Happy New Year 2013

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This could never ever have happened so far , as it seems to me the real side of it is still behind the impossible barometers as it is slowly taking into ride to some astronomical unitary mechanisms that is making it more and more responsive to adding input that could be more so quintessential to thoughts and its add on parameters. Everything did seem as if some unfinished and not attend able to the muse and each facets slowly becoming more and more clear and common. The moment and its glory is fast becoming some thing that is more towards some unfinished unattended propositions and it needed more and more handiwork to make it happen. The path it did seem to him that it is the wrong one from the beginning but the walk still continues to date as he has to , the road already been decided and he had gone there for so many years and also would be continue going there as if it is inside of responsibility mechanisms. The movements and the tress that had been within the trees , the branches that had been in between seemed to be saying something as the process of winds seems to be invariable not according to its standard of thoughts and magnitude. It did seem to him at times everything will go according to

his wishes and whims and at other time it did changes to some other part as it is the reality , he had to pass it on but had to stay with it and live with it.

Why this syndrome is affecting and why he has to alone perhaps , he knows at best to the people to the tune to the singing of to do most of it and make the every wonderful happenings to pass it on with the muse of something essential that is going to make it more and more positivity with every bit of action oriented attitude as it is making it more and more to go some other way that is not essential but could be the better of the lot and he had to find it out and , make it more and more compatible to the attendances of each and every passionate perfection.

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The way the unending smiles just came about to face is just making it more and more visionary towards more and more unending personality and making it to soothe according to atmospheric environments and other related opportunities. The back bone posture is slowly taking its toll and it did making the whole situation more and more volatile as the health is strictly on the declining state of the action and the only help and the assistance is television and with it most of the time had been getting on for him and the way it is making most of it has been tremendous.

He remembered the Hungle , the character actor from Bollywood , who started his filmy career at the late age of 50 and then he acted in some famous films and he is always has some unique voice in saying the dialogues and that testifies and recognizes his main character and attributes and the great character , was alone in his own small apartment in the last hours and that is what troubling me more often for Bollywood ,at such a big industry like that of Hindi film industry there is no such provision such as retirement benefits and pension and why this has been going on and it still not in my mind to understand it , should it not be a regulated industry where the actors should be paid, and some portion of their money needed to be preserved for retirement benefits.

Though after seeing his financial conditions some news channels came forward and then highlighted this and then some money came for his help , but it was really bad to see some of the great character actor like that of Hungle , has been in that sort of state , where he could not get money to food and this is the real shame and for this Bollywood really had to think at stretch and should make some arrangements for these great actors for their living and livelihood. Should Bollywood see these great actors suffer in their last times and had to conceal themselves inside of a room and suffer the most and with it could the Bollywood other wise known as silver screen stays with silver, so these are the things to ponder for the stake holders of Bollywood.

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Take one example, in cricket, BCCI is getting more money and it is the richest cricketing body of the world and it is also saving the life of many former cricketers and for this, it is also giving them money and financial aid to them and with it they are now making the whole cricketing communities united to the tune of cricket and all had been singing and thinking of betterment of cricket now. Similar things should be done by stake holders of Bollywood.

In this year one of the legends of India cricket Pataudi also died, his son is not playing cricket instead he is following his mother’s career , but in the field of India cricket , the contributions in term of cricket given by this legend player is immense. Though if you compare his cricketing stats to the state of the now , it would seem that it was not good but , we should not as with cricket and its statistics we should be going with times as it should not be comparable at all. Statistics is the reflection of time and the current state of events and with it you could find the real manner in which they work and how they are performing in that time and how could they achieve everything with the passage of time.

Previous year saw the loss of a great actor and the original and the only super star Rajesh Khanna, he died in his bungalow, he was living a precious life there, and he had left plenty of financial resources for his two daughters. He had a very successful career, and career that everyone could envy, a great actor, though his marriage did not stay for longer but still he had good relationship with two of his daughters and also he had a very successful member of parliament career that he wanted to enjoy. After hearing his death I was truly sad in that evening as he had so many great pictures to proud it for and for this his loss and the way he was staying isolated from the rest of the world had been somewhat not good to listen for. It shows that at one point of time this super star had been chased by millions to see the glimpse of him and then at the twilight of his career he had been left alone and possibly at that time the generation had been changed and their choices differ and this is the real positivist and the path of life as life is full of dynamics, as it is not like that of revolving earth, which is always the same as before , just like this new year ,which is like a new year to all of us but in reality it is the same state for earth as it is revolving with same speed and with same intensity around sun.

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This is the way of life, which every one had to admire and find it as most congenial of that sort so that it will make you feel more and more at home with it you could find the real sense of understanding and the way life revolves around you and if that aspect of life had been understandable by many then in the long run this would not be making you worried about it. This is the whole aspect of life and the cycle of life which everyone should understand and the society in general must go with it and help others and get them the lost ground and the honor which they adequately deserved.

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