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Help me find my long lost friend

This story starts when I was in standard nine. I was a good student, and always striving for good examination result and the main aim towards this is to succeed always. For this I had to read and understand different aspect of my education through some of most innovating manners, which at times I think gave me the most valuable recitation of ideas. As my father has transfer job so for this I had the privilege of travelling many places while , at education and for this , we hardly stay not more that two years at any of given places.

At first I had some of inconveniences among native students, and with due course of time I feel comfortable among themselves. What gains for me is that I was always a good students and for this, that act like that of a catalyst for me, with this many other students should come nearer to me and ask for any difficult subject that they can not understand and I used to solve them and help them.

My father always tells me that knowledge is like that of an ocean and the more you share it would gain more, so when some one share good knowledge, it will sour into double for him and for this I used to involve in this knowledge management and through this, I used to find more and more acquaintances even in newer places. As I was in such a habit of constant transfer through out my school career and then afterwards , so making friends seemed to be an act that was in built for me and for this I was popular within short period of time.

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On one same day, when it was heavily raining, as my school was constructed within palace of that erstwhile king and it was nearer to the river. The school was nearer to the old city, and we were leaving at the posh area of that city, so I had to travel with my bi cycle for about half kilometers through main road of the city. With pelting of rains , it seems to me that the front of the road is almost not visible to my eye line , and I am carefully cycling and also using the bell ,and in between I stopped using the gears attached to my bicycle.

Suddenly , some one from behind called my name , I was bit surprised, as I was newer to this place and also I was not so person that used to reach outside when I was not in school ,so I bend back wards and glanced , noticed that boy , he was my class fellows , and I hardly ever talk with him as ,I always have the tendencies to talk less during school hours and he smiled back and he was with a bicycle . he asked me , going to school ,I nodded , and he said let us go , and we ride together and he asked me how the study is going, I said it is good and here the mathematics teacher is excellent and the way he is teaching had been like filter proof for me.

We were almost nearer to the school and entered into the school and then into ours class and this time he sat besides me as an alternative seat as usually he used to seat nearer to the left side, nearer to doors and I sat at the complete opposite side to it, that is at the right side of the class, and nearer to windows. In between ten minutes passed but class teacher yet to attend the class and we asked about it to monitor and he said that, he was trapped inside the rain and would be reaching soon. Then, we talked back and after some time I realize that he was the topper of the class and after I came here, I supersede him in ranking. He was a poor boy and was living inside slums, but his parents are daily wage labor and they have been sending his son as he was making good scores and hoping that sooner or later he would earn good handsome money and then their state of poverty would soon reduce.

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He then added that, in his home there is no electricity and he was studying under the street light in night through out and with this he hoped for a good result. That point struck me like never before, I was thinking about my conveniences and comparing with that of mine , as I had the separate study room , separate sleeping room and my rooms are air conditioned , and my parents are caring . Few drops rolling out from my eyes, I was astounded by his living conditions and the state of living and the way he was studying in some of the worst conditions. In the mean time class teacher reached to the class, he was straight into the class, as he was bit late and placed the roll call there and afterwards, he told us that, it was a rainy day so; the school is closed for today.

Then , I reached home and told these incident first to my mother and then in the evening to father and they both have also seemingly agree with my views . In the next year we appeared for final examination and the when the result was out, I topped throughout the state and my new friend was close second and when we met after the result we were both happier to achieve this result. He told me with smile, he was close second and also after that I told him that I had to leave this place, due to transfer of my father and he was sad. I was writing this, when I was in an excellent job full of satisfaction and I used to travel a lot and still searching for my lost friend and am sure he should be in an excellent job, I hope after reading this article on line he should be commenting here to let me know where he was currently, waiting for your comments.

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