Internet of things

It is unimaginable how we have been gaining immensely from the prolonged use of internet enabled devices and also its peripherals. There was the time when the internet was for the desired few , and then slowly the advent of dial-up internet and then the slow broad band and then the broad band , it is now fast becoming the house hold entity with due course of time . Now, it is for many people whom they can not stay without it. We also know the definition of internet as the web of computers but while using this, one cannot determine how it has become relevant in our day to day life on daily basis. With the advent of much powered smart phones, applications and gadgets, internet is slowly changing its mindset and it has become more powerful than ever before with its more and more stubborn and interrelated functionality  With the increase of smart phones and related applications, the smarter use of internet is fast becoming more and more prone to greater dependencies, as with it the spread of internet had been wider and speedier. It is evident that the era of smart device is reaching to ours house holds but still with time the definitions of smarter devices has been changing.

Internet is fast becoming a super highway with each data we have to dealt with comes through it like that of Face book , Twitter and other essentials data servers . On the other hand it did feel that we are restricting ourselves to all these secure parameters as in each case we have to dealt with privacy options and restriction of data and also at some other time we are thinking of about making the link that we are sending to different social networking websites as to make it more and more search engine optimized. All these minor obsessions on the part of ours just make each and every situation that is making the most part of internet more and more obscure and difficult. In my Information Technology class , I had been taught about internet as some sort of intelligent devices , but as it is evident that , it is controlled by each individual and it is not  free for all , as you have to  connect with others to see the information that has been there for you and  for all these , eventually the meaning of internet has always been the most desirable fascinations , something like that of a mannequin where it had worn the beautiful dress but it cannot come out of show room. As I was seeing the interview of the father of internet , when he was asked about how do you see the internet 20 years later , while giving his answer , he responses precisely and said that , he feels that internet should be alive with gadgets we use today , as with internet one could turn actions into automated actions and schedule the actions and also while one could be away for longer distance , at the same time he could also control what it should be at home and also could watch what are happening inside his home .

Internet of things

These are some of the most precisely and accurate tasks one needs to control with internet as application and for this plenty of work needs to be done with the speed of internet and also the through out good flow of internet connectivity should be there always so that, at no point of time one should feel left out of slow internet connectivity. Internet of things is a popular discourse and has been around for some time and it does remind us as to use the entire internet connectivity as one of similar applications so that, one can perform exact functions and orderly appliances with it. Just think about switching on lights with remote, as now we are turning television set with remote, now you can think of switching on the light with remote and for this the essential ideas and the related function needs to be more and more easier so that lay man can understand it and can accept it further for better use of it in case it turns into a habit. That is why the father of internet, in one such interview was talking about the dealing of these internet of things as the habit, not as luxury, as when he was talking about all these one should think that all these are there and most of it are on the show of various tech shows, so what is new about it? So, in short he was talking about the habit of using it, as he is stressing the importance of ease of use of these applications as these applications should be related with, internet connectivity so first and foremost challenge of all of us is that, the internet should be at good stream of flow always so that, whenever you want to have the information, then you can quickly recover at it easily. In this manner the ease of use and also the habit of making it, just like think about the situations of remote when you are using it makes it more and more easier for you to attend and in order to make it habit the applications needs to be more and more easier to manage and it should be such that even one illiterate persons can easily handle this.

Some one say that this application is smarter and it connects the other utilities in faster and smoother way, so what is the problem with this? The proper problem with this phenomena is that , one needs to understand that the applications needs to be used only with a switch of a button not after series of configuration , take for an example of Linux, it is a pretty good operating system for those who knows how to use kernel and  its related other smarter utilities , on the other hand ,  it is not popular and still to date it has becoming the darling of geekier people but lay man could not understand and on the  other hand they had opted for Microsoft operating systems or some others who wants to spend money then they go for Apple , but not with free operating system like that of Linux , the reason is that the ease of use of these operating system , that the user wants to spend very minimal functions to perform actions , as they do not want to run the command to run the music player just like some of Linux kernels has been doing it , they want to perform click the icon of Windows Media Player and they want to see it visually that is to say that towards a proper graphical user interface. So, these smart and cool applications need to be user friendly and needs to be managed within minimal actions on the part of user interactions with these devices.

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