Fall winter

It is winter, with chilling cold all around. The dew everywhere biting ground and it is almost difficult to venture our in open due to heavy cold. I have to wear heavy clothes to venture out in open due to chill winter cold that is feeling like vibrating to inner veins and this time winter has been breaking all records with its very stiff climatic conditions. I dressed up pants and shirts and then full sweater and then monkey cap and other woolen clothes and also I always prefer to wear nose masks due to problems relating to dusts. Here, many persons have habits as they sweep grounds in dawn as they believe, Goddess of money Laxmi should come to their house and make them happy always. In order to do that, they sweep areas in and around their house, and with it dust should always be flying in and out and then they should be watering that place and then they wash that place. If you happen to pass through that route, then a whole bunch of dust should fly in and out of your nose and then these should be inside of your body and making huge, loss to your immune system.

So, if you go through that route every day, then it is possible that you might catch dusts and then related diseases with it. So, I prefer to wear nose mask while through that route. It is very cold, and while walking down streets, I prefer to listen music through my C-6 +Nokia India  mobile and for this; I searched for its head phone. The ear phone is white in color and it seems brilliant to be with, as it’s in built stereo are not that great, but its music through ear phones has been very nice to listen with. With ear phone its sound environment is very nice and good and after hearing this, it is of like a treasure listening and for this has been some sort of wonderful experience that you could not describe in its finest form. Then, I open my C 6 mobile, then open opera mini web browser with it. I always prefer to see, what the software is given away with giveaway dot com and for this I opened it and realize that it is about burning software. There I saw one link, which says about Nokia software updater and it is related with only Symbian 40 +Symbian Belle or Symbian 60 +All About Symbian  devices. I then click that link and then opened to give away of the day software library to find that it should be of some usefulness for me. Sadly that link is not going to help me lot and then I concentrate on the road , as due to dawn time and that too this winter for this very few vehicles are on the road and that is making my walk simpler.

The music are from my favorite, in the morning I always prefer to listen these music in detail with C 6 mobile, with ear phone and setting to be normal, and that is making a good sound to hear, I prefer to use it in low sound mode so that I should be alerted about vehicles that are passing through this road. On the opposite side I saw two young girls with school uniforms, are walking with school bags, to day should be Saturday and that is why they have been to school from morning, one marshal vehicle went and came very close to them, they then ran side ways, and I shouted at the driver and then the vehicle went with more speed away from them, it shows how carelessly drivers are running vehicles and this seems that they are taken for granted and also if they see girls are moving alone , then their vehicle goes over board and some times they did the criminal activities , so it is essential for ladies to stay back or move to slight left so that they maintain distance from these running vehicles . It is sheer mind set of male that is everywhere trying to delimit the space of women. Then, I walked, very few people are there. Probably due to cold they have not woken up, and they may walk in and around 6 pm and then I change sound track to another song, this was good and this songs gives me goose bumps. After few minutes, Hanuman temple reached, it was a nice drawing in the front and then I slowly walked through it and in mind speak to Lord and tell him about many wishes to be fulfilled. It is my preferred prayer to Lord to reach near to him with these prayers. Then, I decided to listen some classic songs that have been my favorite most of the times and then I slowly vibrating these songs with my mind .These songs are from OP Nayyar .

OP Nayyar has some versatility in music composition , has he used only indigenous instruments , that makes music so soothing to hear , that can not be described . It seems like a flow in moving, it seems like the river Parvati at Manali , which flows slowly and very beautiful sound came vibrating from these. All these sounds making entire atmosphere zooming with joy and happiness and also the climate making entire scene more and more peaceful and tranquil.   Musics +hmv  seem like flowing from some where and making ears sounding with great happiness to start with and that is making me more fresh and youthful. Then, at one side, municipal tap is there, and it is always kept open as the water comes in the morning as I had seen, as I had no more knowledge about this as, I have no more knowledge about this as in my house water comes from in house bore well, but when I see water flowing down through these public taps and they had not been attended with as people who had done this perhaps still sleeping and for this water is still being actively wasted. At some pass, I had seen some rickshaw pullers are there, and it seems that they had been here outside always and also they are using taps as bath rooms and cleaning and drainage for latrines, and making entire area more and more contaminated that it could ever be thought of. As a result of this, they were making that place dirtier as that place was meant for taking water, not bath but sadly they had bee using it as bath purposes.

by +ittech

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