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Computer is a complex mechanism and it deals with the relationships among hardware and software and many a times with the arrival of modern computers,  and then related operating systems , which had been the amalgamation of huge number of complex coding that enables it to work with hardware  Windows has built in task manager but it is very basic as with modern computing and with the arrival of internet, and now we are racing to 3G and now to next generation of technology such as 4G, the internet speed is on high and with it so as all the misnomers of internet such as spy wares, ad ware and viruses. To day, I shall tell you about one such beautiful task manager which I have been using for over two years and my experience with it and from it you can know how it is working and how it is going to give you rich and prudent benefits in terms of PC security.

The better task manager that works wonderfully is known as AnVir Task Manager ,  it is available in free , AnVir Task Manager Free  ,AnVir Task Manager, ,AnVir Task Manager Pro version . AnVir Task Manager costs about $29.95 , then AnVir Task Manager Pro costs about $49.95 and you can use AnVir Task Manager Free which is free always . There is some small differences in  all the three version . You can find the difference of the three version from here

AnVir Task Manager Pro controls  everything that is running inside your computer , monitor processes, services, startup programs, CPU, HDD , so in this manner it monitor everywhere and whenever it finds something is hiding it lets you know , so in this manner it catches Trojans and stops them and speed up your computer. It replaces windows native task manager and it shows each process, services, and startup programs, CPU, HDD in clear and detailed manner. The most amazing part of this task manager is the convenience and the ease with which it produces all the results in its dashboard, a clear and legible manner and even a lay man like me can also read this and understand it clearly. The interface is nice smooth and clear. The interface gives the colorful meaning and that is most attractive part of this task manager, I am having a great fan of this utility.

In the front tab you have Start ups, Applications, Processes Services and Log table and by clicking each tab you will have different views and the related actions will be there for you and at the footer of the dash board, you have graphical presentations of all the performance guidelines. It guides your windows start ups and for this it speeds up you’re booting and PC start and also it can get rid of spywares and viruses that your windows computers have missed. So, in a way it is one line of the security defense you should have even if you are using security software.

It gives you full information about each of the processes and with its large online data base you can research about any such unknown processes and it can disable and delete any processes that cannot be deleted by Windows built in task manager.  While you are with internet, it gives you detailed score of out bound and in bound traffic as this is very much helpful if you are using data limited internet connectivity as it gives the amount of transferred data in net work connection.

It gives the Windows performance data in terms of numerical as well as with graphical user interface to know which is better for you. It has integrated database with information about more than 100,000 + data base information, so it is almost the guarantee that you will not be missing single process information and that is a wonderful news for you.

It can give you the information about remaining life of SSD drives so , you will be doubly sure when your drive is going to expire and before this  you can back up your drive  and get  all data to a safe chamber . There is the tray icon for CPU, memory, network, disc and battery. You can view the temperature of CPU, video card, external USB HDD , especially I like to display the temperature of CPU as it will show from time to time the health of computer and if at some point of time it is beyond the temperature limit , then it might be such that there is something not correct here and for this you can call for computer manufacturer .

You can also find locked files and DLL and also can know more about it. It is better not to mess with some settings that are not known to you, so it is always good to see and observe and try to learn from it, as with the case of computer, if you with the help of AnVir Task Manager, then you can be geek at some point of time and then you can say a thank you to AnVir Task Manager. It can view and analyses the Threads, handles, performance counters in detailed manner and it is for more technical enthusiasts.  It presents you a detailed Security analysis of processes, startup programs and Windows services , in a proper and the most coordinated way so much so that ,  as a normal computer user can feel many a times performing the geeks actions. It has a brilliant start up monitors and if at some point of time you are installing some new software and that is being installed with some start up locations then it warns you about this, and also it can block the undesired start up guidelines.

Its brilliant start up manager manages all programs running on startup including services, Internet Explorer toolbars, Scheduler tasks with save HijackThis log with additional info and it can permanently block unwanted processes and thus it stops Trojans before it starts into system. If you have many programs at start up list, then it can delay starting of some programs, and thus it can speed up your computer with minimal essential start-up programs. It can limit the CPU usage of processes that eat a lot of CPU and thus your computer stays always responsive at all circumstances. What is most important  is that it can save the change priority of processes and even after system restart it remembers this , as this option is no there with native Windows task manager , but you can find this brilliant function with AnVir Task Manager. You can change the affinity mask of the processes and also optimize memory so that RAM can be used in fullest and most way. It can suspends the most volatile processes that are currently running and also can resume it , stop it according to the demand of computer.  It can run program as services as Windows start ups before user log in.

With AnVir Task Manager you can enhance Windows and also put forward some of the tweaks in to action to make it more customizable according to your need .  AnVir Task Manager can run as portable, can replace or supplement Windows task manager, the flexibility that it is offering has been always a passionate to use this software.


You can get the license for the Pro edition absolutely free. *

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