made the sole condition that, the owner of the mansion allows for education to their daughter as they want both parents to work their as it is true that , it is almost difficult to get the people to work here , as the location of that place is such that , it is isolated from the rest of the place and also it is far away from other lands and it is near mountain and there is no such civilization is being cultured here, this place is isolated and it is at a stand in place and for this , it is almost impossible to get people here. Ittech talks with officer.

Who is looking attentively without making sound to him , as he is for sure that detective ittech thinks about something special and for this , he thinks it is better to watch and then ittech tells him the thought process that is been in and around in his thoughts and tells that it is better to have a straight talk to owner of the mansion and for this it is nice to talk with him while he is alone , not in front of all the inmates and his workers as this can be a straight insult to him and for this , the officer tells ittech that he is going to manage this and will soon within 30 minutes , take time to have the strait talk with owner of the house and for this it is a nice statement and ittech is now concentrating , how to talk with owner of the mansion and there are plenty of process and threads into his mind , and it is time to associate and collect all the information so that all can be united in strait manner.

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Then, detective ittech decides to go to besieged girl room again and search more and more so that any more clues about the lifestyle of that girl can be known at best. Then, ittech calls officer through phone, as he is about to reach at owner’s suit, and then he tells him for the time being, the officer shall not call him as ittech wants further investigation into this case, and it is for the time being not good to accuse or question the owner of the mansion and he says we shall reach to that girl’s room. Both officer and ittech is going towards the murdered girl’s room and it is at the south side of mansion, the mansion is a huge and it is a half of a kilometer walk inside the corridor to reach there, as the case with , ittech has the shoes that are made of Italian leather, and it has the specially how you walk in speed.

It is not going to hurt you to the least and for this there is no sound on the part of ittech while walking through corridors which are full of rooms of house maids , and ittech wants to listen is there any such reaction to this incident and for this he is walking with slower speed. The problem is that the officer’s boot is creating the sound and for this ittech calls him to pause for some moment and requests him to wear the boots, which he gets from his detective box as it is not going to do any such sound and the officer happily receives it as he is very fan of ittech and he wants to be a detective like him the successful one, which till to date, he has not lost any such case. Within two minutes , officer wear the shoes and now there is no sounds while they slowly walk into the corridor.

And also , they are not talking a word to one another , and at some point of time , after walking for a distance , it is the pride and prejudice , that they are crossing the mansion and suddenly they see that even at three am in the morning , there is one housemate room , where the light is on , this is surprising , considering the fact that , the workers should sleep at night to have a fresh mind in the morning and for this it is essential to watch and see what the person is doing, but it is not nice to call him through the knocking of the door as it can alert that person and this is not going to do nice for investigation and for this ,it is time to open slowly the room to have the glance of it , and at the same time.

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Detective opens the most modern video camera from his ittech detective kit, the video camera is from the most famous brand and then it is tweaked by ittech to perform better and it is very easy to take the screenshots and for this ittech , prepares himself and then requests the officer to take the screenshot and the videos after opening the room. In the meantime the officer is ready to break the door by going to a distance and then starts running towards that room , then detective ittech stops him as he does not want the inside people of the room to know what they are doing , a smarter move and detective ittech tells him with whispering voice , he can open the door , while the insider of the room cannot know what is going on , and it is high time the officer calls the four writer inside there and they shall not let inside any person in this corridor for some time.

It is hardly five minutes of time to do this job. The officer is dumb founded and he is still guessing what is the next step of detective ittech is going to happen, a surprise indeed and it is the unique part that all praise ittech, as he has never lost a single case still to date, a surprising but true to his hear, a plenty of appreciation for ittech, but detective ittech is busy in preparing opening the door.

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