Monthly Archives: February 2013

Examination reforms in Odisha

Matriculation examination begins: Matriculation examination begins from this Monday. The significance of this examination in related to student’s career is immense and for this, this examination gains more attention from students. Six lacs students appearing for this year examination, out of them some are from regular streams and some are from ex-regular streams. This proves […]

Give proper respect to elders

Human beings are rational animals and they are the most clever and intelligent animal. If you look at their physical strength, it is far less than that of wildest animals but due to intelligent and wit, humans have able to control all aspects of mightiest animals. They discovered science, they discovered various paths to reach […]

The real meaning of democracy

In vibrant democracies, the political parties play an important role in determining the health of democracy. They act as treasury bench at some other time they act as principal opposition party by determining the flaws of treasury bench. In England two major political parties known as Torry and Whig and later it becomes two principal […]

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