The Golden Handshake

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In 1789, something knew newspaper as fourth estate of democracy and this was first stated at United Kingdom and from that time it regards and considered world wide. From that time daily new circulation started and at those times the sell of newspaper was so minimal that at 1711, it then considered the sell figure of new paper “The spectator” crosses, 2000 figure as a huge success. On 1739, one more newspaper sells crosses the figure 10,000 and that was big news from around Europe.

At those times, in Europe, there has been very less educated masses and for this the sell of newspaper touching the limit 10,000 considered a huge success. With due course of time the importance of newspaper was increasing and also its power and influence and then at those times it is almost impossible to have a representative at various places , but with deuce course of time newspaper agencies and other representative is on the rise . With due course of time, in modern times many news papers had been creating fake new stories and also they had indulged in black mailing many personalities with it and all these can be considered as yellow journalism .That is why there has been voices to control news papers and for the first time at Holland censoring of news papers started.

At some other countries, there had been voice against sensor and from that day onward there has been talk about pros and cons of censoring media. In England, license was introduces and censor was not there as something not appreciated it as many called it as breach to independence of fourth estate, the media. Still news papers go out of the way and they had secretly published pamphlets and then sent it to people.

When there was the rule of king and industrialists, they think it was not time for them to make a golden handshake with news papers, as they had seen that they cannot have the enmity with this fourth estate. In various manners kings and industrialists have given percentages to them in terms of various ways and from that time advertisements as percentages started and with this some news papers became the way for some influential people.

Those newspaper stays humble and honest, through various means people in power and also elite classes, try to provide hindrances to them, and they were with no advertisements and other sources of incomes. Still, after all these ideas, many news papers sustained with time and stay there and they wrote about many new topics, about corruption and other ideas. America’s “Boston evening post” wrote publicly, during the rule of British there, against them and also through its voices the independence of US strengthened.

One more independent minded newspaper is from France is “Mercury-De-France”, it was against all kinds of corruption and other means and it publishes all aspects of news independently with no political groups. From 1840 to 1850 there has been great deal of change in newspaper industry because of vast expansion of rail lines through out Europe. In this manner newspaper became national newspaper, and their distribution work expands further.

One more important invention is telegram and with this message from different parts of the world reached head quarter quickly and for this messages now printing fresh. Then with Rotary machine, the printing of news papers became faster as within one hour 20,000 news papers printed all at once. With railway , telegram and rotary machine , news papers can now print and publish about political , scholar , philosophical and sports news and with it their power and circulation go wide and then they can get good advertisement those are with no somewhat political percentages .

At the end of nineteenth centuries in some part of the world there had been people’s monarchy as kings had to depend on people’s power and army to stay in the power. Political people no it is the vote that counts much and for this, they depend on popularity and so they go on for popular measures like that of advertisements and other short cuts and for this they sponsored paid advertisements and articles.

There had been good and bad relationships between news papers and political parties. Many big politicians agreed that their own career rise and fall because of the help of newspaper and for this the role of independent and neutral newspaper is vital for this industry. There is always carrot and stick policy, those news papers do not go towards governmental ways they had to suffer in front of mafias and other hard ways.

In many countries there had been false cases against news papers. During pre-independence India, many big leaders have news papers and they voiced their opinions in them and had to suffer because it. So, newspaper should be a sacred industry, despite rise of internet and other social Medias when one can receives information at very swift time still most of the people rely heavily on newspaper to know most vivid and detailed descriptions of any news story.

In India alone daily over ten cores news papers had been selling and this is a huge industry and it is time for them to stay neutral and they can write the originals and then people can form their opinion with it. First prime minister of modern Nehru once told that it is better to have the one irresponsible newspaper than that of a censored one. In recent months there had been many new satellite television news channels and most of them are of English which gives news from different sources as of late there has been heavy debate on the origin of sources as of which you should not know the exact path and the way it is been going on as to reach the level of competitive breaking news syndrome, the news channels are using the path of sources which had been of invisible source and for which sometimes the accuracy of news are in question.

Many a times the discussion are going on one side of the road having not so balance with guests and also there has been side ways to manage media baron , so after huge theory of percentages which we had been reading so far with print media , so it is up to all electronic media to work it out for , so it is time to act and be cautious as we are still waiting for some brave electronic media like in the primitive stages of print media that can run fearlessly without pressure from government of the day and industrialists.

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