A sad incident

The minor, who was stripped of her possession, attempted to end her life, now succumbed to illness after battle among life and death. She is died on Tuesday at three 50 p.m. after battling with life inside hospital for ten days. She was orphan, and survived by her grand mother.  The entire district now dumb founded after hearing of her passing away. The hospital staffs also feeling sad of her early demise,

After being stripped of her possession, she tried to immolate herself, and got 70 percentages of burnt and she was admitted to hospital. As a result of this, water level of her inside body decreases rapidly. In the district main hospital, she was given plenty of saline to control the decreasing quantity of water inside body.

After some time, blood flowing through veins to certain part of limbs distorted and also she got infections such as septicemia. After some days her heart artillery slowly got out of order and for this she had breathing problems. For last two days she was with ventilator, given artificial breathing, and slowly she had decrease in urine and her body swells. After some time her kidney fails to function, that lead to her death.

District police officer and his team reached hospital to bring back dead body of minor girl. In that hospital, autopsy of the body should be done and then on the next day, body should be brought to home town of minor girl and it should be submitted to her family. Her last rights should be done as per her family wishes. Her last rite expenditure is to be spent by district administration.

Minor girl was survived by her grand mother, after death of her parents; she came to her grand mother, and stayed with her. She was her support, in her old days, now she was no more, a heart breaking for grand mother. Minor girl was working in a shop and she was earning member for her and her grand mother. She was died a painful death, her grand mother adds. Four people stripped her possession and she had to reach this stage. Her grand mother was with her, since she was in hospital and now after her death, she was in deep stress and wanted four accused to be given strongest possible sentence.

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This incident occurred, on the second day of New Year. She was working in a Xerox shop and she was minor, orphan and was staying with her grand mother. She was on that bad night, returning from her work to home at eight 30 p.m. with bi cycle. She reached at a square, when four persons deliberately hit her bicycle and she fell to the ground. Then, all four carried her to nearby jungle and stripped her possession there.

She denied, protested, shouted, as a result to this one between four cut her wrist nerve. She was shouting, hearing this people who were travelling through road came to her help and in seeing this all four worst persons ran from that site. Then, those persons take her to her home with an auto rickshaw and then they leave. At that time she was critically injured.  to preserve her honor and sanctity, girl on that night try to consume sleeping pills. When she woke up in morning she realized that she was alive, so she again throws kerosene in her body and burnt her self. Then, entire story behind this incident came to light, when she was admitted to hospital for treatment of burn injury.

She disclosed all these incidents in front of district police officials. In protest of this gruel some incident, all over district and related districts protested heavily, block national high ways and also with placards most of eminent citizens protested.  Within some days minor girl’s health become badly to worse and for this she was transferred to a better hospital with her grand mother ,for the last nine days doctor have tried their best medical experience but sadly she could not survive all fatal sufferings she had undergone and she past away  . All four accused captured and had been taken to court by police.

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On the other hand one four accused here, Bharat, pleaded innocence. His family has been opposing his arrest. Over 50 villagers from two villages of Nua Sahi and RafKanna , demanded that there should be through investigation in this matter. They think that investigation is wrong and for this they had performed the demonstration for proper inquiry of this heinous . His father threatened that if administration does not introduce proper inquiry then they would self emulate. Then, they met district collector and accused administration had not done investigation properly. They said their son Bharat, from December 28 to January four, went to play cricket to Rafkanna , a place 30 kilometers from that incident spot. He is innocent, told by his head of family and showed signed signature of over 30 villagers from there and they have submitted this to district collector. Then, superintendent of police met five village representatives from between villagers and superintendent of police assured villagers that, re-investigation of this matter to be done soon.

The distressed girl’s last rite was performed near her house. Everywhere there had been sad state; her uncle gave her fire nears Jhanjabati River.  Minor girl fight with her life and at last lost the battle, and her last rite was performed at three p.m. From ambulance, with her body came her grand mother and uncle. Close relatives are crying and the entire area seemed to be crying with them. Many political leaders from outside district also joined in last rite of minor girl. When, in hearing the death of minor girl from hospital, police officers and their team went receive dead body. They reached in late night with body of minor girl. On Wednesday morning eight a.m. in the presence of police officers, her autopsy was done. After it her body was given to her grand mother and her uncle. Many political leaders reached here, to give condolence to family of minor girl. Opposition leaders demanded that state government should give 30 lac  instead of ten lac and also they demanded central investigation of this incident. Opposition leaders asked for service for sister of dead minor girl, and also house for them according to schemes and apart from that they demanded 50,000 to be given to minor girl’s family for expenditure of last rites of minor girl. Then, they went to the place of her last rites near Jhanjaabti River to give her condolence.

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