Etiquettes of Sleeping

Sleeping +2 Sleeping Babies is natural, but the million dollar question here is how do you sleep, front side or back side, or from left side or towards right side or legs towards your belly or through your ankles.  Whether you sleep with pillows or no pillows and also pillow while within your legs or towards your side back? Why all these questions arising out here, the prime motive behind this is, one can understand a person better through its sleeping styles. Many a times, one’s personality can be observed through this. Some times you may feel that this question might have some sort of not very significant connotations but this is not right. Sometimes one could change sleeping styles, if one has diseases and for this they had to sleep in some other poses, which they normally do not in the phases that are earlier to their diseases.

So, in a sense you can detect one’s psychological and physiological state from its sleeping styles. This fact had been backed through scientific proof and actions, so all these are not mere hear say, all these had been proved by science. So, in these circumstances, how people sleep and what is their personality is can be easily perceived through their sleeping habits. In order to sleep with back, is normal and this is natural for all. Those who sleep with back, it is said that they are successful and the work in which they wanted to done should be successful at no time. This shows that they had tremendous understanding of their own strength and they are very successful. They are not afraid of other’s bad and non descent words.

On the other hand those who sleep with belly down to bed, they had not confidence in many factors. They could not take any task easily. They could not take easily their life and profession. They are easily influenced by others and most of all, they have very weak personality.

Those people, who slept with right side, are of very creative nature like that of writer, painter, philosophers etc. They are always active and do not waste any time. Those persons, who sleep with left side, always think that they are safe, and they have security. They do not have fear for any one, as they have full control of their strength and they do not fear for anything.

Those persons who sleep with bed cover full on, they should be sadistic in nature. They tend to be negative in each aspects of life. They see the life as some sort of a zero. While starting out any work they think of thousand times, as they are apprehensive of its success and for this they are mostly not successful. They have very unsuccessful personality. Those persons who sleep like folding back and knee, it shows that they feel they are left alone in this world. In their memory they have fear and apprehensions. Whenever they went anywhere and start to work out something, they desperately need help of others. Their married life also has many problems.

Those persons who sleep with pillow nearer to their belly or between knees, they feel that they are left out. They want more love and attention. It had been seen many child sleep like this when they are administered by their parents. In this situation parents should remember that children can be administered, and also they are lovable, so as they should feel sad at it and in this situation if the child is sleeping like that, then it is better to love your children.

There are some science discovered from these sleeping styles, diseases can be known, how many diseases did the persons have should be clearly known. Experienced doctors first try to look and observe face of patients to know in detail of one diseases. Persons should also be alerted about sleeping etiquette +The Etiquette of Kindness  so that they can realize it in real time. One healthy person always sleeps on back side, and at that posture if some one tries to awake him from that sleep, then he could not. A long patient, on the other hand changes sides while sleeping as he feels some awkwardness with it. If a person has body pain and he was with that disease for longer duration, it has been seen that he sleeps by folding his hands and legs.  Persons who has diseases like that of appendicitis try to sleep on back but in order to move hands and legs is not easy for them and some times legs folded near back side .

Persons who have  +Tetanus Spartacus  or  +The Hysteria  diseases tend to sleep like an arrow, body curves from back side and belly came out into front side while they are sleeping. While sleeping entire body waits stays with head and toe area.  Some times from a distance it did seem that some part of body is hidden inside pillow. Persons who have diseases concerning heart, liver or kidney tend to sleep from one side, either to left or to right. They tend to sleep on that side, which feels them comfortable to sleep with and that side should not be given much pain through sleep. In case of lever disease patient can sleep from either sides. Patient then fold his leg from back side and put near belly to have a relive from pains. If a person had brain diseases then they can sleep from either side.

In case of breathing +Breathing Space Institute problems or persons with heart diseases, they tend to stand with wall and put both of their hands towards wall to have relived section. While sleeping they tend to sleep with two elbows on pillow so that they do not have to face that problem while sleeping. With this posture he slowly feels that his pains are subsidizing and also breathing becomes normal. Some times if breathing problems increased considerably, then patient tend to stay at the reverted prayer postures, to be relieved from breathing problems. People who had serious breathing diseases tend to sleep like this. Those persons who have serious lever problems , they tend to sleep with belly on the bed to relieve the pressure of pain. Some times they tend to put pillow under the belly to have more relived from acute pain.

All these are symptoms for diseases and how the person sleeps while suffering through these diseases and it should be considered seriously that one can observer all these and then can know  whether persons has any sort of disease and also through sleeping parameters one can also understand the nature and psychology of a person in full detail. That is why it is always relevant that one can easily understand and know how a person is behaving at some specific manner by recognizing and understanding its sleeping parameters. +MOHAN MANOHAR


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