The real meaning of democracy

In vibrant democracies, the political parties play an important role in determining the health of democracy. They act as treasury bench at some other time they act as principal opposition party by determining the flaws of treasury bench. In England two major political parties known as Torry and Whig and later it becomes two principal parties of the land. Similarly after French revolution Jacobite and after liberty of United State, Jefferson’s have created the political systems that have been currently staying in these countries. Subsequently, in other European countries, and their administered countries and then in Japan and later at many countries the political party system evolved.

In India, the oldest political party is Congress and then Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha. In every society there have been many pressure groups and they established pressures on political parties and government and in this manner they try to accomplish the much desired goals which they vouch for. The political process is to get back to power, if you are in opposition then show the lacuna of treasury bench and try to establish public opinion and get back into power.  In democracy, there is a peaceful means to achieve this and for this the best solution is election and in democracy, election held after stipulated duration. Before talking about a sound political system one had to stay back and look into the past to see what is the back ground developments that lead to the building of democracy.  From these back grounds facts one can presume the significance and the importance of democracy and how it can succeed with taste of times. Due to emergence of depression around world economy, there has been rise in the prices of essential commodities and for this people at large had to pay more for their essentials works. Now the economic and financial situation becomes global and due to this, the entire crux of the problems relate to the world at large.

Now each problem likes that of inflation, unemployment, deforestation, rise in oil prices had been controlled administered from outside and for this every major problem surfaced has approximately link outside. For this it is difficult for leaders of the nation to solve this problem and to control it one can unites other nation in decision making to reach at the conscious stage. On the other hand voters and common man wants that they elected political leaders and they should solve all problems that have been there inside the country. Political leaders also give due assurances to them to solve all the relevant problems in time to citizens but in actual most of the problems lie with coordination between other nations to achieve the realized result. Still Second World War, the work of government is less as it is restricted to enacting, enforcing, and amendment of act and collection of taxes from citizens. Then, according to Beveridge planning commission of London it was estimated that government should bring forward the welfare work. Then , people slowly realized that it is the duty of the government to complete and fulfill all the essential day to day need of people and make them due assistance so that common man should live and happy and prosperous life.

Now, in each democratic country, people are realizing that, it is the duty of the government of the day to fulfill the financial, social and security aspirations of common man as a whole. That is why, in each democratic country, the expenditure is on the higher side as that of income. Many a times in some democracy , the party in power exhausts so much money for the development and welfare of the nation so that the country slowly reaches to the stage of debt cage , the black hole of all debts and from where it is not possible to get back into  towards a clean financial system. For this, slowly the difference among rich and the poor are on the higher side and many conflicts emerge as a result of this. Poor are living with differentiation between all the classes of societies. On the other hand, the election process in democracy is a costly affair, to make it more transparent and clear, the money spends in this process in humongous. Apart from general election in five years duration if everything goes right with government at the centre ,there are also many more , state elections, municipal elections, corporation election and village level elections ,that are predominantly going on through out these five years time. In these recurring elections it seemed that the sole motive of democracy is to extract money from rich and ensure vote from poor. It has been in the recent run up to the elections that people from bigger metros unable to reach to polling booths. The rich and the affluent and most of the times the service holders, use the holidays time to go out of city for travel.

Many a times the manifesto that has been declared by political parties stop short of reaching to various people and most of people even do not realize its importance to follow it back with proper attention. Due to parallel economy running inside country and also presence of so called black money, industrialists, many a times openly does not support any political party, on the other hand black money replaces al the trends. In the recent run up to the elections at north eastern state, large sum of money recovered. It is also true that the person who amassed and control the money inside party, he too become leader and that is making the whole process of political organization sometimes difficult to run within. It has been seen many political leaders are from rich family. These trends started in America and now in this country and for this the great amazement and the wonderful atmosphere has been changing with times. So, all these needs to be amended and corrected for the betterment of long run democracy become stronger with time and evolution.  The first and the foremost between all these aspects are that corruption is the most dreaded part of any system and it needs to be amended with proper care and attention and for this most of the times there should be transparency between various institutions between the organizations. The really prudent of democracy is people and for this politician needs to reach out to people with open mind and heart. People should be benefitted at all costs and in any means. There should be no other way out for democracy except to think for people and for this the real amendment to this situation could be when the politicians reach out to masses.

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