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Examination Reforms in Odisha

When we talk about an examination in the state, then we also think about an examination in the particular state of India. Here, we talk about examination reform about a particular state. It is eastern side state of India is Odisha.

Assessement of students through effective and secure examination system, provides, eloquent ways to understand the standard of students. The more effective examination system, the more profound and positive ways to understand the ways of education of the standards of students.

Examination reform includes standardised question paper, multiple type questions or essay type questions, timing of examination and duration of examinations. denomination of invigilators, approval of the distance of examination centers, etc.

Whether essay-type questions is good or bad, whether multiple choice question is good or bad or is it the must for detection of quality of students, so that ultimately in the long run, it will fetch the correct and class, of students merits or not.

Years back, we see the selection examination centers. which are far away from home centers, that make most of the times difficult for students and guardians to stay at those examination centers, for the longer duration? As far as I remember, my examination center in matriculation shifts from Sundergarh to Rajgangpur which is far away from home destination.

During those times, it held the matriculation examination during the mid-April month. In this part of the world, mid-April month means the hottest part of summer. Rajgangpur is re-nowed as a cement city of Odisha. This means the heat of summer arising out of, cement factory makes the study time during examination times most difficult.

With due course of time, timing of matriculation examination shifted to February from April, and this provides absolute relief for students. The question pattern changes. Timing of examination changes to accommodate nicely for students.

Of 50 percentages objectives and the other 50 percentages subjective. Examination paper evaluation standards optimisation changes are the need for the hour. Standards of teachers while selecting watching their meritorious career is important. A dual evaluation system is a good idea. It makes the room for dual checking so that any misses is not going to stay active.

In the past, most graduate students fill forms every year. Now, this obstacle removed. It provides ample time for students not to engage the similar form-fill-up repeatedly. When examination reforms occur repeatedly, this means that continuous evaluation process occurs and provides proper instances to educate and provide good examination reforms.

In brief, reforms must be good for students. with higher merits and lower standards scores. Inclination of examination standards must show neutrality;This must provide excellent opportunities for students and empower students in providing excellent opportunities for students to augment their examination standards.

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