3 tips to speed up your page loadtime

Modern websites consists of various scripts such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and various modern website scripts that makes website fully responsible.On the other hand these scripts makes website heavier and that takes additional time to load websites. It delays website loading times and this means that, yours website takes times to load and this can hamper better search engine optimisation as well as this can delay website loading time and this means that, you can either lose visitors due to late in page loading time.

Google likes page to load faster so that it indexes website in faster times. This article aims to provide optimisation processes through cPanel and this means this is typically good for website that is self-hosted wordpress website. This means you will have access to hosting account and now you have options to optimise codes and delivery of website to its optimised versions to the user’s web browser.

Optimise Website:

Go to Optimise Website at cPanel hosting account. It tweaked apache handling of web page so that each and every part of website is super optimise through mod_deflate functions and this occurs from hosting site only. Apache functions allows to compress content before the website sends all the files to visitor’s web browser. It deals with MIME types such as text/html text/plain text/xml functions and all these functions are compressed and fully optimised before appearance of website on user’s computer.

Use Varnish Cache web Accelerator:

Varnish cache works with hoting provider or cPanel toand it cache static and dynamic content so that it speeds up page loadig times for website. Static and dynamic content are images, CSS< plain HTML, etc. and it cache these contents so that it speeds up page-loading times for websites. It speeds up page load times and make website faster by caching all contents.

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It works with HTTP part of website. That means that it does not depend upon host process such as  proxy server, file transfer protocol or secure transfer protocol. This means loads on origin server is far lesser with varnish cache.

Hotlink Protection:

It is a security feature as well as it can optimise website delivery service as it disallows websites to directly linking to image and thus takes chunk part of hosting and this can make website loading time delays further, and this means that by stopping other website such as Pinterest, Facebook, twitter of not allowing websites to take large chunk or part of website  hosting. In this way other websites unable to steal yours bandwidth by enabling hotlink protections and most of hosting provider provides this option.

By enabling this option you will block direct access for the jpg, jpeg, gif,png,bmp images formats. In this way, third party websites such as facebook and other could not steal bandwidth of website and precious bandwidth stays for visitors and thus it increases revenues boost for websites.

There are some exception as you can allow direct requests such as direct image address of website by ticking on allowing direct requests of host enabled website linking and thus it provides some of most outstanding website management and thus precious bandwidth stays for precious visitors all of the time.

When you construct a web site the design part and the faster loading times becomes super fast but when you add more and more design there is possibility of that website might slow down. There are many modern hosting providers and softwares that can speed up even design bloated website to provide faster loading times.

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