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Life is a muse which can never ever be dethroned from the imagination as still to date , there is no from any body and anytime from where these imaginations surfaces. The think beyond part is always the most prolific and systematic fantasy that can never ever be replaced or organized. The probability of all actions and related path is always the better symbol that can have most prolific understatement and all these needs to be taken into consideration, before joining into the most managed deal of genuinely.
Her thought processes, abrupt as it is already eight p.m. in the morning and she realized that she has to complete a plenty of work before taking rest. She woke from bed and she was wearing the night robe and for this she realized that something needs to be covered as , it was very thin and any one can see through it and for this she went into wardrobe and from there , she collected one cover and then drop it on her shoulder there. She went into mirror, and then removed the cover and tries to observe it and compare it with mirror, as should the dress is self reflector or not. She glanced at the back side and realized that the strips is visible and that was not good ,that was not the sign of a decency and  then she moved forward and surprised to see that the front upper portion was not visible. She pauses for some moment and surprised at this trend, but then she realized that the front side of night robe has some additional cotton to it. 

Then she moved side wards, the left and then the right side and she realized that these sides’ strips are visible. Being a beautiful girl, she realized that these portions should not be for a descent girl and for this she covered additional cloth on her body so that, she could go to kitchen and there she could finish the works and then, she should return to her bed room to finish her chores. She went into kitchen and there , she put milk on induction cook top and then switch on the electronic chimney and then put milk on induction cook top , she stood there , and thought about her night’ dream . It was a rare dream but comes to her mind time and again and she was yet to identify the guy who reaches into her dreams. In the mean time it is better to put temperature of induction cook top to 200 degree centigrade, and then in the living room, she decided to have daily exercise, schedule out there. 

She brought out the skipping rope, and then check the both sides of it and see whether the motion detector was working or not, and she then realized that, she needed to put some oil into it, in order to make it movable and for this, she pour the oil into it and check whether the motion is okay or not. The strings of rope is red and white and the both the hand bar of ropes are green in color and she then reached into living room to start the skipping. In the mean time , she realized that , she was wearing the night robe , which was in loose dress and in order to do exercise one had to wear a strong and tight fitting dress and for this , she went into her bed room and open the wardrobe there and brought out requisite dresses and inner from there , and then in front of mirror , she undressed her night robe and inner and then put all these inside washing machines and then , wear the tight inner , though sometimes it might hurt , when you did exercise , but it was better to wear tight fitting inner and then , I wear the specially bought dresses , which should gave me cool and easiness while dealing with exercise patterns. 
I wear a blue half shirt with white dots into it and then I wear a jean pants that was just covering my inner thighs and that jean was expandable and it was very comfortable and then I started my exercise there and for 15 minutes at a stretch I did the jumping and then, reached to induction cook top, to watch what was the state of it, the milk was almost done and then I remove it from induction cook top and then back to my exercise schedule and started doing exercise for almost more than one hour at a stretch. Then, I sat down on the couch and switched on television and glanced at some of my favorite programs there. I was feeling tired and also due to tight clothes , that has been seemed like pasting into mine , feeling most boring , but the legs are tired due to non stop skipping and for this I had to take rest. She always prefer to become slim and fit ,and for this she never concentrate on dieting as she considered it as the venom and for this she ate good normal food , but she always prefer to eat good healthy foods. 
She was young and also well educated to know about the importance of health and for this she prefer not to attend the parties and other friends get together as she knew that , in these get together many a times some sort of unwanted happenings occurred , and that can have severe stress and health problems and she always feels that whatever be the situation , one had to carry one’s weight with so much comfortable that , there should not be any complain about it and also with this yours personality should brought out in right spirit . She knew that, ladies are the most vulnerable and once fell into the trap then it was irreparable and for this she always wanted to have the most descent life and most honored life of her life.  Many thoughts come and go and in the mean time she felt the freshness and the tired that had been there due to  exercise had been gone from her mind and she was now fully fit to finish her chores. She went into her bed room and then she undresses her exercise clothes, and then put all into washing machines, and then covers her body with a towel that had been covering her shoulders and the interior part of her legs and she slowly with care, went into bath room to finish her chores. After finishing her essential chores, she then took bath, and then reached outside with wet clothes and reached into kitchen to have the glass of milk. Then she went into her bed room and their changed her clothes.  
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