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How does Modern Healthcare touch lives

Health issues are prevalent everywhere in the society, whatever the development the society has been witnessing, still you find in many areas there are some grey patches, where the critical to normal health problems have been there. In the developed societies, there are health problems and in the poor countries, health problems are there. In Continue Reading »

Nothing is impossible

This article is from real time experience, which, I had been seen and feel. During early nineties, and precisely during 1992, when my son faced severe ragging in one of the most reputed engineering school, he had to withdraw his studies for four years. He was in severe stress condition. During that time, one of Continue Reading »

Pride and prejudice: seven

It is noon, detective ittech is moving inside small jungle that is at the foot of the shining hill, ittech is carefully moving here and there, he is expecting cruel animals or people who are crueler in mind residing there and for this he is extra careful. Ittech is expecting something wrong here and something Continue Reading »

Pride and prejudice: six

It is a cool morning and there is heavy chance of getting into snow fall as the climate is now moist with crispness and the coolness inside the environment cannot be challenged and in the meantime detective ittech, just goes outside the mansion Pride and prejudice and when ittech goes out, this is not for leisurely purposes Continue Reading »

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