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Human is a rational animal, this differs them from the other living entities in the world. There were many researches which stressed on the sole fact that, toilet was the greatest discovery of the world and it was even better than that of steam engine, electricity bulbs or any such scientific invention that could have been here for this.

Toilet was the biggest invention and out of it the flush toilet, which made the human more human. This elaborated further was that how toilet was the prime for human civilisation and how it could generate more and more support as it dealt with the ultimate possession of humans as while walking within the roads , we could be seen as the most essential one to perceive and understand.

There were some countries which were still lagging behind this and this concept was accepted by ministers and for this the real enlighten to be done so that the entire prospect could be seen and perceived in the correct manner. While walking with the roads we could experience the stools of animals, but as humans we did expect to be the plenty more cleanliness and good atmosphere so that safety precautions could be attended fully.

People should be conscious about it and in this process the real facts and the mind of people must go in cleanliness and other forms of understandings that they should be adhered to. Who was responsible for this and the blame to which it should go? I thought it was the person and the individuals that they should be attending to, only government could not do anything all the time, it was the duties and the responsibilities of other citizens that did matter and with the collective social responsibility they could do the inevitable with ease of mind and heart.

If you had the country which was welfare one then it was expected for the government of the day to do the jobs for you, but that was not the case always through as with many instances, the job of this would be that of individuals who were polluting the nation and for this their should have the individual relationships with each other to the finest of the fact and with this the entire spectrum of antecedents might get it on with the right manner.

There should be people not to venture out in the open to go for the call of the nature, they should be doing their own latrines in what so ever manner so that the world would not be polluted at all in any stretch of imaginations. There had been increase of literacy in statistics, but should it be on the paper as with increase of knowledge, people should be aware of the fact that latrine in every house hold was a must for all, for call of nature going outside did not justify,

If you had the home then you should have house as we could see, there were homes in villages and they had good homes with good incomes but still they prefer to go for call of nature at fields as they had the get together , especially the ladies of nearby areas went there , they talked and went for call of nature and this seemed to be some sort of funny making exercises and they ought not prefer to go for call of nature inside home, this was strange but true , so what should be changing them in changing the ideas that had been inhibited with them.

It is simple , they had been devoid of education and even so they could at best write their names and signatures , as education did imply to the fact that you could read and understand the books and experience them and put it into your life straightaway. It had been described and also been taught to the people at large for many years but the saddest part it was , there were many people who were still holding these nature calls outside.

The country could reach to the smartest heights in whatsoever manner but the most prominent part of it was that the flush toilets systems should be everywhere and every house hold must exercise and think it as their responsibility towards the society to implement the flush toilets systems in their back yards.

People should understand at first that clean toilet would first liberate the people from all those contaminated diseases and for this it was high time, for everyone should learn and rectify their mistakes so that each and every part of life could be devoid of stains and other unnecessary contaminated diseases. There should be one topic in the school about this awareness and also especially girls also be taught about this usefulness.

After reading at the class the same students would urge their parents to implement in their house hold so that everything would be clean and sterile. There had been many novels written and there also the writers talked about the bad effects of open latrines. Why some countries were still lagging behind the proper implementations of flush toilets, instead they were still relying heavily of open toilets. It was not about governments, it was all about the psychology of humans who did go for call of nature and many a times despite governmental initiatives them still not going further in implementing this.

There were some bright examples where some people did have toilet , but instead of using it regularly , they prefer to use it like that of a wire house and that was what worries and they used to go outside , below the sky to have call of nature , and that was the real worry , so in this point of time how could government change the mind set and how could it be saved for good and that was the point of concern to which government as well as other establishments were worry off as it was always right that you could not change the basic attitude of humans and there were also one presumptive quote was that , the basic human nature went out of hand .

Till it went past the life and that was where the real problem lies , and to change this one should concentrate on kids so that they could be the better person as well as their parents would be influenced by them so much so that there would be more and more conscious about their attitudes and also perhaps that part of generation could go beyond and think out of bound and in order to achieve this , there would be alert and study for the kids so that they could change the attitude of elders.

There should be proper latrines for girls in schools so that , the school-going girls could learn from it and try to convince their parents to have the latrines in their house hold and that could lead to more and more proper understanding of the facts and through which everything could be achieved in more and more smarter way. There were instances, where there was the toilet but no water and that could rip havoc upon many persons and this could be the real bad sign as in order to clean the toilet, proper sanitation and water connection was the necessity and need of the hour and without it.

The nature and the purpose in which it had been done had no meaning at all for this and in order to get it more and more clean there should proper use of water so that everything would be in relation with sanitation. One proper example was the sulabha souchallaya , and that was the public one but you had to pay some price in order to use it and for this , people had to pay for the nominal price and they could get a good latrine with adequate water and it was well-maintained and this could lead the way for good attendance of public services and this could be the real example, and people should learn from it the real significance of toilet and how it could be used in proper manner.

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