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In modern times there has been huge change in the education department due to arrival of modern forms of education. In my times, I had heard about computers and other peripherals, but could not imagine that, these instruments should be fast going to be the most wanted and prominent accessories in the modern world. In modern times, there have been plenty of available resources of education materials and web research materials and for this there has been huge demand for internet, so as computer due to fast approaching e-learning websites. For this scholar had been in touch of online websites and due to these phenomenon, there has been humongous increase of use of these websites in this arena. In this article, you should be finding about some of the most prominent e-learning websites that has been greatly help for many students. In this article you should be finding about some of the most well guided e-learning websites and by using this websites, parents of small children can be benefited properly and also through these websites one can find the real research materials and also can use for inspirations. By using these resources , one can creates a strong fundamental and also one can finish their respective studies , much before the commencement of educational year and for this when the real class education begins , then one can manage and optimize the real resources through some of the most influential and true guides .


It is an educational websites for every age group children and it is suitable for their vital development of career and other online resources which they had been searching for. This websites solves many problems facing by students and for this, it is a real help for them to attain to and examine this website. It is like a tutor for students and for this it is essential to have a good understanding and also for a nice guide so that student can use the resources in fullest of capacity. It is a free web page for kids and teens. The web page loads at a nice speed, due to less attainment of flash and other content and this is good for kids. It has also been grouped considering the different age group of students and with it there is proper classification and categorization of different educational materials. What is surprising is that there are materials in this websites for toddler such as of three years of age and for this, it has been much asset for parents so that young kids should learn a plenty from this website.  Children should log in to this website and then according to their age group they can find the relevant materials for their use. What is surprising is that there are rhymes for small children and they can read and recite it and there are plenty of useful resources in this website, so that child can learn from all these and gain from its experience.

A separate cooking session is present in this website , those children , who wish to help mothers , should learn many basics of cooking and in this section there has been some real treatment of cookery ingredients and in this website one can find the real materials with ease and the manner the language has been written here has been praiseworthy. Here one principal segment is there, it is known as little rights segment and here, children can show case their own literary talents by submitting rhymes, verses and other related materials. There is a nice feed back segment in this website, where parents and teachers can submit their own feedback on any subject and therefore this website has been tremendous in dealing with the basic knowledge version of children.


In my childhood chandamama is famous for children and we have been reading these magazines for ages and from child hood and it have been a great magazine and also I should remember that from child hood I would be waiting at this monthly anxiously to read it and have the vast knowledgeable stories to read it on and enjoy. In modern time, this magazine has the website and it has been in various languages as in my childhood times, it is used to be at many languages and very popular between children. So, children can access this website from any reason with ease in their own favorite languages. It imparts knowledge on small children about culture and heritage and history of this great country through various knowledgeable stories. Apart from this, there are many segments in this website known as learning sections such as drawing, contest, crafts, essays and rhymes. In its fun zones, there are many educational games, puzzles and memory games re available to enhance the basic ideas and knowledge of children. To access all these nice learning sections and fun zones one has to log in to Chandamama.com


It is an educational website. It is for higher group of students who had been appearing for matriculation and higher secondary examinations. For higher secondary students, it had been given ample opportunities in the sphere of arts, commerce and science streams students and for this, this website has been one of the principal managing website where the most career oriented students can browse and gain immense from it. For class ten students, it had been prepared and constructed in view of CBSE and ICSE students and in this manner this gives the ample scope for these students who are appearing the examinations to have a greater and finer opportunities to gain access and solve their problems related to education. This website also gives various career tips to students, and also it produces various sample questions paper for the students who are appearing for CBSE and ICSE examinations. This website has the one segment which gives career counseling. Overall this website is meant for teens that are approaching and preparing for careers. to benefit from this website, students have to log into Indiaeducation.com


This website is for children and this deals with, their various problems and other associated solutions. This website is for sage groups of 13 years and below and considering this aspect, it has been prepared. Here one segment has created exclusively in view of students work and other educational related activities. There are other ample learning resources like that of game science, discoveries, kid’s magazine with download facilities, tales, stories , poems and grammar segment inside it to make and improve various aspects of students in comprehensive manners. The games that have been uploaded here are of nice educational resources and full of education oriented matters. In this website there has been many learning resources for parents, teachers and here one can find various fact based materials out here.   Students can reach to Pitara.com website and can find all these fascinating interesting elements of this website with ease.


It is a new horizon to education. The website is fast loading and details in description. It fulfils academic requirements of Indian students. In addition to this, it has academic counseling, academic guide and academic guidance in detail within its website. It deals with streams related with humanities, MBA, commerce, science, medicals and computers. Apart from these regular subjects, it deals with career watch, competitive examinations, distance educations, career counseling, ICSE/ISC/CBSE, Scholarship | loans of students. In brief it deals with the entire comprehensive subjects that a students needs time and for this the nature of this website has been nice and good.


It is an online children magazine for students in India. It deals with knowledge for anything and everything and tries to present it in terms of entertainment point of view. It tries to bring out the winner from you. It deals with overall comprehensive development of children. In this website, you should find about Play & Win, Craft & Activities, Fun Zone, Story Time, Sports, Ecology, Science Lab, Knowledge, Book Buzz, and Picture Gallery, Poetry Corner, Discussion Forum, Smart Kids, My Page, School Zone, Teacher’s Talk
Parent’s Talk, Digital Dimdima, Anchor. According to this website, “DIMDIMA picks on timeless classics that have entertained and inspired generations of children and even adults. You will find the reviews of the latest best-selling books too. Book Buzz offers you peek into more than 100 books to help you decide if you wish to buy it or not.”


It is one stop destination junction for students, parents, and teachers. Through this system, students can contact and communicate directly with teachers. Similarly, parents can also participate in this program and can contact teachers directly. This website is a completely e learning system and it has been created considering all the young masses of present times. This website is one of  the pioneer of moderbn online education as it connects with DTH platform and also it is more or less most prolific understanding on various subjects as with each case this website gives proper guidance and connects to various online segments and also with teachers , students and parents.


Indiaedu.com is a one stop solution, a single window system for all educational related materials, problems and solutions. This website is live from 1998 and is currently being transferred to another web page http://www.bestindiaedu.com/ . In this website it has been written as “Indiaedu.com is a premier education website that offers a wide range of information on “Education in India”. From best colleges in India to career courses, major entrance exams and best training institutions in India, Indiaedu.com helps you to take informed career decisions. The site also has detailed information on education abroad, study in US, study in Canada and distance learning USA.

Currently Indiaedu.com is being transferred to a completely new domain bestindiaedu.com. Expect a new look, design and range of new information and updates. Indiaedu.com will be the only website on the web space with every conceivable detail on primary, secondary and professional educational institutions in India. It will have everything on preparatory courses, coaching institutes, even in remote areas. The site will also have details on education loans and banks that offer these facilities across the country. Indiaedu.com will also have sections dedicated to tutorials, blogs and latest education related news.”

You can find detail information about educational universities and prominent education institutions in India and this list is so comprehensive that, you can find about educational institutions in each states and this list is obvious and nice. It is a big database of famous and renowned educational institutions of all aspects of learning system prevalent in India. In this website, you can find information about, graduate, post graduate, certificate/diploma courses, entrance exams, competitive exams, university exams of India. Apart from this information, you can find information about study in USA and Colleges in India.

This article updated on 26 March 2013

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