Questions to ask before making a career change

Are you seriously considering about a career change? To change a career, related to a critical decision making and for this you have to be strong enough to make this decision at leisure time considering all aspects of your decision parameters. In this time when you want to change your career then it is absolute time for you to ask yourself few questions about yourself. Make a careful planning and through understanding of situations that should enable you to reach at a good decision. It is a critical period and for this each and every aspect needs to be thoroughly looked into. First ask yourself, what should be appropriate for you and what is significant for you? What is your personal aim and what are your plans to achieve these? What do you want from your career? What should you gain from your new career as compared to your old career? What should be your additional gains from your new career as compared to your old career? How do you like the work environment and in the new career ,is the work environment better than the old one , apart from that social ethics and work fascination gains prime points here. Find answers from all these aspects as in the long run these should help you in making decisions and with it you should able to compare your old intimations and ambitions to the new ones considering that in the long run you have to work in that situation and for this it is better to have a good sort of experience with it so that you should able to find the correct answer of it.

Then , write down all the answers from questions written above and then make one clear cut response from it and then prepare project of your career plan with it and then these should be able to give you a clear cut through understandings of all the aspects which you want to get it back from your new job and assignments . Make lists of all the steps that you are going to follow in clear cut manner and then prepare your charts and apprehensions and also positive side of it. So, in a way think about what should be your preferences while joining some other companies, what do you want from that company? Do not go only for sole purpose of hike in salary to a new company, this should not do any good to you, instead you should go for, salary should not be the sole criteria for you to judge to switch to any company, there should be all the other personal requirement that you should able to obey and gain of it. So, it is best to prepare yourself for it as many a times it has been observed that many professionals and technologists has been disturbed by these trends , and for this it is always better to have a detailed discussion and analyze your plus and minus points before making any decisions on this. If you are high salaried employee and wanted to change your job and switch to another company, then this is high time you should think seriously before changing your job to another company as this does not make you feel good and with due course of time, you should not be ashamed of your decision making and for this it is essential to have cool mind and through discussion before taking any decisions. You should not be thinking negative after join the new company as it is for you to decide and reach to the crux of the problems to understand the basic parameters of entire thought architecture so that these should not harm in long term possibilities.

There has been instances that many a times those who are working under insurances, automobile and other sectors and for the sake of high salary they joined  phrama or other related companies ,they had been disappointed at a later time and then they felt that they had done a bad decision and when they want to return to original companies which they had been there , but considering there job ethics those companies  did not give them the second chance and for this it is essential to have a good work ethics and also  before changing job it is important to make it completely secure and understandable so that you should not be at any point of time feel disheartened at it that you  made a bad decision of quitting a job. As in those circumstances even if you want to return to your first company l, they will not accept you as this is the case of breach of loyalty and they will not believe you as they will think, what if after this appointment you quit the company again, and then they have to find the new suitable replacements for this it is important to make decision of leaving your job seriously. Even those companies will not consider your proposals at these cases with lesser salaries and for this it is important to make the decision in a conscious manner so that you should not be in this class of situations at all , at any point of time.

It is not true that, you should not go for high salaried jobs that you currently have but, the purpose of this write up is that you should go for better salaried job after considering all aspects of it, the pros and cons of it so that you should not have to feel bad it if at all you are not satisfied with your new job. It has been seen that with companies that had been given , high salary , they also been giving high amount of work and also high pressure situations and for this it is essential to have to see job specifications and other work scheduling , other wise with high pressure work , you will have to perform at it , in all costs, and that can have negative connotations and for this it is significant to see the work specifications as there are some instances , in order to complete entire work one becomes preoccupied with stress and other anxieties and  for this , they will have to make and ultimately they have to admit into hospital and these are not good signs of it .  Due to high pressure situations in these jobs, the person’s life tenure becomes lesser and with this whole dream of a better life goes diminishing with times. There had been some jobs like concept banking where sales and marketing goes upper hand there you will have to perform or perish and your job and salary solely depends upon your performance and in those services performance and target are so high that  many time it is difficult to achieve the target and for this you only work and due to not reaching target ultimately you will have to barred from job and all these put immense psychological pressure on your and for this it is essential to have a good job parameters and also realize that salary is not the sole criteria of changing  your job , as with due course of time as it has been written above it is evident that , if your pressure from job is on higher side then it can have some adverse impact on your job and in this way it is better to make a complete analysis before venturing out for new job. That is why, you should always want that your old job sphere should be always open at your so for this you have to find a suitable reason to leave your older job and for this a clear cut mind set and a good analytically mind is always a great boon to have it for you.

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