Show stopper

The path is converting rapidly into the dreams that have some of the rarest movement, which can be the real stream of action. With moving into the wind and the prosper of greenery is beyond the imagination like the little grass that had been there but now with some red rainy tiny creatures, they are moving beyond the boundaries, and this must be some what like a big fortress for them and they are moving into slowly and carefully, knowing fully well that if they come under any footsteps then that would be dangerous for them. The red tiny insects are so beautiful and their walk is so gorgeous can not be described, it seemed like that of a ramp walk and they are moving like the show stopper. Their legs are tiny and while walking within the grasses sometimes they fell to wards the sideways and sometimes they turn it over and then they recover but one fully conventional part is that other members tend to wait for red worm which has been upside down and they care about it and try to make it normal and after that they walk again.Then, they walk through various water ways and suddenly one toddler, with its tiny hand bowed down
and got hold one of the creatures and kept it in its palm, then with its red color the toddler was very attracted with it and show to its mother and the mother advised to put it back into the soil and the toddler agreed with it. Now the whole cavalcade of red worms, walking, and what a walk situation, it is like some sort of a red continuous ribbon that is moving here and there. What a great scenario this is been, the beauty is itself in the earth with plenty of wonderful creatures and most of them are innocent to say the least. It seemed that the grasses are slowly moving away to make the route of red worms and they are walking like rhythmic situations, and the slow movement of air is showing the gorgeous back ground music and the play back of the sound of worms with the beginning of rain as it sounds. The pottering sounds of rains that has been like the dusts of food grains and it is cool and pleasant to say the least and this gave the real signal to red small worms, to go to their homes and they are now walking at speed and this is very strange as how come almost 100 of them walking in a line and now suddenly they have increased their working speed and that too without any collisions and decision making. I am not sure, they could have decided themselves and their way of communication must have been their but that sound could not be audible to say the least and that was the real probability in these circumstances, I guess with it.

The red small worms now moving rapidly, they are sensing the arrival of rain and so as the small puppies four in numbers, probably, they are also running here and there. While walking across the road, these puppies will come to you and try to snip your toe, I could not understand what the reason behind this is but they are surely like to do so and in the process many of it lose their life.  Due to their tendencies and surprise one really what should be the reason behind it could not be known they used to snip the toes and also when the running vehicle coming into their, they also likely to go towards it s wheel considering it as the toe and in the process they lose their life and most of the time   they lose their life. That is why before few days you would see their number is 4 but after few days it would be reduced to 1 and after seeing this their mother also do not care the one, and the remaining kid also has great probability of losing the life and in this way some precious life reduced but may be Lord of the universe, creating the number puppies at a time 6 so that they can survive one at a time.  This does tell that , Lord also know there are dangers to the life of puppies and that is why  He has provided this sort of number puppies at the birth.

It is also right ,that  the life term of small creature’s babies is very sort as there are every possibilities from their , life due to environmental conditions and also many a times their ignorance. Babies are very gentle and they do not know the dean and bustles of life and that is the sole bad times and that is why their life always in difficulty and it is also true for human babies as they are most vulnerable as they needed extremely care.

Now ,  I glanced to wards these red small worms they are marching and now suddenly they took the most extreme turn and back and why they are returning , can not understand , then it seems and sure for that rain now stops , so they know also and this proves that they have the senses , and now they are returning for their food search , and they are now marching with more speed , and they is the sense of urgency among them to reach to the food stocks , the recycle bins and they will take their food what ever be  and it does seem that they are the kin of aunts , most probably the red aunts and they are walking like that but they are more beauty full and in fact wonderful to see them walking like this. They are beautiful and their colors are so imprinted in their body, this can not be said it out and it is wonderful to see them, they are marching towards their food. They are so tiny, but they know the route and also they know the return route and this is very nice of them to see and observe. Their entire concentration is on one factor how to get the food and they only see it and search for it and nothing more or less to it, the possibilities of each side of the mind is working though it may be so small but it is working with it and that is why the empathy towards these tiny worms is rising with respect for their skill and the amount of labor they had been implanting with it.  I always have the respect for the person who does have plenty of amounts of zeal to perform and get good amount of time for labor that will succeed in attaining food for them. The red worms shows the amount of labor they have been into and when they walk across the sand or in between wet soils the walking line of there is the really beautiful roads and that can be recorded and can be researched how they have been moving in these distances, as that route will show the researchers how these red worms are moving here and there, something humans must search and understand from these new red work route movement, there must be some science that has been inhibited with it.

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