3 Tips To Speed Up Your Page Load Time

This article was not based on my suggestive experience of using ads on my blog, instead it was about reading from various parts of internet and garnered knowledge about it and that was the result of this article was published. The advertisement , in itself with high quantity was not going to help you out in the long run and that was why it was always a good ides to have limited number of advertisements inside your blog so that it would not be  worrisome for your readers as they want the topic at the first hand and it was for sure , so many ads on your page would destroy the limitless countdowns of your ads and for this it was a good idea to go with a small number of advertisements , I prefer to put one ad on my blog and that was giving me   the right satisfaction with this. With more and more optimization from Google search engines with its Panda updates , as it solely stressed upon the minimal objectives of web pages, and for this the fast loading and less number of ads was the criteria , Google prefers and with this one had to prepare and  go for this and also the
page load timings was significant and for this

you might go for lesser size for pictures

 and also went for the less ads as ads are the JavaScript or related coding and that would contact another server and then it would check the relevance of  topic and then it would be showing  and in this manner the entire process would take time long and that was not good for your website in terms of search engine optimization as well as for the readers who could be from slow to fast internet conditions , but thanks to some Mobile optimised site where one can see  blog in a mobile friendly way.

One primary point which I was trying to convey , you should put one ad on your blog and that would be sufficient for you to fetch good amount of earnings if you do have a good number of  dedicated visitors to your web site. It was also a good habit to share your website to  some social networking websites and I would advise you to update to Twitter, Facebook ,Page, Google+ and Stumble Upon and in this way you would not be violating any such terms and conditions of them and in these manner yours website would get the traffic in the long run and this would be good for your health and also if you had opted for Ad sense , then it would be good for you and I even advise you to put one ad of ad sense only on your website and that too at the bottom of your web page nearer to the footer session. Then , there could be the question that , there were plenty of web pages out there suggesting , the heat map by referring to Google observation of where to put the advertisements and many said that it should be just below Title of article , but in fact I did not agree to it , as it would slower your web pages to the maximum extent and also the article would be shown at late due to ads were at the article session.

If you had done so ,  you should remove ads from the article section and put it nearer to footer section , so that all your web page would load and  then your  the advertisement , and that would take time and at the footer section it would be loading and in the mean time , visitors would be reading the articles and that would not be holding the visitors annoyances and in such manner you could be getting more and more visitors .

Lighter header images

The  one more aspect which I had seen at many  blogs was that their header images were so heavy that many a times you would have to wait forever to see the article session and that was the most annoyed part of it , so what should be you doing , just make sure it would be smaller image and if you want to optimize it then down load Paint dot net and optimised header image and also one more sophisticated method to optimize was as follows.

It is for sure you did have a Twitter account and then you could be using it also , log in to that and then upload the picture , from it posting session just below the dashboard and then in the writing space , put your blog name and then upload,after certain seconds , depending upon your internet connectivity speed, yours post would be shown on the dashboard and if not then , just scroll down to find it out , as due to heavy traffic your now posted twit could be six or seven steps down, then , expand the post and wait for few seconds and depending upon your internet connectivity timings , you would be  seeing your just posted  image thumbnail and then right click on it  and then copy the image link address and then , log in to your blogger account and then lay out and then a the header section click edit and then you would be finding the image from  link  and paste that link copied from Twitter post and you would be surprised to find out your blog loading time would be  minimized and the image loads instantly.

This might had surprised to you , as  I had personally done this on my header section of the blog , earlier , I uploaded picture to Google sites and then put the link, that was okay but still there were few seconds that had to be passed before it was being uploaded , and some times it would show the the blank space for sometime and many a time it would be okay , and then I turned into one more aspect that was to go for uploading the image to a draft post inside the blogger and then by going to draft and then copy the link and then putting it into header links and that would also good for web site speed, but the most rewarding aspect and in term of speed was the just above said Twitter upload link insertion into header, try it out and also if you had any other new ideas of how to add images to the header and that too did not imply the performances of your website  or blog then please suggest.

Finally, I had tried to  upload image to photo bucket and then try to insert that links into my blog but surprisingly that was not accepted by blogger , on the other hand ,, Twitter image that had been uploaded , happened to be through photo bucket as I had seen it was through photo bucket but the link was from Twitter shortened link and one more surprise part was that blogger accepting this as header image so try this out and one more additional part was that blog now loading faster and that was what was being the real passion and wanted to achieve to its maximum.

About blog ads

 , you should be placing it at the footer as ad sense , if I understand correctly also giving money through impressions so if you had good traffic then you could be making money simply by people visiting  your websites. Give only one ad and that too the size of  square ad and place it newer the footer section and did not worry about money , write good articles and you would be surprised to see the amount of traffic  you would be getting. ♥

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