Two incidents of labor deaths

First :

One died on the premises of Tata Steel and as a result of this there has been tense all around that area. On Friday, due to hit by a trawler, one died on the premises of Kalinganagar industrial estate TATA Steel , he was from Sukinda. Aftermath this incident there has been stiff reaction and on the result of it angry mob set ablaze  that trawler as well as other three trawlers and also they attacked security forces of steel , both men and women , and the situation was tense and as a result of it deployed there. Most of the sites of this now been stopped due to this incident, all these has been taken in view of precautionary measures. Laborers were demanding a job for the relatives of that killed labor and compensation of ten lacs from administration.

The killed labor was a temporary worker of L& T. TATA Steel has outsourced this to L& T. On Friday, in the morning eight o’ clock, when that labor was reaching nearer to the plant to join work with bicycle, at that time trawler ran over him. He died on the spot. But security forces of the plant feared stiff reaction so they took him to a hospital near by for the sake of treatment. But doctors also declared him dead there. On that day, that trawler was taking iron plates from L & T stock yard to the plants and that time it collided with that labor, which was on a bicycle. That accident was so horrible that, different limbs of that labor scattered here and there, an after hearing this incident there was tension all around the plant. Agitated people have burnt that trawler and also two more trawlers there. Then, they also burnt weigh bridge office.  After hearing these incidents, high police officials reached at that spot with three platoon police, and then they controlled the situation. On that time one fire office vehicle reached to extinguish fire from plant, and after seeing this agitated labors became angry again and they threw bolts to wards that fire office vehicle.

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On that account that vehicle returned from there. Police was there but it took longer time for them to calm that situation. Then legislative assembly member of that area came and discussed with high police and administrative officials, and then there was talk among administration and laborers and there seemed to be a compromise on the cards between authorities and laborers as it seemed that administration agreed to pay back one lac for last rite of that labor, nine lac for compensation, insurance protection amount of eight lacs, and after this the agitated mob’s fury subsided after two thirty p.m.

Second incident:

In a newly built in oil refinery at Paradeep , on Saturday , there was a tensed situation arising there . It seemed that one labor died under not so natural circumstances and for this there has been tense among laborers, CISF people. Aftermath of this incident, CISF pathicharged laborers and for these more than 20 laborers injured and they were now been in hospital for their treatments. They had been admitted to different hospitals and they are under treatments. After lathi charged, laborers protested in front of gate number one. On the other hand local villagers are now demanding compensation for the dead labor and for this they were not letting body of labor to leave that place. These incidents happened for more that two hours and after that police reached at that sport and controlled the situation. For this incident there has been a tensed situation among labors .The dead labor was working as temporary worker in the newly built oil refinery. On Friday, he did not return to his home after work.  On the next day morning at nine a.m. inside oil refinery tank number nine on the iron steps, his dead body was hanging there. After this news spread, the villagers of that dead labor wanted to reach to that spot and wanted to see that labor. When they reached near plant, security forces near gate number one never allowed them to enter into plant. Villagers also became aggressive and they wanted to enter into plant to see that dead labor and then situation became tensed. Villagers opposed security forces there and situation became more agitated. Laborers pelted stones towards CISF security forces after seeing this, the CISF people came with lathi and went to strike back laborers with that, there were many laborers there and after seeing aggression from CISF people, they tried to ran from that spot as there were large mob gathered there and as a result of this there were stampede among themselves. This incident happened for more than two hours, and then police reached that spot and controlled the situation.

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From lathi charged by CISF people more than twenty laborers have been badly injured and they were in hospital for treatment. CISF is tight lipped about this incident. According to DGM of oil refinery, laborers first attacked security forces deployed there and after that for the sake of defense CISF retaliate back. That was why they used lathi against them. Also in this incident, labors have damaged many properties of the plant and also stole many valuable entities of the plant. On the other hand brother of dead labor claimed that it is a planned murder. He wanted murderers to be arrested soon and also he demanded compensation claim of fifty lac from administration. Police says more truth could be revealed after autopsy of the dead labor. After that investigation should be done and then lawful actions should be taken after that .In order to control the tensed situation two platoons of police deployed there.


After reading these two incidents , it just horrible to realize that after each incidents why so much reaction from entire labor communities ,as in the first case , trawler ran over labor and that is a clear cut case of bad driving or rash driving on the part of trawler , then why the plants to be affected from this and also why other three trawlers should be burnt with it , these are not the justifications as the case with it , that trawler was not from the plant as the work were outsourced and also there should be a separate route for machine and for men .

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In the second incident, it seemed to be a mystery but that did not imply that most of labor reached that spot and started to disturb entire situations, as we all know working inside plant is itself a hazardous task and for this calm and a god mind is the necessity.

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