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What is Twitter and why it is so famous and there are many criticisms on it but it is going strongly , people tend to express their ideas within a specified words limit and you know what is that limit so I do not writ  that . Twitter says Twitter is all about “Instantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.” Now, Wikipedia says. “Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters”. Mashable says, “Twitter is a free micro blogging service founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. At its heart are 140-character bursts of information called tweets.” Some times with the growing number of followers, the management of yours following and followers does need one office automation and there are APIs managed Oauth tools, learn it as websites or applications that can run on your browser and then it can do the work for you easily. The select all function, that would have been easier for user to mass follow and unfollow has been terminated
due to mass misuse of Twitter accounts and you will have to manually follow and unfollow and that was not so difficult with Tweepi, as you can send one message in support of it and then it will enable your account to use this forty twitter followers or followings at a time instead of the default twenty. The free basic account of Tweepi can do most of the jobs for you and if you want your Twitter account to be run more professionally then you can vouch for premium options for sometime. You will have to register with your email and one pass word with Tweepi as for the last few months this kind of registration introduced , as earlier only Twitter Oauth was possible ,  no account registration , but in these few months now you have to open one account with it , at first you will be Oauth your Twitter account with Tweepi , this means that no username and password , just first log in to your Twitter account and then just cut the tab and then open the Tweepi in a new tab, then it will ask you to register your account , you will have to give a user name and password and from hence , in the next time when you log in to your Tweepi , you do not have to make the Oauth process, again and again , just simply put your user name and password of Tweepi account and then it would remember your authorization process and thus directly go to your manage twitter in the upper tab to reach out flush the unfollowers and reciprocate . Flush the unfollowers with Tweepi are you are following users who are not following back. You can use Tweepi to flush the unfollow Tweeps who were not following you back.

There will be the grid of Tweeps inside Tweepi and the sorting feature currently works for 20 or 40 tweeps.   It will not be using the entire data sets, due to Twitter limitations and terms and conditions, these are the Twitter limitations of APIs that had been in use by Tweepi to avail this service. After following or unfollow 20 tweeps then you can send the text message, just below of the website, even you can change the text that was written there before tweeting. Now from the upper bar of Manage Twitter, you can go for reciprocate, it is a very interesting subject, here you can use Tweepi’s Reciprocate to find and follow back Tweeps. Due to Twitter API limitations, you can only send 20 or at best 40 incase you send a tweet in favor of Tweepi to your account.

Then from Manage Twitter tab at the front to go to Cleanup people I ‘m following, here you can unfollow extra Tweeps, if you do feel your Twitter dashboard is over crowded with many followings. It also follows Twitter API limitations, which I had written above. Then, from Manage Twitter tab go for Cleanup people I’m following, the last sub tab and this is also has same Twitter API limitations, that does mean that you het the list of users following you, then you can use the sorting and stats feature to know the most ideal user and then you can unfollow them, but it is a premium feature with three plans, it is not available for free basic users, this tool displays the people who follows you, not people who are following. It will help you to analyze your Twitter followers in a intelligent manner with many options like that of if say some really not so visible in public arena picture profile are there and you do not want it to be visible as you know , while doing the work your younger brother , may roam here and there, with this premium feature , you can now easily sort it out the results in very easy way , there are also loads of other time saving features there which are not available for the basic free users, but Tweepi has generously give you the opportunity to use  the basic free feature of it , where you can also do plenty of functions without any sort of annoyances.

At the dash board, besides your email address in the middle of the page you will find one tab My Safe list, the users listed here are safe from accidental following or unfollow,  they are highlighted green in tools pages and safe list means the lock is open and you can click individual safe list to close the lock , means  that particular user is now not on safe list. Sometimes the response from Tweepi is that something had happened, but actually that user will be out from safe list and many times the message will be correct.

From Dashboard you can reach to Edit account information and with new improvement with Tweepi, you can now log in with your email address or with Twitter account. You can put your first and last name there and also, you should agree with every once a while it should be sending email updates regarding its new features and information you might be interested in , so keep that box checked and then click on the yellow box ,  Save to save this feature. By using Tweepi, you make sense of your Twitter account and it is a excellent Twitter management tool.

Now, at Dashboard, and then from its right side bar go to manage accounts and here you can add more than 1 Twitter account, if you have, you can choose your default account, to add a new Twitter account , click the button Add new Twitter account in yellow background, then add it via Twitter authentication. Then, click “Request change of Primary Twitter account used for login”. Then there are other options at Dashboard, right side bar, like change password, give us feed back, contact us.

There are plenty of options available to follow new Twitter users, and you have now plenty of options to search particular users or list users and then follow them, in the List member tab, you will get the Twitter list members, just write down any list, Tweepi will fetch and then organize for you and then show it in its common format, then you can click on the Get me that list to find the huge number of users there. This is available to free and premium users, whereas the premium users have more options and easier accessibility to data.
How do I start using Tweepi?

Go here
Choose “login (via oauth)” to start using Tweepi for free
Enter your username/email with your password and click “Authorize app”
Create a Tweepi account with your first and last name and your e-mail (or skip this step for now)
 Start using Tweepi! (Courtesy: Tweepi! Help)

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