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Thailand was a very beautiful , environmental friendly and rule of law country , this did mean that it would be a visitor’s paradise , the ultimate destination , did one want to reach out. This country was famous for beautiful shopping malls , complexes , elegant roads and high ways , wonderful sea-beach and healthy surroundings that could be a wonderful short stay to get more healthier and happier. This was a multi cultural country which consists of population mainly related to original Thai, Chinese  Malaya and Indians . Here the population consisted of 70 percentages of original inhabitants Thai, 14 percentages Chinese , five percentages Malay  and four percentages Indians .The principal languages that had been accepted here was that of Thai ,English , Mandarin ,Malay and Tamil. In terms of travel value addition the entire sea beach arena had been famous world wide , the soft glances of sea and its shores had been absorbing inside the body and the mind of visitors. There was one island that was more beautiful that other Thai islands and that was 13 kilometers inside of Bay of Bengal and its elegance was
personified. This island was one of the most revered famous places for the visitor’s interest in Asia. This was a small island with length one point two five kilometers and the breadth of island was that of  150 meters. With large sky scrappers of hotels and restaurants , that made this beautiful island a wonderful time out for visitors.There were good communication mediums from Thailand to this island , with good launcher available all the time from Thai land to this island.

The cost of the ticket to go there with launcher was higher with approximately costing 9120 bucks per person , but if you were that kind of person who did not hesitate to spend the money for time out then it was the nicest place ever had and this was for sure you should remember it for the life time. In this island, one fine place was underwater world where you could find rare sea animals and creatures and that was very nearer to you. You would be entering into some special sub marines and that was being covered with semi circle floor and there were glass tubes in three sides of it. audiences would be standing inside the roller and they would be watching the rare sea animals from there and that was one of the most rarest elegant that could have been for you and it was the most fascinating and sought for tourist attraction . The cost of the ticket would be approximately 15000 bucks and it was for sure you would get your money in terms of what you would be seeing there. What it similar was that there was an island nearer to Kendrapada , in Odisha which could be the most similar in appearances with that of above mentioned beautiful island. It was between Satabhaya and Baraunnei coast and it was of seven point five kilometers long. There were some small villages nearer to the coast other wise the entire island consisted of beautiful tress with nice environment capacity The entire are was that of 24 kilometers and and there was one more island nearby to it known as Madeli Chadha . This island was like that of a equilateral triangle and it was beautiful  Here the water was pure blue that added to its beauty. The sad part was that it was not utilized properly and it was the high time to make use of it. If this was done then it could have been one of the rarest of rare visitor’s paradise and in this manner Odisha would be famous all around the world. With this heavy foreign exchange would be into the state exchequer and with this the way of living of Odia people would be enhanced to the maximum level.

I would be approximately cost not more than 300 crore bucks to develop this island to an world wide travel destination . It could be done as the public and private partnerships , if the state government wanted it. There were various lively instances where the developed and developing countries were continuously creating more and more attractive destinations , so here was the chance for the people of Odisha to go really global and this island known as Pattaya had the immense potentiality to become one of the global tourist places. Odisha was one of the ancient places , with rich cultural traditions and those traditions was still relevant with each year during Kartika Purnima , Odia people , would like to go to the sea and drop the small boats made of banana trees trunk so that they would respect the sadhab bohu traditions that had been there for many ages. Odia people were excellent in business performances as they went far and wide to different islands to make the business , as they were very strong in mentality and was with the idea of conviction.

They were very patriotic and if I was reading the history correctly then it should be that , Odisha was the last state to be annexed into British colonialism and that was the sole reason why in the modern times it was not so developed like that of other states of India. If the railway connectivity would increase in and around the entire central and southern Odisha then it would be eventually greater benefits for India as these were the most fertile land and also could be famous for tourism and other related activities. The principal cities of Odisha being Bhubaneswar , Cuttack and Rourkela and also apart from that two good religious places to visit was that of Puri and Sambalpur. Puri was the one of the greatest religious places in the world with highers number of floating populations residing there. Odisha had immense potentiality to become one of the greats tourism centers all around and time had reached to complete this potential with most performance based action and also I would recommend you to visit Kandhar , towards Sundargarh district to watch and praise one of the most beautiful water fall of the world and also you might enjoy the entire scenic view with immense potential to make you feel the magic.

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