The pride and prejudice: 1

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It was Sunday evening, heavy rain out in the sky, less people are wandering here and there. Lightning in among is striking at a great space, and it is certainly making the entire atmosphere very frightening. Detective ittech is seating in his office and in the meantime water sprinkling into his office and he certainly realizing the occasion, get up from his thought and close the window. In the meantime , it is sad that cable connectivity is off , and it is rightly so as due to torrential rain , it has become almost impossible to control the electricity , but luckily there is enough connectivity here so nothing to worry about it .

He is feeling boring and for this, it is inevitable to dissolve his mind in some other issues and for this, he is constantly connecting telephone to cable connection office, but he is not successful as they are not receiving his phone call and for this it is now, seems to be a very boring situation for him. In the meantime his mobile gives the ringtone and it is on his table, so he runs towards it and then receives it. From the other side, the police officer called him and asked him for help in a critical case.

He told ittech, the private well established detective to look into this matter closely and also try to solve the case. The case happened in a farmhouse outside town, there the murder of house maid, and slowly the matter relates to mystery. After hearing this, ittech within no time, dress up and before that he asks him about location of place of incident and tells him that, he is going to reach there soon, and ensure that the spot where the body was recovered should not be touched by any third person.

He dresses up and then bring his Safari, and drive through rough path and village roads and then after some time the good national highway road reaches. Now , the vehicle runs smoothly into the road , and before the prominent square one has to go for left curve ,so that , the down town road would start from there. This time road is good, though narrower and with each passing meters, the vehicle had to stop for some moment, to let the other village vehicle pass from there.

There are many small houses , and in among these is the barren land ,the red soil and then a small mountain and then the stiff curve inside road and afterwards , comes the destination , a big mansion , and there is no house nearer to it . It is a solitary, house, constructed nearer to a small hillock and there is no house and people nearby or far away from it. The question arises from there is, why this house was constructed at this solitary place , as it has the nothing to do with any sort of habitats as people if live here , then , they should be heavily dependent on many people as no one can stay alone here , this is for sure.

I reached at the gate and from the window pane of Safari; I showed my identity card there, ittech the famous detective and then the security officials knew me and allowed me to enter that beautiful mansion. I drive inside road of that mansion slowly at both sides there had been beautiful decorated gardens and plenty of trees, and I had seen some gardeners are busy in attending these trees and they look at me eagerly. I try to read faces of all gardeners and their helpers and also try to observe the real path and the construction of these gardens and try to cover each path of the construction.

At one point of time after driving about ten minutes slowly in that mansion slowly into it , one person waves hands from a distance , and after covering some distance more , I realized that , it was police officer , who had called me to investigate this matter . I reached near me and asked him to come with me to reach at the spot, to understand the first hand report. Then, we reached at the main building of mansion within ten minutes. The name of the mansion is the pride and the prejudice, very interesting name to remember. The first word that pops up from my tone is great, actually the building has been built with a marvelous architecture and as the admirer of art and literature, and I could not resist the temptation to praise one of the great modern architecture temptations.

The mere classical structure in which the building has been built was one of the finest here. The building is correctly named as the pride and the prejudice, with its wonderful architectural excellence. There the owner of the house 70 years strongly built person and it seemed to me that, he might be a wrestler in his prime time and his physics is good and he smiled to me and shook hands with me. He smiled at me and probably knew me, and he then told me that, he knew me as I had been solving many cases and most of the cases are from point zero and I had the excellence idea in dealing with this case.

He said I am the Sherlock Holmes of modern times, I smiled at him, Sherlock Holmes had been my inspiration, then I smiled back and reached, into mansion and told officer to take me into the area where the dead body is still kept, as I would be investigating that place and also the outer side of body and for this after two hours of this incident, the body is still there. It is a long journey into this mansion as we had to cross many rooms probably 50 in numbers to reach the maid’s quarter and then, there, the body was on the floor and as I requested to officer, not to disturb any sort of items inside the incident place, and that had been taken proper care of.

I removed every person from the room, that was a big room and in that mansion the room of housemaids also been impressive. There is one window out there and from there the garden could be seen and also that window is a closely knitted iron wire room and also the door is properly strong door and the officer told me that , the door was locked inside and that creates the doubt that , it was not murder. I asked officer to remove all the persons from there and only he and I should be inside it.

After vacating all the persons from that room, I asked officer to stay at one place and then after smiling at him, I began investigating the room closely, and watch that, there is no way, any outside person can reach into room, even after, closing and locking the room, evidently in no way one can remove the door due to its structure and also there is no scratch mark on the door. Then with power glass, I investigated the floor of the room, there is one narrow scratch mark but that was not long and also there were no signs and traces of being dissolved of it.

I checked all the walls of the rooms and then, went into the attached bath rooms there, from there, I slowly checked every part of it and then the basin and then slowly removed it and then the pipeline which is a false one and surprised at this aspect and then open and it and slowly there is one cover after the other and then saw one space, where one person can easily went into it.

I called the officer and then asked him to call one writer there so that he can go into it and find the other side of it and quickly this has been done with secretly while closing the door of that room and then the writer within no time said that after few meter there is narrower road like that of water pipe line so human cannot enter it. I asked him to come out of it and then I checked the water basin there, and realize that the tap was kept open there, a surprising aspect, and it was really not believable that the head of the tap is open, may be some sort of coincidence to start with. I doubted further. Maybe I can get the most deserved lead from there. .

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