Twin City Tender Fixing Mafia

After arrest of members of Gugu gang near Bhubaneswar, it has been disclosed that they had been actively involved with tender fixing mafia operations inside twin city. It seemed that these gangs had been actively involved with fixing of tender operations. What is surprising is that one convict who is inside Jharpada jail is also actively involving with this tender fixing process and on the other hand one more gangster from Jagatsinghpur also been involved with it and thus the scope of this fixing of tender now been extended beyond twin city area.

Due to progress work and urbanization , there had been many advanced word in and outside of twin city and in order to involve with these constructions which are primarily governmental in nature which deals with high sum of money and for this it is invited for tenders from various contractors. So, it is been realized that now these tenders have been going on through umbrella of these gangsters and for this gang wars are also there. The places that include such terrorized tender activities of these gangsters includes rural Cuttack, Kendrapada, Kandarpur , Kishan nagar , Raghunathpur , Jagatsinghpur , Posco and Paradeep.

In the recent years there had been some heavy duty constructions in and around Posco areas, and in order to take these tenders in their favor, there had been active tender fixing mafia in those places. Police able to get this information, after they took four members of Gugu gang, as one of their member was trying to buy ammunitions from one shop of Cuttack and following tip off police caught him red-handed and after interrogation then police able to know that they were a newly formed gangster team , they have 15 members and also they are challenging the old gangster related with tender fixing mafia which had 50 members bigger than the former .

Police also able to find one influential person from Paradeep region who is also a big criminal also been involved with this newly formed camp of Gugu. He was arrested few months back on the charges of murder at Gadkujanga and he was in police custody. Tapu gang, rival of Gugu gang, is powerful and their members are all over these places and it is the try of Gugu gang to displace Tapu’s from these predominant tender fixing positions to enter into these areas to gain more money from these ever extending projects. It is apparent that in the process of tender fixing they had been more beneficial and in order to displace Tapu’s gang from these positions, it has been the try of Gugu’s gang to displace them.

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According to police Gugu gang had been trying to remove Tapu from his life so that they can take control of these situations and also play a pivotal role in and around these areas. According to police they have unearthed the plans of Gugu gang and they have now arrested four persons of this gang. If Gugu gang able to kill Tapu , then they should get 20 lacs raw money , a Scorpio vehicle and each month they will receive five lacs from persons who have hired them , these revelations came from police when they have interrogated Gugu’s gang member .

So, after all these revelations it had been evident that in the coming days there will be gang war among these two gangs for tender fixing in favor of respective gangs . Apart from tender fixing mafia works these criminals also been involved with illegal arms trade, according to police, illegal arms trade had been connected with interstate mafias of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Bihar. Apart from all these police also able to find that there has been two more smaller gangs exists in these units that had been fixing tenders and with this mafias that has been all-around for these great development works some times it should be difficult for contractors to do a perfect work. There are two smaller gangster units that had been worked behind Tapu and Gugu gangs but it had been difficult for police to reach nearer to them still the time.

From Gugu police get some vital information about gangster Safu , but there is no credible evidence against him as police is trying to hard most vital information from them . According to one higher ranked police due to non availability of strong evidence against Safu gangster, it had been difficult for police to get in their act together against gangster Safu. There are approximately 100 members from these four gangs that are active in these areas; there have been 20 members of Gugu’s gang that had been active near Jagatsinghpur area. But there were hiding in and around capital city and for this it is not possible for police to catch them , though they are active in Jagatsinghpur but they have been hiding out in and around capital city of the state.

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Police arrested four members of Gugu’s gang near Mancheswar Chakeisianni and they had been there for more than a month. Still police has no clear cut information about them living there, but due to one of their member get caught by police while buying ammunitions, all the hide outs revealed. After that police able to know that they are planning to kill Tapu of Kandarpur and with this police had a success in finding the real links within twin city tender fixing mafia and their competitive rivalry.

In order to make his gang stronger, Gugu and their members have been collecting money from various sources such as murdering businessmen and also extortion of money and other aspects. In the last eight days there had been eight extortions, murder and crimes by their members. They have taken away 15 lacs of ornaments of gold and silver, and on the high way near Tangi , they had killed one businessman after he denied giving money , and they killed him and tool away one and half lacs bucks from them and apart from these incidents they also took away gold chain through gold chain snatching at one or two places . Then with this money they called more criminals and they stayed at Cuttack, the financial capital of Odisha.

They had planned on Friday to create a big murder as they have united for this purpose. One engineering student created blue print of attack. It has to be remembered that some years back due to tender fixing mafia, in the capital famous Prachi division murder occurred. In this incident, tender mafia Anil Chotray was arrested .The matter was in the court, there has been in the last few years there has been many murder in this regard for tender fixing issues. So, after all these incidents it has been seen that tender fixing issues are still under the hands of these mafia.

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According to senior police officials , they are tying to take Gugu and other members under police custody and then they will try to find out more facts from them so that the entire net that is seemed to be ruling under tender fixing mafia undergoing will soon be revealed. In the latest news four more people have been under custody, they have been arrested on the basis of earlier members and from them two mousers and some bullets recovered. Police is trying hard to speed up investigation on the information provided to them by arrested members and in the near future there are many chances that more members could be arrested and for this they have searching at many places:

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