How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?

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Health issues are prevalent everywhere in the society, whatever the development the society has been witnessing, still, you find in many areas there are some grey patches, where the critical to normal health problems have been there. In the developed societies, there are health problems and in the poor countries, health problems are there. In the history channels, it has been reported that, In US, fat people are prevalent due to change in their lifestyle. Health concerns germinate from these traits, so control all these factors before it goes out of hand. In another program, it was emphasized on the factors of being active throughout the work.

Basketball game in among office hours between the employees to make them fit and sharp mind. Two hours in front of computers should be right for you before significant rest to and for this basketball game is the perfect fit to get energies the mind. The total efficiency increased to a vertical level when you observed these traits while in front of the computer.

When Ittech was a small boy, his father was posted at a hill town in Tensa and there the climate was so cool and severe as many times impossible for Ittech, who was at the standard eight at that time, to bear and for this, skipping of half-yearly examination of him, due to bad health in extremely cold conditions.

It is town situated at the top of the mountain and it is a hilly town, and here the clouds hover inside the town and when someone walks inside the roads, which are made from iron ores and that is why the roads have been very strong and with clouds touching you and many times making your shirt in wet conditions, a different feelings for you.

Since childhood, Ittech has been acquired with many diseases, but he is not so weak but still, he continues to have the more that one disease from time to time, and this time they arrived at this hill town, which is considered cool and that makes the life difficult for him.

With predominantly tonsillitis problem that has been there for him since childhood, on the other hand, at the age of ten, and with cool climate as an attachment, this comes to attract him in the great sense and this makes the life difficult for him.

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With the increase of cold the tonsillitis increases and that makes his health difficult to manage and bear. In that small mining town, there was a hospital, that was nearer to school, which one is a big enough and I some article I shall be writing about this school, and then comes the hospital, which is just after the school.

Many a times, small children, fears the back side of hospital, as they think that, there are evils residing inside the back side of hospital and for this they tend to avoid the back gate of school, some students acted that they have seen some ghosts and for this they advise other students that they should not be going out from the back side of the gate, and this is truly not known to be good here.

Sometimes, when Ittech was well enough he tries to go through the back gate in the four pm, when the school finishes, surprisingly at that time, the entire town is already with the darkness due to clouds and other climatic conditions prevailing there, as with more and more of clouds throughout the year , the sun never rises in that hill town and with the arrival of four pm the night sky starts to begin and when for the first time the ten-year-old Ittech tries to go through the back gate, and he thought that someone is walking in the dark and with this he became more and more tune to the fear.

When , Ittech advances for the first time to the back gate of school, to reach the A zone where his home, as from the back gate it is almost one-tenth of the distance compared to the main gate, but when he saw that , there is something in the tune of a something that is in a dynamic stage, he ran fast and ran at a time to the front gate and he decided not to speak anything about it to anyone as he thinks that classmates may irritate him with this and for this he determined to not to say anything and anywhere at it.

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In the meantime on a Sunday family travel cancelled due to health concern of little Ittech and for this, the ten-year-old has to be taken to the hospital. It is a nice place there, and he likes it as alone he is afraid of going there and now with his daddy, he can go there, as he considers that, his father is the mightiest person in the world and for this, he is not scared at the least of thing.

He told his daddy, that there are some persons who cannot be seen but are moving as classmates are saying so, and he did not mention his own experience as he was afraid that in earlier times his parents have denied him to go through that route and for the first time he had not heard their words and for this he was very tense.

The times and again told his father that we should not go to hospital as there are some evils are moving here and there, but his daddy said to him and assured him that he should not be feeling fear, as he was there and he can fight with these evils and let them go out of the place, so his daddy assured him completely that, he should not be feeling awe at this and him is with his daddy and nothing to be fear about it.

He told him to close his eyes as the region of hospital approaches. In that hospital, his father’s college friend was there, and he is the doctor and he told him that, in that time, there is no need for the operation for tonsillitis and he should go for the series of Penidure injection as the substitute for operation.

This was the conversation did a week ago, as with increasing health problems of Ittech, his daddy was worried about it, as he was a good student and in fact he secured number one in the class, each year, without a halt, it was the greatest of achievement for him no doubt of this but due to health problems he was hardly able to read for more than four months in a year , but what is surprising many is that , even in those years, he was able to perform and manage the education within specific guidelines and for this he was able to secure highest marks till standard eight and for this his father was worried as with due course of time, the pressure on education will be on higher side.

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For this he is desperate to go on for proper curing of tonsillitis of his son and for this, he has opted for modern treatment, like that of instead of operation, the cure can be done for seven pain door injection, which was discovered during that time and he is so happy that he is able to do it for his son the latest in medical science.

This is what the modern health care system is all about, here one can fear for tonsillitis operation, in turn there is the alternative route that is there for treatment of tonsillitis, that is to go for these series of pain door injection as if my memory supports, for sure, it is within a week and especially on Sundays, Ittech had to go with his daddy to take this painful injection.

So, that was Sunday and the process of pain door begins, the syringe itself is comparatively huge to normal syringes, and the contains seemed to be not as liquids but as some somewhat white materials, just like talcum powder substances and this injection has to be given at the buttock and it is very painful and so much so that his father feels the pain himself.

Then, he had to be carried by his father, as this is so much pain that he cannot walk all by himself and then into his home, he had to sleep and then hot water treatment at the Penidure injection area.

I hope in the present times, the cure of tonsillitis, would be more easily, as the operation is itself painful, and if someone goes for Penidure injection series, then that is also painful and for this more advancement of medical science needs to be undertaken to find the most preferential part of treatment where the basic treatment of basic health hazards like tonsillitis could be healed without so much pain from either side of treatment.

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